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Chemboth Bird is one of the rarely seen birds. People can watch this bird in south Asian countries like India, Sri Lanka etc., They mainly prefers to live in forest. Chemboth is otherwise known as Kukkil bird. The main difference between Crow and Chemboth is Chemboth have red wings and red eyes but Crow is fully dusky color. Female bird have large wings when compared to male Kukkil bird.

Chemboth Bird Details

Binomial NameCentropus sinensis
Other NamesGreater Coucal, Kukkil Bird etc.,

Chemboth bird facts

  • Sunbath: These health conscious birds does not skips everyday morning sunbath. The spread their wings during sunbath.
  • The LTTE head Velupillai Prabakaran declared this bird as Tamil Eelam’s (un-official country) national bird.
  • Diet: These species eat both fruit and vegetables. Seeds as well. To be noticed, Snail is the favorite food for Tamil Nadu based Chemboths.
  • They have loud voice which can audiable for more than 1 km distance.
  • Breeding: They breeding routine is between February to September of every year. Both male and female have capacity to build a perfect nest for hatchling. Female lay pure white color egg. 14.8 is the maximum weight of Chemboth egg.
  • Ancient literature’s reference: Ancient Tamil literature Kalavazli Naarpadhu having a reference about this bird. The author compared this bird to blood eating crows. Checkout below,
  • Anti Venom: Sometimes these creatures prefers to eat highly poisonous fruits but it does not affect their health.
  • Myths: Some pseudoscientists said these bird meat can helps to fight against tuberculosis. There is no scientific evidence for that saying.
  • Singing Skills: These kind of birds are very good singers. They can sing duet song as well.

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