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Ghorad Bird Information, Species, Cost, Origin, Facts & More



Ghorad Bird

Ghorad Bird is a bird with India as native. People can mostly witness this kind of bird on dry lawns and dry thicket forest. It is also known as Great Indian bustard. Unfortunately, the population of Ghorad is decreasing day by day. In order to save this beautiful creature, a conversation breeding centre was established in Jaisalmer city. WWF-India plays a vital role in save the life of these birds. Ghorad belongs to Animalia kingdom and otididae family.

Scientific classification

Species:A. nigriceps

Ghorad Bird Facts

  • Colour: The head of Ghorad bird is mostly half black and half white in colour. Most of the Ghorad bird has a white colour neck. The breast colour of male and female differs from each other. Wings are witnessed as brown and black.
  • Egg: At a time female the bird can lay only one egg. Most of the birds lay eggs on the nests built on trees but the egg-laying area of Ghorad is ground. Male bird does not display its interest in preservation of egg and chick. This bird’s eggs are one of the favourite food for crows. Great Indian bustard’s womb needs 28 days to stay inside the egg after that it comes out as a cute chick.
  • Food: This living thing prefers to eat both veg (wheat, peanut etc.,) and non-veg (worms, lizards etc.,).
  • Recognition: Government of Rajasthan has this bird as its national bird.
  • Breeding: This energetic bird wishes to breed seven months in a year.
  • Height and Weight: Ghorad’s does not have the capacity to grow higher than 3.2 feet. 18 kg is the maximum weight of this bird. The average wingspan of an adult is 6 to 8 feet.

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Ghorad Bird Images

Ghorad Bird
Ghorad Bird
Ghorad Bird
Male Ghorad Bird
Ghorad Bird
Ghorad Bird Chick
Ghorad Bird
Ghorad Bird Flying
Ghorad Bird
Ghorad Bird Images
Ghorad Bird
Ghorad Bird Images
Ghorad Bird
Ghorad Bird Images
Ghorad Bird
Ghorad Bird Photos
Ghorad Bird
Ghorad Bird with Egg

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