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Cowper’s Gland Fluid, Location, Histology, Radiology & More



Cowper's Gland

Cowper’s Gland is a small gland in the human male reproductive system. This exocrine gland helps to save sperm cells from the acidity of urine. The function of this gland was first identified by a medical scientist William Cowper. That’s how this gland got the name Cowper’s gland. It is also known as bulbourethral gland.

Cowper’s Gland Fluid

Cowper’s Gland helps to produce a colourless and odourless lubricant fluid called pre-seminal fluid which is otherwise known as pre-ejaculatory fluid. This fluid is secreted during the time of penis erection and it passes out through urethral opening. It acts as a lubricant by spreading on the surface of the penis and glans to reduce the friction of male and female genitals during the time of sexual intercourse. It also helps to minimize the acidity range of urine which is present in urethra thus it will help sperm to pass safely while ejaculation.

Cowper’s Gland Location

It is located on the top backside of the scrotum, in other words, located below the prostate gland. This gland is surrounded by a tissue called spongiosus tissue. This gland contains cowper’s duct which helps to connect cowper’s gland into the urethra.

Cowper's Gland
Cowper’s Gland Location
Cowper's Gland
Cowper’s Gland Histology
Cowper's Gland
Cowper’s Gland Radiology

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