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Do’s and Don’ts for Bridal Diamond Jewelry



You have dreamed of having one ever since you were a child. Someday, you wished that your prince will come and sweep you off your feet. And he did, especially when he just proposed to you. While you are still in cloud nine, remember that you are about to prepare for the wedding of the century. You cannot forget anything, because any forgotten detail might set off a chain reaction. One commonly overlooked aspect is the bridal diamond jewellery used in the actual wedding. And if you are the bride-to-be who is not overly fond of adornments, then you need to put this on your checklist. 

The fact is that you need to wear some trinkets on your wedding day. There is no need for over-adornment. Jewellery is essential because it usually brings out facets of the bride that you cannot see on ordinary days. A good set of charms brings out your eye shape and colour. It can also frame your face beautifully. The right colour accent may even bring a natural blush out of your cheeks. Yes, bridal diamond jewellery can make that happen. So here are some do’s and don’ts when choosing the proper accoutrements for your big day.

Bridal Diamond Jewelry

Do get your jewelry early.

You put off getting bridal jewelry until someone remembers. Most of the time, it is too late to get the pieces that you want. Never buy your jewelry at the last minute. It would be best if you dealt with this while you are in the final production stage of your bridal dress. While waiting for it to finish, window-shop online to get a feel of the pieces you see. Sometimes, a trinket calls out to you. Bookmark it so that it is easy to go back for a second look. Once your gown is ready, then it is time to go jewelry shopping. 

Do get big accent earrings.

Go big or go home! Small earrings or studs will get lost in your hair, especially when you let it down. But big statement pieces will stand out in a crowd, yet would not be overpowering when you wear them. Try out chandelier or dangling earrings to bring out classic femininity. 

Do change jewelry after the wedding.

A change of outfit will need a new set of ornaments too. The ones you wore at the wedding may not be suitable for your new dress. 

Don’t over-accessorize.

If your wedding gown is studded or heavily embroidered, choose light and delicate pieces as complements. When the dress you have is strapless, you can go for a slightly chunky necklace or a simple bangle. Remember that your jewelry is an accent to bring your natural beauty out. 

Don’t under budget.

You only get married once. So try to budget for the things that matter. You do not need to splurge, but do get lovely jewelry pieces that you can still use long after you are married.

Don’t go for a new style. 

Your wedding is not the time to bring out a Marilyn Monroe vibe when you do not feel like it. Your jewelry should bring out a better you. If you are uncomfortable in switching it up, go for a classic look. You can never go wrong with that. 

Your wedding should bring out the most beautiful bride in you. If you feel your look, then that could be the perfect one for the occasion. There is a piece of ideal jewelry fit out there for you. When you see it, you will know.

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