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Goa CM Manohar Parrikar Says Government Mulls Ban On Entry Of Locals In Casinos




Manohar Parrikar is the newly elected Chief Minister of Goa, and who has said that the government of Goa is working towards the banning entry of locals into the casinos. Lately, Manohar Parrikar has won the trust vote in Goa assembly election’s floor test with the majority of 22 MLAs support.

Parrikar told the DD News in an interview, last night as quoted “I sincerely believe that the gambling is not good. If we can, then we should remove it from the state. It is human nature to gamble, and that is why we cannot eradicate it completely, but surely we cannot encourage it.”

“That is why we decided on a policy to ban the Goans from going to the casinos. Lot more has been done about it and in the days to come there will be a complete ban on locals going to casinos,” he added. Parrikar also said the state government would relocate off shore casino vessels from the River Mandovi to another location.


Manohar Parrikar, Chief Minister of Goa, who has said that the government of Goa is working towards the banning entry of locals into the casinos

The CM, however, said the state government would not shut down the casinos immediately, as some of the companies have invested in it.  Assuring the solution for the garbage problem in the state, Parrikar said that in last two and half years they had seen the garbage problem which has emerged in a big way.

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That is the reason why he has given thrust to the garbage disposal and treatment in my recent budget. The process has already started, and they will start working from July on it, he added. “We already have a garbage treatment plant, and I am proud to say that the power generated from the garbage has been sent to the state power grid,” said the CM.

Parrikar has ruled out that the state would face the financial crisis due to various issues like the ban on the sale of liquor along highways and the crippled mining industry. “We have projected 11 percent GDP growth in the recent budget, but I feel we will go up to 14 to 15 percent. GST regime would help Goa as it is a consuming state. Tax and services will contribute to the revenue,” he added.

“After mining ban was lifted, we have started about 20 million tons of production. Liquor highway ban, I don’t think it would have much impact on the revenue, and I believe we would find a solution for that. We are also trying to rehabilitate the establishments which are affected by the order of the Supreme Court,” he added.

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