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How to Protect Car from Rats | Simple DIY Ways


Cars are linked to a culture of waste and sloth. Rats are very annoying creatures that can bite away a lot of your precious belongings. Rats like dark and warm places to hide. Cars are dark and warm places that make perfect hiding places for rats. They enter car cabins in search of food. Rats perform unthinkable acts in unimaginable places and cleaning up their mess that will cost you an unbelievable amount of money. They will find their way in under the car hood or through the air duct. Apart from the interiors of a car, rats are more often found in the u8nnoticed places like engine bay, seat cushions, behind the battery, between the headlamps and the radiator, underbodies, wheel arches and between the firewall and the engine block. Rats can enter through the fresh-air vents of the A.C or the rubber grommets on the firewall.  Here we were given some tips to protect your car from rats.

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How to Protect Car from Rats

Steps to Protect Car from Rats

  • Observe your car’s engine closely, at least once a week by opening the bonnet, either in a daylight or under a strong inspection light.
  • Check the corners of your car whether there are any stains left by rat urine, rat droppings, small plastic pieces, rat footprints on the engine cover etc. Then, at a service center, get the engine bay thoroughly cleaned.
  • Clean out the car, and the parking area regularly. Rats enter car cabins in search of food. So always ensure that your car cabin doesn’t have anything edible in it. Always remove all foodstuff from your car. Remove any nearby source of water.

How to Protect Car from Rats

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  • Keep trap boxes under the car in one to two places, trap them and throw it far from your house.
  • If you park a car in a garage or in the basement of your apartment, just spray undiluted phenyl in your engine bay which too repels rats.
  • Place a proven rodent repellent in the vehicle’s cab and trunk and under the car hood to drive away rats.
  • Another great remedy is raw tobacco. Buy Tobacco bars and keep it in under bonnet (or wherever is required) in 4 to 5 places. This will ensure rats are not attracted to the car.

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