A 6-Year-Old Boy Mistakes Leopard Cubs For Cats, Brings Them Home, Played & Feeds Them

Bengaluru: A 6-year-old young tribal boy from Paderu in Andhra’s Visakhapatnam district has brought home two leopard cubs mistaking that they were cat’s kittens. The boy had found the babies in the nearby bushes after which he carried them in his arms to his home.

The boy has fed the animals with milk and food and kept a close watch on the cubs. Even his parents couldn’t recognize the Cubs for what they were and allowed their son to continue petting them. It was only when the neighbors noticed that an alarm was raised.

Leopard Cubs

The boy who has brought home the two leopard cubs mistaking that they were cat’s kittens on the picture

The boy has brought them home two days ago and was playing, and we did not mind since they were cats, said his parents.

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Finally, forest officials arrived at the boy’s house and took the cubs into their custody and released them into the forest around 10 km away.

The officials said that the Cubs postured an incredible danger to the boy if had their mother been around. A leopardess is known to birth two to six cubs at a given time. The Cubs usually don’t leave their mother’s care till they turn two.