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A God of Water is a divinity in mythology associated with water and several bodies of water. God of Water are common in mythology and was frequently more important among knowledge in which the sea and ocean or a great river. Another prominent is the center of worship of water goddess has been springs. As a sort of animal worship, whales and snakes even dragons regarded as godly idols throughout the world and other animals are like turtles, fish, crabs, and sharks. In Asian folklore, whales and dragons have connections. Ophidians are also common as a symbol or as sinuous deities, sharing many affinities with dragons.

God of Water

“The importance of water that holds within religious traditions, the Note considers in some detail the right to water because of the growing importance that the efforts towards its full recognition is assuming in the public debate.”- H.E. MSGR. RENATO R. MARTINO

Gods & Goddess in 17 Oceans

17. Arausio

Celtic Water God is the name that corrupted the names like French city of Orange and the historical royal House of Orange come, which ultimately conflated with the word for the citrus fruit, “orange.” And for Arausio, this is the reason for the last place.

16. Enbilulu

Enbilulu was a Sumerian, and Babylonian at later, God of Rivers, Flooding, including Horticulture, and was worshiped for his zzz.

God of Water

15. Salacia

Neptune, the Roman goddess of salt water’s husband who proposed to her with a dolphin, and she accepted the proposal.

14. Agwé

Marine life and protections for sailors and fishers over several elements of Agwé that accepts offerings of cake, fried bananas, champagne, and rum. He’s clearly got an outstanding taste, but he’s not all that badass.

13. Ikatere

When another god attacked his family, Maori and Polynesian fish god had fled into water. So they would get major points. Not like a badass!

12. Achelous

The largest river in Ancient Greece is Achelous River who is the patron goddess. The Achelous managed all the other river gods and goddesses, but he created the river by crying.

11. Triton

Triton, a Roman sea idol, like the fact that wields a trident and creates tidal waves by leaving into his conch shell, just know that he lives with his parents.

God of Water

10. Mizuchi

Mizuchi was murdered by a warrior when he failed to sink three gourds underwater, while Japanese water serpent kills its enemies just by breathing venom on them.

9. Bangpūtys

Bangpūtys is the Lithuanian god of seas and storms at once, So they got mad at another god, and he created a storm just to drown him. But he failed in that!

8. The Dragon Kings

There are totally four Chinese deities, each one presiding over one of the Four Seas from an underwater crystal palace. Also, they’ve got dragon heads and that they can pop up above water in the form of waterspouts.

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7. Dakuwaqa

This Fijian god is half-shark, and he did battle once with a god-turned-octopus.It is like an original Sci-Fi movie. If Dakuwaqa won this battle, he would be at first on this list, but the fight fails.

6. Ka-moho-ali’i

Ka-moho-ali’i, who didn’t lose a match to a superpowered octopus and Hawaiian shark god can take on the form of every fish. He will rescue a stranded ship in exchange for deliciously intoxicating beverages.

5. Gong Gong

Gong Gong is a sea monster water god in Chinese mythology, and he threw a temper tantrum after losing a fight at once and smashed his head into a mountain, thus tilting the sky and flooding the Earth. The entire thing he makes up for the whole is “temper tantrum.”

God of Water

4. Neptune

Roman god of freshwater is Neptune, the sea, um, horses for some reason and was so badass that he got to carry a trident. And, his followers sacrificed bulls. And he is a knockoff of the Greeks’ Poseidon. 

3. Poseidon

Poseidon gets all of Neptune’s points for being original. Some of his vengeful moves were pretty more than badass that delays Odysseus to return because he killed the god’s cyclops son, cursing Minos’ wife with a bull because the Cretian king didn’t sacrifice with the beast. But he’s Poseidon to a seaside cage match and be the guest.

2. Tiamat

Tiamat is an ocean goddess who revered by the Sumerians, Assyrians, Akkadians, and Babylonians by giving birth to sea serpents and merpeople. She even tried to kill her offspring, but they turned against her and went H.A.M. and from her body sprang typically the whole physical world.

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1. Kumugwe

Kumugwe is an undersea deity worshiped by the Nuxalk and Kwakwa̱ka̱’wakw people of modern day British Columbia. He can see into the future to heal the sick and command seals. Also, in his home which he guards with an octopus that made out of actual, living, breathing with sea lions.

Water is a fundamental element for life. People must brave daily the situation of incompetent supply of safe water. The intention of this paper is to present some of the human, social, ethical and religious factors encompassing the issue of water.


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