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A Culture Roadster Of Indian Classical Dance Portrayals For Gurgaon

classical dance

Meenu Thakur, a Kuchipudi dancer, says as quoted “Kuchipudi is a form of dance, used in dramatic performances, originated from Andhra Pradesh and it’s entirely different from other styles as each style has its uniqueness. The dance form with bold yet subtle expressions has complicated footwork. We’ll begin the concert with Sarasvati Vandana. Through our classical dance performance, we’ll depict Trilokarakshini, perform Durga and perform Krishna Radha Raas. Gurgaon is a city that is culturally inclined, and we are looking for playing here.”

With a cultural roadster of classical dance portrayals under one canopy in various forms such as Kuchipudi, Odissi, Kathakali, Manipuri and Haryanvi folk. The two-day fiesta of Indian classical and folk dance, Gurugram Kala Utsav, by Nritya Dhara, a Gurgaon-based an Odissi Dance Institute and Ashley, an NGO, in collaboration with MCG, promises to be a feast for the eyes.The event was organised as part of Haryana Swarna Jayanti, supported by Ministry of Culture, Government Of India, Sangeet Natak Akademi and Haryana Kala Parishad, Government of Haryana.

classical dance
It’ll be an orchestra like no other when Chandan Singh, Nagada’salong with his troupe will be presenting a Haryanvi folk dance performance with instruments such as Nagada, Mandira and Khartal.

“We want to bring different dance forms on a single podium. Seeing the interest of the residents of Gurgaon with regards to classical dance, I wanted to organise a festival that promotes traditional dance in an open theatre. Frequently People say that Delhi is a cultural hub. But we want to change the notion with this festival and continue it in the years to come” said Vani Madhav, the festival director. An Odissi danseuse for the antiquity 35 years, Madhavi will be functioning a particular production, Bhajami Vindhyavasani along with her troupe. She adds “I will be performing a dance recital which will be an ode to Goddess Parvati.”

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It’ll be an orchestra like no other when Chandan Singh, Nagada’s along with his troupe will be presenting a Haryanvi folk dance performance with instruments such as Nagada, Mandira and Khartal. Singh shares “It’ll be a power-packed performanNarada. And meanwhile it is the spring season, we will be singing folk songs representative of the season and in honour of Lord Krishna and Radha.”

Not only can one look forward to the different dance forms, but also to the food stalls from the various states presented at the festival apart from literary meets, handicraft exhibitions, workshops and other activities.Although entry is free for all, the seating arrangement is on a first-cum-first serve basis.

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