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Indian PM Narendra Modi Is The Most Followed World Leader on Social Media As Obama Exits The White House



Narendra Modi

Indian PM Narendra Modi-The Next Most Followed World Leader on Social Media 

US President Barack Obama ends his tenure on Friday and would no longer reside in the post of the President of United Sates of America. The 44th President of US Mr.Obama has the highest number of followers on the social media so far. Indian PM Narendra Modi would be the next to have the maximum number of social media followers.

Once after Mr.Obama’s exit from the White House to make way for the President-elect Donald Trump, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi would become the most followed leader of a country on the Twitter site. Mr.Barack Obama has almost of about 81 million followers ahead of any other global leader in the world.Narendra Modi

Indian PM Narendra Modi has got 26.5 million followers, ahead of Mr.Donald Trump, the 45th President of US who has 20.5 million followers. The next most followed account after them was the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) Indian account with 15.5 million followers and 13.6 million followers for the Presidents of the United States (POTUS).

The White House stands the next with 13.4 million followers. Dalai Lama was the next leader to have about 13.1 million followers and Pope with 12.5 million followers.

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Indian PM Modi have got even more followers with 39.2 million on the Facebook, 3.2 million on Google+, while his Instagram account has crossed 5.8 million, 1.99 million on LinkedIn and YouTube followings have crossed 5.9 million followers.

PM Modi is also known for the use of social media to campaign, and directly reach out to voters like Obama and Trump. Social networking platforms have also been used widely by various leaders in India, particularly from the ruling party such that to reach out to the public for the day to day activities.

Noteworthily, not all the world leaders were followed more on the social medias rather the entertainers like Katy Perry sets the top position with 95.3 million followers, the second place by Justin Bieber with 91.2 million and Taylor Swift as third with 83.1 million followers.Narendra Modi

YouTube is the most followed organization with 66.1 million on Twitter while Twitter itself to have about 58.6 million users.

The most interesting factor are that the number of accounts followed by these leaders. Mr.Donald Trump has the most curated list who just follows 42 accounts whereas Mr.Modi follows 1,641 accounts and the highest being Mr.Obama’s Twitter handle that follows a whopping of about 631,987 accounts.

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