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Curriculum for Technical streams restored to increase utilization – AICTE

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi planning to restore the curriculum of technical streams across all the colleges in the country in a command to increase the utilization after the technical streams. AICTE is surprised that the new curriculum for engineering streams which will be extremely technical and job-related information to be added. In this view, work has already been established by the AICTE with the participation of best brains in the assessment.

Dr. MP Poonia, a vice chairman who stated this plan as per the DNA report at the AICTE during a conference with the envoy of All India Federation of Self Financing Colleges Association (AIFSFTI). The new curriculum with the addition of subjects to show consistency or uniformity in technical institutions all over the nation which will come into the criteria from July 1st, he said.

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AICTE: Mandatory training in the industry

Poonia said the curriculum would be industry linked, in which students will be mandatory to spend two months per year in the industry. “The AICTE is typing by with CII and Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium (MSME) to give better industrial training and exposure to the students,” Poonia explained.

The AICTE also shows to give importance on training faculties, following which programs should be designed particularly to assist the purpose. After MTech, the Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) also been attached in for a three-month training program for teachers.

Curriculum for Technical streams restored to increase utilization
Curriculum for Technical streams restored to increase utilization

He explained by failure rate; the AICTE had delivered down the credit remarks from 180 to 160 to make the students appropriate and to change in the program. The mandatory deviations would be made in the first year curriculum to prevent failure and to make education with practical oriented and also treats with student friendly.

The three-month teachers training program will be built necessary after MTech for the teaching candidates, Poonia told. The AICTE also gave the duty to the Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) and allocated around Rs. 9 crores on the teacher training program. It also assured to start 300 technical training programs to train over 15,000 faculties to elevate their contents and other techniques.

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Out of 300 training programs, 100 have been established particularly for the new teachers while other 200 have been built for present faculties to update their experience with more information. In June and July, the training periods would be conducted at the engineering colleges with a batch of 40-50 teachers.

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