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How to buy Nippon Blobby? | Nippon Paints



How to buy Nippon Blobby? | Nippon Paints

How to buy Nippon Blobby? | Nippon Paints: Nippon is based in Japan with an experience of more than 136 years in the paint industry. Nippon Paint has been producing high-quality paints and coats for industrial, automotive, and decorative sectors. Nippon Paints has perfected their products over the years through various means of breakthrough technologies. Apart from painting, Nippon is creative through their advertisement which attracts people.

How to buy Nippon Blobby? | Nippon Paints

How to buy Nippon Blobby? | Nippon Paints

History of Nippon Paints

In the year 1881, Jujiro Moteki and his brother Haruta found Nippon Paint and named it as “Komyosha”. Nippon Paint was first Paint Manufacturing Company in Japan. Nippon Paint’s headquarter is located in Asia and it is popularly growing across the world. Nippon is ranked as Asia’s number 1 paint company. It is available for all kinds of surfaces such as Marine, Auto, Protective, Decorative, Industrial Paints.

Nippon Blobby

One of the advertising strategies which is followed by Nippon is its Blobby. Nippon Blooby is one of Nippon’s creativity which has now attracted many kids. In recent years, Nippon has started to sponsor many reality shows and events which is telecasted in top TV channels. They are investing more in their marketing part which is a big success for them. Nippon paint’s Blobby has attracted many children across the world.

How to buy Nippon Blobby? | Nippon Paints

How to buy Nippon Blobby? | Nippon Paints

From babies to adults, people are in love with the Blobby and they have started to search on how to buy a Nippon Blobby. There are mothers who visit YouTube to see “Nippon Blobby Advertisement” just to make their baby eat. Nippon Blobby is being distributed in the reality shows which is sponsored by Nippon Paints.

How to Buy Nippon Blobby?

As per Nippon Paints, the Nippon Blobby is not for sale as they are using it as a Merchandise. If you need a Nippon Blobby badly, You could contact someone who won the blobby in the reality shows and then get it from them. If you are not able to find someone, You could make one yourself. As of now, Nippon Blobby is officially not for sale and you are not allowed to sell them as Nippon owns the rights.

Toys which can be bought as an alternative

If you want to compromise your kids, then you could go for alternative toys. Here are some best collections you could buy from Flipkart and Amazon:

#1 Chotta Bheem

#2 Minions

#3 Teddy Bear

Nippon Blobby Ads

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