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PM Modi Congratulated French President-Elect Emmanuel Macron



Emmanuel Macron

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday saluted President-elect of France Emmanuel Macron after he was declared victorious following a fierce battle with Marine Le Pen. Modi congratulated his emphatic victory and said he looked forward to working closely with the president-elect. “Congratulations to Emmanuel Macron for a decisive victory in the French Presidential election. I look forward to working closely with (him) to further strengthen India-France ties,” he said. Recently, world leaders had congratulated Pro-EU centrist Mr.Emmanuel Marcon’s victory in French Presidential election.

The preponderance of the votes have been counted, and Macron has taken a massive victory, by securing between 65 per cent and 66.1 per cent of the vote compared to between 33.9 per cent plus 35 per cent that went to Le Pen. After a highly anticipated election result, centrist Macron vowed Monday to “fight the divisions” in the country. He now faces a fractured and demoralized country. Among his first actions would be his domestic agenda of cutting state spending, easing labor laws, increasing education in deprived areas and extending new protections to the self-employed.

Emmanuel Macron

The country had sent an incredible news to itself, to Europe and the world, joining that he would “guarantee the unification of the nation and preserve and protect Europe

Modi had first greeted Macron on his “emphatic victory.” The pro-European centrist leader was selected President last week. The 39-year old retired investment banker, who has never held elected office, became the youngest President and occupant of the Élysee Palace.

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The PM on Tuesday said he was looking forward to working with Macron further deepen the collaboration between India and France. Besides calling the champion candidate, PM Modi also tweeted saluting President-elect Emmanuel Macron yesterday. At a victory party in Paris on Tuesday, Macron said the country had sent an incredible news to itself, to Europe and the world, joining that he would “guarantee the unity of the nation and preserve and protect Europe.”

Marine Le Pen, his far-right candidate, called Macron to concede her defeat after voters denied her “French-first” nationalism by a large margin. The French interior ministry told that with 93% of the votes scored, Macron had about 19.3 million votes, while Le Pen acquired about 10.4 million.

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