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Maruti Suzuki – Waiting period reduced for Baleno & Brezza at Gujarat plant



Maruti Suzuki

New Delhi – With the help of parent Suzuki’s Gujarat plant set for employment later this month. The country’s largest car-maker Maruti Suzuki India (MSI) expects to reduce the waiting period for its high selling models like Baleno and Vitara Brezza. In the present, the two models have a waiting period ranging from 20 to 24 weeks depending on the variants ordered by the customers. Our major difficulties faced in 2016 are the lack of manufacturing capacity that results in larger waiting period for these particular models or variants. The employments of the Gujarat plant should give relief in this month 2017 to 2018.

The company has to create capacity so that it may not happen to this extent in the future. But the only thing which Maruti Suzuki is holding from moving faster is the main constraint in this plants. In last year, over 80,000 units have been delivered, but the Baleno is going to cater to around, assure half a lakh orders. The waiting period of the premium hatchback currently at around 6-8 months in various parts of the country.

India’s development in Maruti Suzuki

MSI awaits to receive around 10,000 units of premium hatchback Baleno from the plant. The two units at Gurgaon and Manesar have a total production capacity of 1.5 million units annually. Suzuki has a total investment of around USD 1,400 million in that plant which will be two vehicle assembly lines of 2.5 lakh units per annum each. To MSI from the plant they receive vehicles and components which are supplied by the Japanese automaker. India is the biggest market for Maruti Suzuki that owns 56% in India which controls nearly half of the market of the country’s biggest automaker.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno - 56% risied in growth and capacity

Maruti Suzuki Baleno – 56% rises in growth and capacity

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In the last year, the company has developed regarding growth and profits which have been a very adequate. Demonetisation in November there was a drop in the bookings, but sales didn’t fall below the company’s target and also production continues as planned. So the rest of the year that are not indicating any number for the likely sales and that doesn’t expect to continue to fully utilise the production capacity.The various agencies continue to target cars for air pollution despite scientifically collected data that shows cars were a minor and irrelevant contributor to the poor in their air quality in the Delhi area. The various agencies appear to be ignoring the data, and it continues to target cars in their efforts which improve the air quality and reach the target. This may hurt job creation and growth of the sector and which will not make any measurable difference to the air quality.

Growth of Baleno and Brezza

Baleno has increased the ability to sell cars in Europe and Japan. Exports play an increasing and leading role as they go forward. The car recently became Maruti’s most exported product and the company also aims to ship it out to more than 100 countries in future from India. Apart from the Baleno, Maruti has the latest product the Vitara Brezza is also noticing similar growth in demand across the country. With waiting periods at close to half of a year, the compact SUV  could be the next vehicle that is to be baked in the Gujarat plant which is said to have a capacity around 15 lakh units a year.

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Amazing Auto Annadurai is being talked about by people in over 35 countries




Amazing Auto

People from 35 countries were trying to get in touch with him to appreciate and hear Annadurai and his Amazing Auto’s story all over again. Annadurai Passed higher secondary school and dropped out his studies because he did not feel like studying anymore. But all out to please his customers, satisfying them with added agreeableness at no extra cost, G Annadurai, a 28-year-old Amazing Auto driver, is initiating new benchmarks in customer service in Chennai. Annadurai owns a ‘share auto’ that can sustain six people. Step into his share-auto, and find over a dozen magazines and newspapers, neatly stacked on the sides and top including the wi-fi enabled surrounding, a mini TV set playing recorded news bulletins, a brand new tablet to browse and send emails, also by recharging facility for prepaid mobiles.

Amazing Auto

Amazing Auto

His story went viral on Facebook and posted by a group called Photos That Shook The World, with nearly 10,000 shares and 20,000 likes within a week, and it was unlike anything he had ever experienced. He said to one great, newspaper that “He was up all night answering every call,” shaking his head in wonder. He got over 2,000 calls so far. It was crushing that many people took time and spent everything it cost just to call and by appreciating him. He knows only Tamil and couldn’t even understand most of them. Calls from Dubai, Korea, Pakistan, the list just kept growing to know about him and also to appreciate him. A regular conversation goes like this. Even if I didn’t specifically know what they were saying, I could understand what they were intending.

“After he installed WiFi a year back, bought a tablet for Rs.7,000 but felt his customers deserved better and they were mostly from the IT sector. So he saved up for a couple of months and bought a more expensive one,”, calmly. 

Also, he stated that not just Annadurai’s Amazing Auto that sets apart, he symbolizes through the services that he offers. Peravurani is the native which is in Thanjavur District. Annadurai came to Chennai when he was four years old and bred up with two brothers and a sister. He now lives in Injambakkam and a share-auto driver for four years. Two years ago, his idea worked out by start adding things to his Amazing Auto. He just thought to do something for his customers and stocked around 20 newspapers. Now, of course, it has grown to include other things.

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Annadurai provides free services to nurses, teachers who work in Schools and hospitals even that treat those with HIV. Also, for the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, he offers free and discounted services to some customers. Not only this he also sponsors for child education and inspired three of his customer to do the same.

Amazing Auto

Amazing Auto

He does this because to need job satisfaction. He proudly told that Money might come and go, but the feeling you get when customers choose to travel only in my Amazing Auto is unmatched,

“I think teachers do the most honorable service in the world and for them, auto rides will always be for free. They make leaders and thinkers and must be recognized for their work.”

This Amazing Auto driver, called ‘Auto Anna’ by his clients and hopes to sponsor ten children from next year and ultimately plans to open a nursing home too. He has already begun planning how to go about it and want to provide a place where the elderly don’t feel they are a burden.

Debit / Credit Card Swiping for Change

Annadurai used to encounter problems in giving change to customers. When a client doesn’t have change, he used to tell clients that they could pay him the next time they ride. Many felt guilty, but they owed him a debt. So to resolve this issue, he approached a bank for a swiping machine. Now customers can pay the fare through their debit or credit cards. Initially, customers think to use their cards for such small amounts, and he encouraged everyone to use their cards for all their financial transactions as it helps in eliminating the black money menace.

Amazing Auto

Amazing Auto

While major shops discourage shoppers from using their credit and debit cards as they have to pay a commission of some percent of the bill amount to the bank, Annadurai feels proud of contributing a share of his earnings to the banks.

He always looks for ways to make his customers happy that earn around Rs 45,000 every month and spends from it about Rs 9,000 on the several amenities he provides for his clients and also he has been invited to speak at India Infoline Finance Ltd in Noida and Cummins which is also in Pune, India this month.

“My parents are putting pressure on me to marry. I know that’s the only thing they are looking forward to in their lifetime,” Annadurai says.

He is one who has been delaying his marriage because he is not sure if his future life partner would let him continue with his lifestyle.

Amazing Annadurai offers discounts on Special Days

  • On Mother’s Day – Free rides for Mothers with their children
  • On Women’s Day – Free rides for Women over the age of 50
  • On Children’s Day – Free rides for School students
  • On Father’s Day – Free for Men over the age of 45
  • On Abdul Kalam’s birthday – Rides at 50 per cent off for all Customers
  • On Independence Day – Free rides for anyone Born before 1947
  • On Annadurai’s birthday – 50 percent off on rides for all Customers
  • On Valentine’s Day – Free rides for Couples (Because I’m a bachelor too, smirks Annadurai). All customers will also get chocolate on all these days.

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