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GetMyUni: Details, Founders & History



GetMyUni: Details, Founders & History

GetMyUni Founders: Upneet Grover and Hardik Thakkar

What would be more inspiring than a story of two friends who started a company which later changed the whole scenario of how we were looking at the colleges around us? This is a story of two friends who then went on to become one of the successful entrepreneurs. We are talking about (Ex-Founder) Hardik Thakkar and Upneet Grover two people who could proudly say that GetMyUni was their brainchild.


Hardik and Upneet had the same problem what today’s youngsters counter on a daily basis, i.e., choosing the college after their 12th grade. They finally decided to launch the idea they were nourishing for a very long time. The idea was to create a platform which gives insight into every college to the students prior they take a firm decision about their career. There were a lot of institutions which students had no idea about, and they were just running on their reputation. There were Good engineering colleges in India students had very less information. Students who were writing the entrance exams such as WBJEE 2018 found themselves in a dilemma while choosing the colleges.

GetMyUni: Details, Founders & History

GetMyUni: Details, Founders & History

The Launch:

So, they started GetMyUni in February 2016. They initially relied heavily on “word of mouth.” They had no proper investment or revenue to flourish. Hence, they started campus ambassador, and it did well for them. “We created campus ambassador programmes, strong referrals and in product marketing programmes and were lucky to have good word-of-mouth going around. Most importantly, We were surprised by the number of students who were interested in helping aspirants and hence wrote long, unbiased reviews,” says 29-year- old Upneet. They cannot afford to rely on the scattered information that was available on other forums, so they decided to build a team which could work on a personal front. It turned out to be a great move, and the startup began to get stable. “We were making enough money to support the business till we finally got the funding of $50,000 from Tlabs. With that funding plus our revenues increasing month-on-month we’ve been able to scale to a million users per month on the platform, something we are incredibly proud of,” says Upneet.

With the reviews from 40,000 students, GetMyUni has 11,000 colleges listed in it. With the revenue rate of 10Lakh, the company is showing no signs of stopping. “We aim to build a strongest college recommendation tool. We believe that a lot of students are being misguided by offline consultants to suit themselves. If there is a fair portal, which bases a student’s marks, abilities, and background, using the advanced algorithms, to present them with the correct set of college recommendations then that product will be a super success,” says proud owner Upneet Grover.

The whole motto of the organization is to become the best college search destination in India. There’s no doubt in accepting the fact that GetMyUni is doing some exceptional job in bringing students together and solving their dilemmas. This company has already flourished amongst the youth and is being hailed by many for its stupendous work.

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