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How to Fix Common uTorrent Errors



uTorrent is a mighty torrent downloading client. Sometimes, even a perfect program may go wrong. This article is all about how to fix common uTorrent errors. You have completed the utorrent download 2.2 1, and you try to download a file. Suddenly something is wrong. Does your data go too slow or it does not want to start the downloading process at all? Do not worry, it happens to all uTorrent users. Below, you will find the solutions to common errors.

Your uTorrent downloading speed is too slow

There can be many reasons for this issue. The first thing you should do is to find out the rate of upload/download of your line at Speedtest. You will verify whether you have problems with uTorrent.

uTorrent Errors
uTorrent Errors

The download speed depends on several factors:

ISP throttles uTorrent traffic. To solve this problem, we recommend you to use a trustworthy VPN, which will encrypt your internet traffic. 

Your line can be blocked with a firewall

Sometimes it happens that your antivirus firewall or the Windows Firewall blocking your connection. Go to the menu and try to turn the option off to check if the downloading speed has increased.

Upload speed is set to maximum

You can try to limit a little bit less your uploading speed. Make sure that it is not set to maximum.

Control other running programs on your PC

If you use too many applications at the same time, it will need too much bandwidth. Make sure that other people on your network do not use other torrent clients. Try to limit access to your network. Do not forget to check the programs with synchronization like Dropbox.

uTorrent file doesn’t have seeders

It is clear if the desired torrent file does not have many people, the downloading speed will be plodding. A right solution for this issue is to add trackers to your download. Nowadays, you can find seeders/seeds that have the file or simply wait a bit for the person to connect.

What to choose for downloading torrent files: Wi-Fi or cable?

Remember that Wi-Fi connection is usually slower than cable. That is why if you want to speed up your downloading process, you can use a wire to the router rather than by Wi-Fi.

uTorrent Errors
uTorrent Errors

uTorrent – Common Error Messages

When you receive such messages, do not panic. Below you will find security solutions to the most common errors.

“Error, previous volume not mounted.”

You should uninstall uTorrent from the control panel entirely and reinstall it again. Make sure you have an up-to-date version.

“Problem connecting to tracker.”

There are several reasons why you can get this error in uTorrent :

This error appears when the tracker is saturated. The only thing you can do is to wait until the tracker gets released. Keep connected while waiting.

“Authentication errors.”

Some uTorrent users receive the message “HTTP Error 400: Not Authorized”. It means that the tracker is private and you need a password to use it. You must remove this tracker and replace it with a new one.

“Connecting to peers.”

Most probably, your uTorrent can’t connect with users who share the desired file you want to download. The problem may be caused by your Internet provider/connection, your network/router setup, PC configurations, trackers, or the file itself. So you should check whether you receive the same error message on another device, which is connected to the same network, check your configurations (or ask a professional to do this), update your Torrent program.

“Error write to disk.”

Sometimes it happens that uTorrent does not allow you to use the file where you were writing the data about the torrent. The reason is another program which has a conflict with uTorrent. Also, check whether you are not trying to download the same torrent file twice. The solution is: go to “Settings,” press “Capetas,” and choose another folder. Do not forget to remove the duplicate torrents.


We understand how annoying it is to receive such error messages. You want to watch a movie or download a book for your upcoming exam, but instead of this, the program refused to work. Have patience, read our recommendations, you will get the file you are looking for very fast. Thanks for visiting

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