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Lesser known Facts about Tamil Language



Facts about Tamil Language

Tamil is one of the oldest languages in the World. The Tamil language is spoken predominantly by the people of Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. Apart from these, Tamil is one of the official languages in many countries. Many researchers have amazed on knowing the facts about Tamil. Tamil is not only a pride for the Tamil people but also for each and every one in this world. Here are few lesser known facts about Tamil:

Facts about Tamil Language

Oldest Language

Before the origin of many cultures, languages, religions and civilisation, the Tamil language prevailed in this world. There is no approximate date but it is considered to be there for more than 20000 years. The only oldest language which is still spoken widely is the Tamil Language. Research says that the Tamil language is older that Harappa, Mohenjo-Daro and the Sumerian Civilisation.

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Tamil Poems

Many poets who were very attached to the language have written poems which are still being used to teach everyone about life. Many Tamil Manuscripts were burnt which is not only a loss for the Tamil people but also a loss to the whole world. One of the biggest library “Yaal” was burnt on May 31st, 1981. Yaal library contained more than 97,000 books and rare Tamil manuscripts which are no more available.

Facts about Tamil Language

Facts about Tamil Language

Tamil people are utilising the few available Manuscripts and poems and translating it into other languages. Thirukural, Aganaanooru, Puranaanooru, Perunthogai and much more Tamil literature are being celebrated by all the people.

Classical Language

In the year 2004, the Union cabinet created a new category called the Classical language. To be called a classical language, a language should pass some strict criteria. Tamil was the first language to pass all the criteria and was named as a Classical language.

Facts about Tamil Language

Facts about Tamil Language

The name Tamil

The only language in the world which is also used as a name for the children is “Tamil”. There are many people with names Tamil, Tamil Selvi, Tamil Selvan, Tamil Pandian, Tamil Bharathi and much more. The word Tamil also means beauty and natural.

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Official Language

Apart from being a widely spoken language in Tamil Nadu, Tamil is also the official language in Singapore, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Malaysia and Mauritius. If you are travelling to these countries, then there is a high chance of seeing the name board in the Tamil language. You might also get a chance to see the buses which has name boards running in Tamil as well.

Facts about Tamil Language

Facts about Tamil Language

Goddess Tamil

The only language in the world which is worshipped as a goddess is Tamil. There is a temple located at Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu where people worship “Tamil Thai”. “Thai” is a Tamil word which means Mother. People are worshipping the language as a Goddess.

Other facts

  • The world’s largest temple “Angkor Wat” was built by Pallava king Suryavarman. The temple was built as a Hindu temple to worship God Vishnu but later it was transformed to a Buddist Temple.
  • The continent “Kumari Kandam” with 49 countries was full ruled by Tamil. It is completely inside the ocean now. The truth is hidden as Kumari Kandam is no more available but there are many researchers who have proved its existence.
  • Thirukural has been translated into many languages. Thirukural is famous for its highly compressed prosodic form. There are a total of 1330 Thirukurals and each kural is just 7 words long but it produces a lot of meaning.
  • Translators found it very difficult due to its highly compressed prosodic form. This shows the pride of language Tamil.
  • Brihadishvara Temple in Thanjavur was built by Tamil king Raja Raja Chola I. He built the temple in just 6 years and it is still a mystery of how he built such a big temple in just a short span.
  • Many research tells that A lot of civilisations have adapted Tamil language and traces of Tamil used by the people in most of the countries have been found.
Facts about Tamil Language

Facts about Tamil Language

These facts are just a few drops of Facts about Tamil. There are many hidden and many burnt!

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