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How to Watch International TV Shows from Smart TVs



International TV Shows on Smart TV

Smart TVs are the new norm in today’s world and are replacing the old analog models. Combining the technologies of televisions, the internet, and digital media players, Smart TVs allow you to stream content from various sources by using your internet connection.

The major advantage of a Smart TV is that it allows you to access content without signing up for cable service. So, how exactly does Smart TV work, and can you watch international TV shows on it?

What is a Smart TV?

A smart TV is a device that allows you to connect to streaming services like Netflix or Hulu without the need for an antenna or other AV source. The main difference between a smart TV and a regular one is that the former can access the internet via a WIFI connection, while a regular TV cannot.

How does a Smart TV Work?

A smart TV uses your internet connection to access online streaming services. It can do this through the Ethernet, your broadband router, or your WIFI connection. A Smart TV allows you to access more than just a TV signal. Depending on the model you use and its features, a smart TV lets you do the following:

  • Stream online content from pre-installed streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime.
  • Make video calls and carry out video conferencing.
  • Surf the web directly without having to connect your phone or laptop.
  • Play games.
  • Control other smart devices in your home to regulate temperature, lock doors, and turn on lighting.

Smart TVs have several advantages;

  • Offering TV services without the need for a cable subscription.
  • Access to a wide range of services compared to normal TVs.
  • The ability to sync and control other smart devices in the home.
International TV Shows on Smart TV
International TV Shows on Smart TV

Can I watch International TV Shows from my Smart TV?

The short answer to this question is no. You cannot watch international TV shows on your Smart TV. This is due to licensing laws that restrict viewing to a particular geographic location.

How to watch international TV shows from Smart TVs

While international TV shows might be restricted due to licensing laws, you can still watch them by using a few simple tricks. There are two main ways to watch international TV shows on Smart TVs. Firstly, you might get VPN cover on your Smart TV to facilitate this. Secondly, you can use a Smart DNS Proxy Server. This will unlock international TV shows from your favorite foreign channels.

Using a VPN cover to watch international TV Shows

You can use a VPN to watch international TV shows. The acronym stands for Virtual Private Network.  A VPN helps you hide your Smart TV’s identity by creating a private link between your device and the internet. As a result, you can circumnavigate Google, Netflix, and other sites that block your content.

VPN cover ensures that your streaming provider will not be able to view your geographical location. This allows you to view international content privately without fear of discovery by your streaming service.

Using a Smart DNS Proxy Server

A smart DNS is a server that allows you to stream content from international TV stations by routing traffic from your Smart TV to the internet. The traffic from your device will show the proxy server’s IP address instead of your device’s. By hiding your Smart TVs IP address, they allow you to access streaming content that is blocked.

VPN vs. Smart DNS – Which is better?

The main difference between VPN and Smart DNS is that the former hide your IP address while the latter passes your address through a proxy server.

Both methods have their pros and cons. Smart DNS allows for faster streaming due to lower encryption. They can also be configured on devices that don’t support VPN. The main disadvantage of Smart DNS is that it doesn’t cloak your Smart TV’s IP address, making it easier for streaming services to identify and penalize you.

VPN has several advantages over Smart DNS, including the fact that it hides your IP address, making it harder for streaming services to identify your Smart TV. In addition, VPN encrypts your TV’s traffic and uses extra security features such as ad blockers and split channeling to protect you even more.


Smart TVs allow you to stream a variety of content from the comfort of your home and without the need for a cable subscription. However, it can be difficult to access international TV shows due to licensing restrictions. Using a VPN cover or Smart DNS helps you access your favorite international shows and hides your identity so that you don’t get into trouble with your streaming service provider.

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