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Car Bomb Kills 10 in Baghdad | ISIS Claims Responsibility



Car Bomb

The Car Bomb exploded outside of a popular ice cream shop in central Baghdad, in that blast ten were killed, and 22 were in the hospital as a report by the police officials. The Islamic State Militant group who claimed responsibility for this attack, that the Iraqi officials said they involved apparently by using the remote they detonated and exploded the bomb inside the parked car.  The officials spoke on the condition of anonymity in line with the regulations on Monday.

This attack has happened in the holy month of Ramadan at the time when Muslims fast during daylight hours. After the shutdown, the families in Bagdad will break their fasting, and they will come to the restaurant, and for the cafe, it will fill quickly.

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Car Bomb exploded outside of a popular ice cream shop

Car Bomb exploded outside of a popular ice cream shop

The video that colourful on the social media that shows the chaotic scenes of the street which is surrounding the blast. The number of peoples was wounded, and the lay on the floor and others propped themselves, and they move towards the colourful park bench that situated outside of the ice cream shop.

One young girl, wearing a ribbon and bow in her hair, was seen wandering around dazed.

Ramadan has usually marked as an uptick in violence in Iraq.

Like this last year in Bagdad, it was rocked by a huge truck bomb attack and that is targeted to the retail district in the city centre that is the place were young peoples and families were shopping for new clothes forward of the holiday that shows the end of Ramadan.  

The blast killed hundreds in the single deadliest event in Baghdad since Saddam Hussein was toppled in 2003. 

The IS group who also claimed responsibility for that bombing that ultimately led to the resignation of the Iraq’s interior minister.

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This Monday’s attack comes as Iraqi troops are slowing starting IS fighters out of their last refuges in the northern city of Mosul. Iraqi leaders say the offensive, which recently entered its eight-months, will mark the end of the IS caliphate in Iraq, but concede the group will likely increase insurgent attacks in the wake of military defeats.

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