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Cinedubs App: Watch Movies In Your Desired Language




Cinedubs is a mobile application created by Dubswork Mobile Pvt Ltd. Vineet Kashyap and Additya Kashyap are the technocrats of this app. This app allows anyone to watch movies in their preferrable language at theatres and also at home. As of now, it is functional in eight countries. R Madhavan recently joined Cinedubs as a brand ambassador. The Cinedubs app allows users to watch Rocketry The Nambi Effect in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and English at a theater irrespective of any language shown. Let’s see how it works and the guidelines to use the Cinedubs app.


Cinedubs App

Cinedubs is free to download from Google Play or App Store. This app is available in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Bengali, Mandarin, and Arabic. With Cinedubs, you can experience the 360-degree immersive soundtrack directly from your headphones.

How to Use the Cinedubs App

The following are the guidelines to use this app on your smartphone,

1. Download and Install the Cinedubs app.

2. Open Cinedubs and sign up for a free account.

3. Once the homepage appears, browse for a movie you want to watch.


4. Click on a movie to get its details and showtimes.


5. Next, download the movie in your preferred language.


Note: Select a movie and theater with showtime if wish to watch at the theater.

6. Go to the My Downloads section to check the downloaded movies.


7. Finally, connect your headphones and tap Play to start listening to your movie


How it Works

When the user gets inside the theatre, put on their headphone, and click the Play button, the soundtrack will automatically sync with the scene which has been playing on the screen. As a result, the user can hear the dialogues in their native language even if the scene is being played in a different language. This service is only available inside the auditorium and will stop playing once you went outside so there will be no threat to movie piracy.


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