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Madurai Teen Wrote ‘You Can Never Exit,’ on ‘Blue Whale Challenge Game’ Before Suicide and Hangs Himself



Blue Whale Challenge

The Blue Whale Challenge Game has killed the life of a 19-year-old teen name Vignesh who hung himself at his home in Tamil Nadu’s Madurai yesterday. He was a second-year commerce student at a Mannar College in Madurai. He was found hanging around 4:15 pm. Police investigated Vignesh’s friends and found that he has attempted the Blue Whale Challenge Game on his phone. Since there is no applications or website for the challenge and mainly his friends had noticed that Vignesh using his phone more than usual because the challenge involves chatting with a curator over messages and calls. Vignesh wrote a suicide note that the police found was

 “Blue Whale – This is not a game but danger. Once you enter, you can never exit,” 

Blue Whale Challenge

Blue Whale Challenge

The police confirmed the image of a whale carved into Vignesh’s left arm with Blade and wrote “Blue Whale” below it. Also, Police reported that Blue Whale Game had attempted by some other teens from the different part of the country and also prevented in the nick of time.

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This is the first death reported in Tamil Nadu linked to the deadly game that has been blamed for at least three more suicides this month, in Mumbai, Kerala, and Uttar Pradesh. Blue Whale game that conquers children which become serious topic after a 14-year-old boy ended his life in Mumbai recently by jumping off the terrace of a seven-floor building.

Many states have banned the Internet-based game after reports of teen suicides linked to the Blue Whale Challenge. Already the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology issued a letter by ordering to ban the Blue Whale Challenge game. It is a game with certain tasks that will be assigned to the player by administrators to complete for 50 days. The ultimate task asks the player to take the extreme step to complete the challenge. Authorities, Police have also asked parents to keep a close watch on their children’s online activities.

The Blue Whale Game originated in Russia and was created by Philipp Budeikin aged 22, who is currently spending three years in a Siberian jail. The Blue Whale Game has reportedly killed 130 kids lives around the world. He had said in an interview that he was

“eliminating people who do not represent any value, cause harm or will cause harm to the society”.

Blue Whale Challenge

Blue Whale Challenge

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The game pulls children, and teenagers through online chat rooms. The administrator of the game usually sniffs out unprotected candidates and switches to a private chat mode where the player has to take up 50 horrible dares. These include dares like cutting oneself, listening to disturbing songs, watching horror movies, isolating oneself from friends, spending time in graveyards, and finally, jumping off a building. For the last dare, the player is given a choice such as kill yourself or kill someone else.

The government and the police have undertaken steps to check the spread of the Blue Whale game but it is difficult to track it as there is no site or app. They have made social networking sites to act and also advised parents to track their children’s online activities.

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