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Democratic Party Bang | Trump Sacking of FBI Chief



Sacking of FBI Chief

US Democratic party has responded angrily to the Donald Trump’s decision of Sacking of FBI Chief James Comey; he asked the serious question as the agency of investigation in his election battle rumors has the connection to Russia’s interference in US polls. They said to the President,”MR.President, with all proper honor you made a great mistake,” the top Democrats in Senate, Chuck Schumer, reporters said. The Leader of Senate Minority asked that the Department of Justice has appointed a special prosecutor to observe into the credits of Russia’s hacking and its impact on 2016 election. The people of America need to have the belief that the investigation as dangerous as this is being handled impartially, without a bit of preference. If the Americans need to get faith in this inquiry, the one and only way is to run by the fearless, independent special prosecutor.

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Donald Trump's decision of sacking FBI Director James Comey

Donald Trump’s decision of sacking FBI Director James Comey

The sacking of the top officers like Sally Yates and Preet Bharara and in that list now Mr.Comey it does not look like a coincidence, said by Schumer.  This investigation must be move as far away as possible from White House and as distance as possible till that anyone appointed by President Trump.

Schumer also asked the timing of the decision, which happened days after Mr.Comey indicated on Capitol Hill about the FBI investigation into Russian election interruption and a possible collision between the country and for the MR.Trump’s campaign.

Joe Crowley, the Chairman of House Democratic Caucus, said Comey’s firing is significantly troubling. Donald Trumps sacked the man who is investigating him and his outfit. He says that he support for the appointment of the special prosecutor.

The administration has an objection that how the way Director Comey handled the Clinton investigation, they had those complaints when the president enters the minute. But they haven’t fired him, why it’s happening now? He asked. This investigation is getting very close to Mr.President, it may troubling the Attorney General Sessions, that who rescued him from the Russian inquiry, and he played a role in firing the man by leading it.

Entitle the move is so unique, the Indian-American Congressman Mr.Raja Krishnamoorthi says it is extremely hard that the Chief Executive is meddling with an ongoing investigation into his administration by sacking the person charged with carrying it.

Nobody can help but don’t forget the Saturday Night Massacre of President Nixon. This action may raise a question regarding the administration’s ties to Russia, – MR.Krishnamoorthi.

Republican Senator Jhon McCain and the Chairman of Armed Services Committee told that he is disappointed with the decision of Trump for sacking Mr.Comey. Mr.Comey is the man of courage and honesty, and all know that how he guided FBI in Extraordinary Situations. I have long called for the special congressional committee for the investigation of Russias interference in 2016 election.

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Mr.McCain says that the decision of Mr.President of removing the Director of FBI is confirming the urgency of such committee.

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