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How to Set the Mood for a Party Using More Than Just Music



You’re throwing a Saturday soiree and, although you’re excited, you’re also a bit nervous. We’ve all been to those parties where everyone is yawning and waiting for their moment to make a break for it. You want your party to be anything but boring but how do you ensure that? There are things you can do. Read on for ways to set the mood for a party using more than just music.

Consider a Theme

There is a reason so many people love Halloween. Although it can be a lot of work, people love a good theme. You can throw a Mexican fiesta and serve or margs ‘n’ tacos. Or you can consider getting guests involved by throwing something like a ‘70s theme party or a luau. A ‘70s theme requires a bit of effort on their part but most people love this sort of thing. Luaus are a bit less labor intensive, as everyone owns a flowered shirt. And you can get a bunch of leis for guests to boot. Whatever route you go, a theme goes a long way in lending some levity at the event. Make sure to hire a photographer or consider a create-your-own photobooth. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to take photos of everyone in their costumes.

Make Music and Then Some

Getting the right mix of music  is the perfect way to get a party going but, as we said earlier, you don’t want to rely solely on this. A wonderful idea is to add music visualizers. With Magic’s online visualizer, you can add geometric patterns that “dance” in time with the music. Guests will adore this added touch, especially if you incorporate it with their favorite Nipsey song. And if you’d like to relive your visual presentation over again, you can download it and share it via sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

Prepare the Food Ahead of Time

People love great food at a party but you know what else they love? You! Or they wouldn’t be there in the first place. Don’t be the person who doesn’t get to enjoy her own party because you’re knee deep in a recipe in the kitchen. Consider serving something like heavy apps and find some delicious options that can be made before guests arrive. Even creative cocktails can be prepared and then guests can serve themselves. Guests will be impressed at your ability to mix and mingle at your own event. If you really want to go all out, forego the shopping and have  it catered, as this gives you the ability to enjoy the party as much as your guests.

Provide an Activity

A game night is always a huge hit but, even if your whole party doesn’t revolve around this, providing a fun activity is always popular. If the party is an indoor/outdoor party, consider having something like Bocce ball, croquet, or cornhole on hand for guests to play. If the party is in the winter and has to be indoors, have guests  partake in Minute to Win it games. Trust us when we tell you that laughter will abound. There is something about getting the competitive juices flowing that takes a party from so-so to spectacular.

Create Distinct Party Areas

Before the guests arrive, walk through your home and picture what they will do in each nook. If you think guests will spend some time on the patio, make sure you’ve got plenty of seats out there. You’ve hopefully got a designated dance floor for your DJ area but, even so, make sure you provide other areas where people can go just to chat. Consider that guests all have different party personas so you want to provide a little something for everyone.

Set the Tone

Little touches go a long way. Consider making some luminarias with simple paper bags that you can add to guide guests as they walk up to your house. Have some scented candles in the bathrooms and other areas of the home. Light an indoor fire and/or an outdoor firepit. Adding ambience is the key to any successful party.

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Music adds a lot to a party but you can’t rely solely on good tunes to make your event a success. Add these extra touches and guests will surely be talking about your soiree for years to come.

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