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Karthigai Deepam 2022: Wishes, Dates, Images, WhatsApp Status & Messages



Karthigai Deepam

Karthigai Deepam is one of the famous festivals in Tamil Nadu. It is also called as festival of lights and is celebrated by Hindu Tamils. It’s dedicated to the gods’ Lord Shiva and Lord Murugan. This festival mostly falls in the Georgian months of November or December. Kartigai Deepam has been celebrated since the ancient period, on a full moon day of Kathigai month.

Hindu people believe and have complete faith in Lord Shiva, who brightens lives with light and puts an end to the darkness. Lord Annamalaiar (Shiva Deity) is famous for the Karthika Deepam festival in Tiruvannamalai. In relation, Shiva created Kartikeya (Murugan) who has six primary faces Tatpurusam, Aghoram, Sadyojatam, Vamadevam, Eesanam, and Adhomukam.

Karthigai Deepam

Karthigai Deepam festival is mainly celebrated by natives of Tamil Nadu, and it is also famous in Koneshwaram, Trincomalee, Sri Lanka, where they celebrate for three days, namely, Appa Kartika, Vadai Kartika, Thiru Kartika (widely considered as Kartika Day). People believe that Lord Shiva blesses in the fire form. Huge light is lited up in the mountain that will be observed across the nearby region. This light (fire) is considered Mahadeepam.

Karthika Deepam Wishes

  • May the Lights of Karthigai Deepam Illuminate Your Life, and May You Be Showered With Lord Shiva’s Choicest Blessings.
  • May Lord Shiva removes all the troubles and showers the abundance of good health, wealth, and good things in life.
  • This Karthigai Deepam brings light into your life and wishes to end all the darkness.
  • Happy Karthika Deepam to your bright and cheerful family. Keep Shining as light in the upcoming years.

Karthigai Deepam Dates and Timings

Karthika Deepam usually falls in November and December month. This year Karthigai Deepam is celebrated on 06th December 2022.


Kartika Star aka Karthigai Nakshatra, will be seen from 8:38 am on 6th December to 10:25 am on 07th December.

Karthigai Deepam Dates For Upcoming Years

  • 2022 – December 06
  • 2023 – November 26
  • 2024 – December 13


On this auspicious day, people celebrate the festival by lighting a fire in Akal Vilaku. Moreover, they design and make patterns using rows of Akal Vilaku, which shows the unique appearance of their home.


This Karthigai Deepam, May Lord Shiva brings all prosperity into your life and shower happiness, good health, wealth, and luck. Happy Karthigai Deepam 2022.


Click here for the latest Rangoli designs for Karthigai Deepam.

Karthika Deepam Images

Take a look at some of the celebration photos of Karthigai Deepam 2022,

Karthigai Deepam
Karthigai Deepam
Karthigai Deepam
Karthigai Deepam
Karthigai Deepam
Karthigai Deepam

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