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Kathua Rape Case: People Demand CBI to Take Over Asifa’s Case



Kathua Rape Case

Kathua Rape-Murder Case: To Seek Justice in Kathua Rape Case, people demand’s CBI to take over the Asifa Banu’s case. On April 17, people demanded this request on social media by using the hashtag #CBI4KATHUACASE.

Asifa Bano’s death has brought anguish to Kathua, the small town where she was raped and then killed. But it also brought division. Kathua Rape Case is the latest example is the latest example of India’s religious friction: As some people demand justice for Asifa’s family and some people demand justice for the men accused.

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Kathua Rape Case

Kathua Rape Case

It took nearly three months for the outrage to rise in India. The child was kidnapped on January 10, from near her home in a village in Indian-occupied Kashmir. Her father found her lifeless body on January 17. Then the news started to spread slowly, but it caught the national attention only when the leaders of BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) were seen supporting and protesting in defence of the accused. Soon later, politicians belonging to Congress Party, the opposition, celebrities and activists organised a candlelight vigil on April 12 in New Delhi and then launched the #JusticeForAsifa campaign.

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