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God of Light | Let There Be Light


Into the depths of emptiness, the constant God of Light appeared, and said: “let there be light.” The intention of light transforms the visible light of day. Not only was it the unveiling of Truth, but it also was the inspiration of the great infinite God of light into time and space. It was the origin of time, and God the Creator of the heavens and earth was to acknowledge his might and majesty.

His power and might are unique like the world and all living things. The creation of man in his image, nonetheless, was the most intimate confession of himself. In spite of the deliberate sin of man that deformed his perfect image, God continued to manifest himself in various ways upon the stage of history to bring to light his divine plan of reclamation.

God of light

The Law and the Prophets unveiled the just and loving characteristics of God himself. Then at his outfitted time, God sent his son Jesus, who is the moving image of God’s person.

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God himself embodied in Jesus was the highest and the last epiphany.

Jesus is that Light, the betrayal of God himself to humankind. It is that light that expels all darkness and innocence, and whosoever believes in him will not live in the dark.

God has instructed us, as those who believe in him, to let the light of Jesus shine on the world that others would see God through his good works in us and praise him. It is an exalted command and challenge.

As I consider the awe and majesty of the immortal God, I am humbled, admiring how much of God’s light is evident in my life. It is a unrepented sin that keeps me in darkness and screens the light of God in my life.

Light have long been a part of religious rituals throughout the world. in the Christian tradition. The singing of cantors plays a significant role in Judaism. Om, sung in some Eastern religions, is often used in meditation.

God of light

In Spiritual Tradition

God of Light symbolically described in most religions. Stained glass, cherished stones, and skylights are common in religious structures. Native American ceremonies, as well as those of several other religions, use fire and drums, as well as chanting, all examples of light. Each service represents the struggle of people to speak to God in their way.

The God of Light has appeared to many saints and mystics. Saul of Tarsus had a climactic battle with the Light of God on the road to Damascus. Moses saw It in the deep bush.

Ultimately history, light has been depicted around images of holy people and in paintings of angels. Today, many refer to this view in new books about near-death experiences.

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The Light in spirituality as vision, knowledge, darshan, and Tabor Light. Bible authors such as Ritenbaugh see the nearness of light as a comparison of truth, good and evil, knowledge and ignorance.

God of light

In the first Part of the Bible, Elohim characterized as creating light by fiat and seeing the light to be good. In Hinduism, Diwali is the festival of lights is a celebration of the victory of light over darkness. A mantra in Bṛhadāraṇyaka Upaniṣad urges God to ‘from darkness, reach us unto Light.’ The Rig Veda connects nearly two dozen hymns to the dawn and its goddess, Ushas. And Buddhist scripture speaks of various Buddhas of light, covering a Buddha of Boundless Light, a Buddha of Faultless Light, and Buddhas of Unopposed Light, of Pure Light, of Exceptional Light, and of Unceasing Light.


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