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Unit Linked Insurance Plan or ULIP plan is a hybrid financial instrument that offers the combined benefits of investment returns and life coverage protection. Under a ULIP plan, a section of the premium paid is allocated into different equity and debt fund options – based on your financial requirements and risk tolerance. The remaining part is contributed towards providing the life insurance coverage to you and your family members.

ULIP plan investments are preferred by investors to secure wealth, mainly for long-term goals such as child education and retirement. Let us look at how you can purchase the best ULIP plan coverage for your loved ones using a ULIP calculator and other financial instruments such as NPS that you can buy alongside ULIP plans to strengthen your financial health further.

What is a ULIP Calculator?

The primary considerations while investing in a ULIP plan are the cost and returns. a ULIP calculator is essentially an instrument that helps you calculate the maturity amount based on your planned investment value and returns. In other words, you can use an online ULIP calculator to determine the returns on a specific ULIP plan based on the premium payable and the policy period.

Thus, you can use the ULIP calculator to quickly review and compare various ULIP plans available and choose the one that offers maximal market-linked returns yet a cost-effective premium payable.

Essential Features of ULIP Calculator

A ULIP calculator comprises various features to help you calculate an accurate rate of investment return on your ULIP plan. Here are some salient features of the ULIP calculator that you must understand,

1. Transparency

The best feature of an online ULIP calculator is its transparency. A ULIP calculator provides comprehensive and transparent details of an investment fund so that you can determine the generated returns on a specific investment plan.

2. Flexibility

An online ULIP calculator allows you to vary the investment amount and the duration of the investment tenure, so that you can understand the variation on the rate of return due to fluctuations caused by the changes in the policy period, investment fund options, and the premium payable. One of the foremost benefits of a ULIP calculator is to help you review, calculate, and compare various investment plans. The ULIP calculator is easy to use and provide an evaluated result based on your information. A ULIP calculator helps make an estimation of returns easier for both seasoned investors and novice investors.

How Does A ULIP Calculator Work?

Before you decide to invest in a ULIP plan, it is advisable that you understand and know about the expected rate of return you will receive under the policy. With an online ULIP calculator, you can quickly determine the required amount of premium payable and the expected future value of the accumulated funds to compare the different ULIP plans available.

Here, it would help if you remembered that the calculations done by the online ULIP calculator are based on several assumptions. You must go through the policy documents and instructions diligently before investing any amount.

Here is a breakdown of the different steps involved in calculating the estimated returns,

Step 1 – You need to enter your necessary personal details such as your name, date of birth and your smoking preferences (smoker/non-smoker).

Step 2 – After entering your details, the next step requires you to update the amount you wish to invest in the ULIP plan. The invested amount or premium amount should be such that you can quickly pay throughout the premium payment tenure.

Step 3 – Here, you have to choose and update the frequency of the premium payments. The frequency of the premium payments must be made based on your financial stability and suitability.

Step 4 – In this step, you have to provide the ULIP policy coverage tenure, based on your future financial goals and plan-specific guidelines.

Step 5 – After determining the premium payable and tenure of the ULIP plan, you must deduct all applicable charges form the premium amount.

Step 6 – In this step, you must choose the combination of investment fund options – equities or debt funds or a combination of both.

Step 7 – After completing all the details, you must proceed to calculate estimated returns.

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