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Cockatiel Bird (Nymphicus Hollandicus) Species, Details, Facts, Pictures, Cost




The Cockatiel is the most famous pet bird from Australia, which is friendly and easy to train. It is an all-time favourite bird to everyone because of its personality. The scientific name of this species is Nymphicus Hollandicus. The Cockatiel is a member of the family Cacatuidae under the order Psittaciformes. In various countries, these parrots are popularly known as miniature cockatoo, weero, quarrion, calopsita, and Carolina. After budgerigar, Cockatiel is the second-largest selling pet bird in the world. Cockatiel birds are endemic in Australia, and you can find them in the wetlands, scrublands, and bushlands. The feathers of the birds are primarily in grey, and the wings edges have white color feathers. The male and female birds of this species can be differentiated by its face and cheddar cheeks. The face of the male bird will be yellow or white, and the female is grey or light grey in color. The orange mark in the cheddar cheeks will be vibrant, but it is quite less in the female. The size of the Cockatiel parrot is around 30-33 cm, and the weight will be around 90 g.

Lifespan: 10 to 14 years (In the wild)
Family: Cacatuidae
Weight: 90 g (Adult)
Size: 30 – 33 cm
Scientific name: Nymphicus hollandicus
Kingdom: Animalia
Order: Psittaciformes
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Subfamily: Nymphicinae
Genus: Nymphicus
Species: N. hollandicus

Species of Cockatiel Bird

The Cockatiel bird is the only member of the genus Nymphicus. It does not have any subspecies, but under the family Cacatuidae, there are 44 different varieties of birds. Most species of this family can be found in the regions of Australia.

Cost of Cockatiel Bird

As it is a cute and affordable pet bird, most of the people like to buy it. The average cost of the parrot is around $120 to $250, but when adding the cost of a cage, food and equipment, it will reach nearly $300. Moreover, you have to spend nearly $100 per year to maintain the Cockatiels.

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Interesting Facts about Cockatiel

  • If you want a talking parrot, then the cockatiel is not the right choice. It cannot speak like other parrot breeds, but it can learn one or two words. Mostly they whistle because it is easy for them.
  • The Cockatiel is one of the small beautiful crests bird, by seeing the crest feathers you can find the mood of the bird. If the bird gets shocked, then the crest will be erect. When Cockatiel is in a defensive or angry mood, their crest feathers be flattened close to the head, the relaxed bird has a normal straight crest and contentedly grinding its beak.
  • Unlike other birds, it can live without a pair, but they need more attention from their owners. They start to think their owners as a mate and want to be in regular contact with them. It is much obedient and not mix with other bird species.
  • The male Cockatiel bird can sing and whistle better than the female. In the wild, the male parrots make these sounds to attract the female.
  • The flames that are emitted from the Teflon coated cookware can kill the Cockatiel parrot.
  • The Cockatiels eat petals, fresh vegetables and fruits. You should not feed avocado, fruit seeds, chocolate, caffeine or alcohol. If you feed these items, then it causes severe medical conditions.
  • In the wild, plenty of Cockatiels fly together around the sky to find large water bodies and search for places to take rest, breed, and to escape from the heat of Australia.
  • The average lifespan of the Cockatiel is about 25 years, but the standard life span is around 15 years.
  • Cockatiel parrots need nearly 14 hours of sleep per day.
  • In 1770, it was first discovered in Australia. The Cockatiels aren’t much famous till the 1900s.
  • The primary natural predators of these parrots are Australian birds of prey and raptors.

Cockatiel Images

Cockatiel Bird
Male Cockatiel
Cockatiel Bird
Female Cockatiel
Cockatiel Bird
White Cockatiel Bird
Cockatiel Bird
Cockatiel Pair
Cockatiel Bird
Cockatiel chick
Cockatiel Bird
Male Cockatiel with chick
Cockatiel Bird
Cockatiel Bird as Pets
Cockatiel Bird
Cockatiel eggs
Cockatiel sitting on woods
Cockatiel Bird
Cockatiel Parrots in Wild

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