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Most Wanted Rowdy Murdered in Chennai | Video Went Viral



Most Wanted Rowdy Murdered in Chennai: J. Vijayakumar alias Viji of Pallavan Nagar was hacked to death by a gang in broad daylight in Mannadi on Wednesday. Police Sources said that he was a local rowdy and incident happened while he was walking alone on the Pavalakara street after returning from George Town court complex. They also added that Viji took odd jobs as a boat repair mechanic in the Kasimedu fishing harbour. He also had several criminal cases against him including an attempt to murder case.

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On Wednesday, Viji had appeared before a magistrate in George Town court in connection with an earlier criminal case and was returning home when he was hacked to death.

Most Wanted Rowdy Murdered in Chennai | Video Went Viral

Most Wanted Rowdy Murdered in Chennai | Video Went Viral

Police sources said that 24-year-old man was riding along Pavalathar street in Mannadi, a six-member gang intercepted him and started an argument with the Viji, and subsequently, the verbal duel escalated into a fight.

All of a sudden, the gang unleashed the weapons they were carrying and attacked Viji. He was killed on the spot in broad daylight. A team from the Muthialpet police station rushed to the spot to secure Viji’s body and move it to the Rajiv Gandhi Government general hospital for autopsy.

The Police officials also started the preliminary investigations which have suggested that previous enmity to have led to the murder and investigations are underway in Kasimedu fishing harbour where Viji used to work. The CCTV footage of the murder has gone viral on social media.

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