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Charm Sukh Web Series (2019) | ULLU | Cast | Trailer | Release Date



Charm Sukh is the latest adult web series on ULLU. Ullu original is well known for streaming many romantic and erotic web series. Charm Sukh story revolves around a virgin girl who calls her boyfriend to study at home. She was in depression after everyone teases her that if you have never had sex, then you will not know anything about the life of a girl. Her boyfriend has some bad thinking about girls and he guesses what a girl wants. When the girl calls her boyfriend at home, he tries to kiss her but she refuses her boyfriend.

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The girl’s nature was so simple as her mother is as crooked. When the girl’s mother meets her daughter’s boyfriend, she gets into a romantic mood with him. Later, series shows them two (Girl’s mother and girl’s boyfriend) spend many nights together. What happens when that girl comes to know all this is the rest of the story.

The official trailer of this series was released on 25 August. Charm Sukh Ullu web series starts premiering from 30 August 2019.

Charm Sukh Episode 4

Charm Sukh Episode 3

Charm Sukh Episode 2

Charm Sukh Trailer

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