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Happy Shab E-Miraj 2018 | History, Significance, Celebrations, Images



Happy Shab E-Miraj 2018

Shab E-Miraj

Shab e-Miraj is also called as sra and Mi’raj or Al-Isra’ Wal Miraj, which marks the night that Allah took Mohammad from Mecca to Jerusalem and even to heaven. It is the day which is celebrated by the Muslims all over the world including the mid-east, Australia, Indonesia, Canada, United  States and the United Kingdom. It is a holiday which is observed on the 27th day of the month of Rajab-which is the seventh month of Islamic calendar or between the April and May of the Gregorian Calendar. In this year 2018, the Shab E-Miraj is celebrated on the April 13th. It is one of the main festivals which is observed by the Muslims.

Happy Shab E-Miraj 2018

Happy Shab E-Miraj 2018

History of Shab E-Miraj

The origin of Shab e-Mirah can be traced back to the Quran. From there you can find the events of Istra and Mi’raj. Due to the only reference in the Quran. It is not discussed in greater detail until Hadith Literature supplemented this writing. Based on the Islamic tradition the Shab-e-Miraj is the “Night of Ascent.” and This is when the Prophet Mohammad is believed to have the transcended his spiritual form to become close to Allah and achieve the spiritual state, which the humans could never fully understand.

Happy Shab E-Miraj 2018

Happy Shab E-Miraj 2018

How to Celebrate Shab E-Miraj

Shab E-Miraj is one of the most peaceful night throughout the year. It holds up the meaning to pray, acknowledge of Allah the Almighty, which results to be good or bad, ways to get a place in the Heaven, etc., It is believed that the Allah helps themselves who pray the whole night. Especially Muslimes pray to get rid of all past sins and blessed upon on that night. It is expected for every Muslim should pray even a single moment to be grateful to the God. Celebrating the Shab E-Miraj is entirely related to the spiritual one, all you have to do is pray for the day!

Happy Shab E-Miraj 2018

Happy Shab E-Miraj 2018

Shab E-Miraj Images

Happy Shab E-Miraj 2018

Happy Shab E-Miraj 2018

Happy Shab E-Miraj 2018

Happy Shab E-Miraj 2018

Happy Shab E-Miraj 2018

Happy Shab E-Miraj 2018


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