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Jio Smart Home Accessories – Specification, Price, Reviews



Jio Smart Home Accessories - Specification, Price, Reviews, Where to Buy?

Recently, Jio launched JioGigaFiber along with Jio GigaTV, JioGigaRouter and JioVR. This was not the end, Jio also launched Jio Smart Home Accessories which will make your home a smarter home. All the happenings in your home can be controlled and monitored through MyJio App. Jio Smart Home Accessories gives you a complete security through which you can track suspicious activities in your home. Here is the list of products named under Jio Smart Home Accessories:

Jio Smart Home Accessories

The list of Jio Smart Home Accessories are:

  • Jio Audio Dongle
  • Jio Video Dongle
  • Jio Smart Speaker
  • Jio Wifi Extender
  • Jio Smart Plug
  • Jio Outdoor Camera
  • Jio Indoor Camera
  • Jio TV Camera
  • Jio Smoke Sensor
  • Jio Water Leak Sensor
  • Jio Siren
  • Jio Gas Leak Sensor
  • Jio Panic Button
  • Jio Multi-Sensor
  • Jio IR Blaster
  • Jio Smart Lamp
  • Jio Door Sensor
  • Jio Motion Detector
Jio Smart Home Accessories - Specification, Price, Reviews, Where to Buy?

Jio Smart Home Accessories

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Jio Audio Dongle

Jio Audio Dongle is a part of Jio Smart Home Accessories. An Audio dongle can be connected to a TV or a speaker to play the songs we have added to it. The audio dongle will come with specified memory space. You can just plug in the audio dongle to a speaker or a TV and play the audios from it. The audio dongle might come with Jio internet connectivity through which you can surf songs online as well.

Jio Video Dongle

Jio Video Dongle is similar to the Audio Dongle. If your TV has USB connectivity but lags internet connectivity, the Video Dongle helps you to surf the internet and makes your TV a Smart TV. The Video dongle might come with storage space as well.

Jio Smart Speaker

Jio Smart Speaker might also come with the internet connectivity. The Speaker may also have the voice control features through which you can control the speaker with your voice. The speaker might also come with inbuilt Bluetooth as well.

Jio Wifi Extender

Ever wondered the range of wifi is not available in your room or the other rooms in your house. This is because of the router. The router’s signal range might be low. Hence to extend the wifi range in your house, Jio has launched Jio Wifi Extender. This will help everyone in your home to access wifi connectivity.

Jio Smart Plug

Jio Smart Plug is kind of new to the Indian Audience. With the Jio Smart Plug, you can monitor whether the switch is on or off from anywhere and everywhere. You can switch on the light or switch off the appliances if you forget to do it.

Jio Outdoor Camera

Camera’s are now a necessity for all of us. Mainly, the Outdoor camera which helps to secure our surroundings. The Jio Outdoor camera connects with the Wifi Router which gives it a Live Telecast option which you can monitor through MyJio App.

Jio Smart Home Accessories - Specification, Price, Reviews, Where to Buy?

Jio Smart Home Accessories – MyJio App

Jio Indoor Camera

An added security feature which helps to monitor indoor surveillance of your premises, office or shops. Jio Indoor Camera will also connect to the Wifi Router making it easier to monitor through the mobile application.

Jio TV Camera

Jio is launching JioGigaTv as well. As a part of its feature, Jio has announced video calling feature in the TV. Only a few TV’s in India come with a camera, so to make it available for the users, Jio is launching Jio TV Camera which can be added to your TV.

Jio Smoke Sensor

If you are travelling and suddenly there is a fire in your house, Jio smoke sensor will detect the fire and passes a message over to your phone.

Jio Water Leak Sensor

Jio Water Leak Sensor detects any water leakage in your house and passes a message to your phone. All the sensors are built with the internet connectivity.

Jio Siren

Siren is used to making others aware of any disasters happening in your house. You can remotely wake up the siren or try to give others notification to others in case of an emergency.

Jio Gas Leak Sensor

A product similar to Smoke and water leakage is a Gas Leakage sensor. It detects if there any smoke leakage in your home and signals the alarm along with a message over to your phone.

Jio Panic Button

A panic button is an important one which everyone requires. Elderly people will find much use of it. In case of an emergency, they can just press the button which will make you aware of some panic situations in your home.

Jio Multi-Sensor

A Multi-Sensor is also the part of Jio Smart Home accessories. It has different sensors included in it. For example, It has a temperature sensor which will tell your home temperature or a motion sensor which will detect any suspicious motions in your home.

Jio IR Blaster

IR Blaster can be more preciously called as a universal remote. You can control all your remote controlled appliance with an IR blaster. For example, you have different remotes for TV, AC, DTH and more. An IR blaster will serve as a single remote controlling all appliance.

Jio Smart Lamp

The smart lamp which switches on’s and off’s with your voice command. It can be controlled by your mobile app. You can switch it on from anywhere. It connects to your internet connectivity.

Jio Door Sensor

A Jio Door Sensor is a device which is attached to your door. If someone is peeping in, then the door sensor will pass out a message. It keeps a note of how many times the door is opened and closed.

Jio Motion Detector

The motion detector is another added level of security which detects body motions in your house. If you are out of the station and if someone is inside your house moving here and there, then the motion detector will pass a message over to you.

All the Jio Smart Home Accessories are connected to the internet which allows them to communicate with us.

Jio Smart Home Accessories - Specification, Price, Reviews, Where to Buy?

Jio Smart Home Accessories Connects with JioGigaFiber

Where to buy Jio Smart Home Accessories

Jio has launched their products and is yet to specify where to buy the products. We are waiting for official confirmations. We will update it once we get the details on where to buy Jio Smart Home Accessories.

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