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How Can You Tell The Quality of CBD Through Third-Party Lab results?

When you buy any product, what matters the most is the quality of that product. Moreover, when it comes to health-related products, you can’t really depend on that product if it’s not of good quality. One such health-product is CBD oil. While there’s a lot of buzz about CBD, it’s health benefits, and various forms of CBD oil, what’s still a mystery to many people is- how to buy CBD oil that is worth using, without any contaminants, and can still have an impact?

Since CBD is derived from various parts of the cannabis plant, there are chances of other plant materials being present in the CBD product as well. While some of these plant materials can be useful, others might lower the quality of the CBD product you buy. Furthermore, some people look for pure CBD oil for a maximized benefit from CBD. How does one figure out if the CBD oil they are buying is worth the investment? This is where third-party lab results help a great deal.

What do Third-Party Lab Resutls Have?

When we say third-party lab results, we mean lab tests conducted by a party that is in no way related to the seller for the authenticity of the results. If you look at the results conducted by the sellers themselves, you might not see accurate or true results. Third-party lab results ensure there is no tampering with authenticity.

What to look for in a lab report?

Now that you know why third-party lab results are important to check before purchasing products, like Bluebird Botanicals CBD, what’s important to know is- what should you look for in a CBD product? Having a lab report is amazing, but it wouldn’t make sense if you didn’t know how to check the report and tell if the product is of good quality. Here’s what you must look for in a lab report.

Was it conducted by an accredited lab?

Pretty much like there are companies that sell adulterated CBD product, there are also shady labs that provide inaccurate reports. However, it’s not a challenging task to figure out if the lab is accredited. All you have to do is to see if the lab is accredited in accordance with ISO. If it does, you know the lab would meet the standards and follow essential guidelines.

Time of approval of the lab report

While a company may claim that their products are tested and provide you with lab results, you can’t really call those products reliable if the tests were conducted a long time ago. A company that is worth trusting would make it a point to test its products from time to time and provide users with the latest results. So, when asking for lab reports, don’t accept lab reports that are more than 10 months old for your own good.

Is the product free of contaminants?

When you look at the lab report, you will find a column that reads ‘status.’ When the CBD product contains harmful contaminants, like heavy metals, chemicals from pesticides, or even pathogens and bacteria above a limit that make the product unsafe to be consumed or used, the report lists ‘fail.’ Otherwise, you would find a ‘pass’ mark for the column. It’s obvious that a product that fails the test for contaminants is not fit for being used. You wouldn’t want to consume a product that can worsen your condition.

Look for cannabinoid content.

Yet another important thing to check in a lab report is the cannabinoid content listed in the report and if it’s the same as those listed on the CBD product label. The lab report would consist of a list of each cannabinoid that is present in the product along with the concentration. What the company mentions on its CBD product should be consistent with what the lab report analysis says.

It’s even more important to check the concentration of a particular cannabinoid called THC, which has psychoactive properties. Legal CBD products, like Bluebird Botanicals CBD, contain less than 0.3% of THC. So, make it a point to check if the product you intend to buy contains less than 0.3% THC; otherwise, it can be considered illegal. If it contains more than permissible amounts, it’s advised not to buy that product.

Whether you buy Bluebird Botanicals CBD or another CBD product from a reputed brand, checking the lab results is essential. This gives you the assurance that you’re using a CBD product that won’t be harmful to your health or have any side-effects after continuous usage.

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