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Kamal Haasan Launches New Website | Highlights of his Speech at Harvard



Kamal Haasan Website

Kamal Haasan WebsiteThe Veteran Actor who recently announced his political entry, shared the launch of his new website ““. The site invites volunteers to join his mission of building a sustainable model village in all districts of the state. On Sunday, Kamal launched his official website at Harvard University’s India Conference in Boston and said that he was unlikely going to ally with Superstar Rajinikanth.

With the launch of his political party less than two weeks away, Kamal Haasan lashed out the “mediocrity” the “global village” of Tamil Nadu has been subjected to.

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His mentor, M K Gandhi said that the site’s thought is to know the importance of sustaining villages to save the country, Kamal Haasan reaffirmed his plans to adopt one village in each district of the State. This is one of the integral parts of his manifesto that will be released on February 21.

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Kamal Haasan Website

Kamal Haasan Website

The actor declared the three major problems considering the state down were the dullness of the political class to the financial health of the State, the inability of the state to manage its natural resources and the gradual lowering of the bar in all aspects such as education, healthcare etc.

Since his entry into active politics, this is the first time Kamal has gone into the State’s financial health and pointed out the Rs 100 billion revenue deficit and the Rs 408 crore fiscal deficit. While the actor has prioritised environmental since his plunge, he streamlined into water self-sufficiency which he believes could have been possible by now in the State.

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Kamal Hassan also made his objection to mediocrity clear and accused the politicians and business class for thrusting it down the throats of the common man. He said,

“Rubbish becomes acceptable if mediocrity is the standard,”

Highlights of Kamal Haasan’s Speech at Harvard

  • Beef Controversy: The state government has not been able to give citizens enough to eat and they want to tell us what to eat and what not to eat.
  • Love Jihad: I think that a new revolution is on its way. I do not know about jihad, but love would triumph over hate.
  • Political partnership with Rajinikanth: We are poles apart. Our views on religion are very different. The colour of my politics is not saffron.
  • Political Ambitions: The hue of my politics is black. I want to bring all colours together.
  • Plans for Tamil Nadu: I will adopt one village in every district of Tamil Nadu. I want to make these villages centres for excellence. Let’s re-imagine our villages.

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  • Corruption: When voters take money to cast their votes, they give the neta (leader) the right to make money after he gets elected.
  • Quotes Mahatma Gandhi: If the villages perish, India would perish too. An old nation in the world will get lost.
Kamal Haasan Website

Kamal Haasan Speech

  • True purpose: I dare to have a vision. My true purpose is to challenge the status quo. I have often said that when (sic)… businessmen and politicians set mediocrity as a standard, rubbish becomes acceptable.
  • Why Tamil Nadu is suffering: Tamil Nadu is going through a lot because of lack of imagination. Apathy shown by the political class of the state is one of the primary reasons behind it.
  • New age politician: The business of the new age politician should be to set a contest and be an enabler to embed the new wheel within our society.

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