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NATMO Launches Braille Atlas-The World’s First Study Map For The Visually Impaired



Braille Atlas

NATMO Launches Braille Atlas-The World’s First Study Map For The Visually Impaired

Making maps accessible for the visually impaired was not that simple. The world’s first totally mass-manufactured map called Braille atlas has been built in India for those who have deprived of sight. Making use of the maps comes so very general to us, but for the millions of visually challenged people of the world, maps were like finding a needle in a haystack.

The Ministry of Science and Technology has come up with a new comprehensive Braille atlas, a “tailor-made” for approximately 50 lakh unsighted people in the country, in particular for the students. In most blind people the physical sensation was given more prominence to compensate for the loss of vision. For the very first time, those visually impaired could get a sense of what India looks like. The way out is to make a map which could be felt rather than be looked.

Braille Atlas

The world’s first totally mass-manufactured map called Braille atlas has been built in India for those who have deprived of sight.

National Atlas and Thematic Mapping Organization (NATMO), an institution under the Ministry of Science and Technology that was located in Kolkata created this unique atlas after years of struggle and hard work. It has been made using an indigenously developed silk-screen painting technology. The Atlas has about 20 maps on different themes such as physical, socio-economic, river system, natural vegetation, crops pattern, cultural, metropolitan areas, roads and railways, and crops.

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Tapti Banerjee, the Director of NATMO, said that it was for the first time that a comprehensive atlas had been prepared for physically challenged with such a minute details. On January 3, Narendra Modi handed over the director of NATMO with the “National Award for the Science and Technology Intervention in Empowering the Physically Challenged.”

The maps were well embossed with simple lines and point symbols such that to aid its users to realize the location. The area coverage is easily distinguishable regarding shapes and textures. NATMO makes maps for the people who were partially blind with accented colors so that they could look at the map despite their partial sight.

Braille Atlas

Harsh Vardhan, the Union Minister for Science and Technology, released the atlas in New Delhi

“The atlas has been prepared not only in English but also in Bengali, Gujarati, and Telugu. There were 20 different basic maps and that range from the country’s political to the physical map and also to various soil types found in India.”

NATMO has published some 500 copies of the Braille atlas which cost them about Rs 1000 per piece. The atlas book was being handed out as free to all the blind schools in India. The Atlas was very heavy because of the use of the high standard glazed paper and the embossing done on it. The next edition would use a light weight imported paper would be easy to carry in which

”The next stage would embed an audio file in the Braille atlas and would possibly make an application that would speak to the blind using the omnipresent global positioning system or the GPS signals.” The remarkable effort by NATMO at least attempts to achieve one gap of a significant social need with the Indian science in the service of the nation.

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Online education in Washington is increasing at a Rapid rate




Also known as the State of Washington situated in the Pacific-Northwest region of the United States named after the first president of United States George Washington. With one of the largest number of students enrollment, this state has played a huge role in the education system of United States. In 2008-09 the number of students enrolled in the elementary and secondary school in Washington was 1,040,750 and as of 2009, there were 295 district schools. Being one of the members of the 16 member state in the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education it provides the best standards of online education at a lower tuition fee.

The National Centre for Educational Statistics reported in 2013 that Washington has 87 institutes that can grant a degree out of which 43 are Public, 24 are Not For Profit and 20 For-Profit Schools. Most of these institutes also provide an online degree.

It would be unfair to say one college as the best because all the colleges in Washington follow the certain standard and they are adamant at giving the best possible education for their student’s whether it is offline or online. Regardless of the specialization, we have listed down few of the best online colleges in Washington on the basis of the overall benefit aspect for the students.

  • Central Washington University
  • City University of Seattle
  • Faith International University
  • Heritage University
  • Northwest University
  • University of Washington
  • Washington State University
  • Western Washington University

Online education in Washington is increasing at a rapid rate, as per the US Department of Education a total of 39,402 students enrolled for at least a single online Higher Education course. This number is very good as it represents 10.6% of all college students of the State of Washington. Students prefer online education as they can pursue these course outside their college hours and these are also very flexible. Distance learners can complete the course at their own pace people find this of great advantage as it has less tuition fee also.

Not only students but there are working professionals also who are taking online courses as they can complete these courses at their time as these courses, in the long run, would prove to be handy for them as they might get a salary hike or even promotion due to this course. Not only this but since the number of people who are opting for online colleges the State as well as the Federal government has expanded the grants of Financial Aid for online colleges to an amount of $299 million and this helped an estimated 69,400 of the low-income students.

Not only for the State of Washington there are a number of online colleges in the United States which provides quality online education in all fields. If you want to find all the courses according to different states and according to your area of preference, you can visit thecollegemonk, it is a one-stop place where you can find all the details of online colleges, course, details about financial aid, etc. There you can find all the details about various courses, their fee detail and best colleges for that course etc. So, it is a place where all your queries about online education would be solved without much effort.

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Importance of College Education and Online Universities




Gone the days when we had to travel to Colleges or Universities to get a degree or to learn new things. The online education has paved a path to the field of education in a way that one might have never imagined. This had made access to education easier, faster and affordable. With the inclusion of education with technology, now students can use their Smartphones and Laptops to learn from the best online education colleges wherever and whenever they want. This has taken out the notion of time and place from the education.

It may seem to be easy and affordable now, but it was not the same during its inception. Even though the technology is new but the concept of online education has a history of more than 170 years. It originated in Great Britain in the form of correspondence course. Where it happened through emails; in which the instructor used to send the course materials and student’s used to send the completed assignments through the mail.

But, as the technology developed online education was able to overcome its biggest hurdle, i.e. the mail transit time. Now online education happens in real time where students and instructors interact and transfer information in real time just like any physical or so-called traditional education system.

Although it had so many advantages, even then people used to consider it as inferior to traditional colleges. Even the financial aid that people used to get for online education system changed recently. But, things are changing and it’s changing rapidly. According to the data of 2016, over six million enrol for one or more online courses, and more than 50% Universities offer their courses online. The course material and the education method provided in online colleges are often the same as that of traditional colleges. Thus, there are no perks in joining an online college.

If we talk about the pros of online colleges then it would be much more than that of traditional colleges in the recent scenario. As online colleges are effective, light on pockets, flexible with time, can take it as a part-time option where you can do an online course as well as do your daily job and provide the same quality as that of offline colleges. Even in some online colleges, they provide courses which are not available in their offline colleges.

Online Universities

Finding an online college is also easier than traditional colleges. For instance, you have planned to do a course in Nursing, and you want to find out the best online college for that. For that, you can just go to the search engine and type best online Nursing colleges and just be doing a little research on the colleges that you have got the search result. You can find the best college for nursing easily and that too by sitting in the comfort of your home.

That how things have changed easier it has become. Now if you want to learn something new, you can just take out your smartphone, tablet, or laptop and you can educate yourself. Things are just at the distance of your fingertips if you want to learn. It requires a lot of dedication and self-control to regularly take out time and effort without any external motivation factor. So, if you are planning to take an online course, just one thing you want to do is to keep your self-motivated as it has so many advantages but one of the main disadvantages of this online education is that you need to keep yourself motivated to complete the course as you can be the only person who can motivate yourself to complete the course. But, leaving that factor apart I would urge everyone to take at least one online course and try to complete it. As it, won’t take much effort and in turn, you will learn something new and you might not know when it might turn out to be useful.

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How to build a good CV while you are in College




Ever since globalization has taken its stride, the quality of education has increased ten folds in every part of the world. While most people around the world are aware of the importance of practical knowledge, India still stands way below in the pyramid, despite being extremely knowledgeable and resourceful, very few students opt for professional training programs while they are in college.
Here are a few things you should do while you are pursuing your bachelor’s degree:

Choose your college wisely:

I know it’s a task to find a good college because that is the kick-start to build a good career. For starters, pursue what you think is the best for you. Study a subject who are passionate about and according to which look for a college. With so much technology around, it isn’t must of a task to find out a good college. Sites like GetMyUni, help you find your ideal college with just a click. A good college always reflects the weigh of your CV.

Student Exchange Programmes:

Most colleges conduct student exchange programmes with mostly foreign college. These exchanges might be merit-based or choice yet you should try to involve yourself in such a programme. It is an opportunity to learn different things, explore, gain exposure and communicate with a different crowd. An exchange programme is an experience that one should not miss out on, for companies who recruit see the value and the capability to fit-in in different environments.

Attend Workshops:

Different Companies and independent bodies have now started running workshops in their respective fields to impart knowledge to the students. These day workshops have become a very informative source for different real-life aspects. They help us strengthen the knowledge you know on a particular subject and also help you practically implement them. Workshops like robotics, emergency treatment to patients on the aeroplane, electronic vehicles, graffiti painting, music, cooking and endless other fields are conducted almost on a daily basis in different cities around the country. Top Engineering colleges in Haryana organise various workshops on a weekly basis for enhanced learning.

Vocational Training:

There are different types of training on the ground these days, and for all of you studying courses that might require vocational experience, attending these vocational programmes are absolutely necessary. These programmes are one step closer to the professional light. Companies every day are looking for students who can bring in value to their company and attend vocational programmes helps you gain these values for knowledge and success.

Attend Training Programmes:

Different training programmes are available for fields including English, Arts and various other fields. What we learn in college is just a part of what we might have to do, a training session on the desired field will help you understand your field of work better. Knowledge is the ultimate goal but doing a certified training programme will reflect better on your CV. A training session is a literal implementation of what you learn.


By now, most colleges have made one internship compulsory for each student by the end of their graduation. The importance lies in the learning. It gives you an experience of how a work environment is, provides exposure, and learning is endless. An internship has now become absolutely necessary because companies want students to be aware of work ethics and the sense of professionalism. An internship is the best place to learn all these.

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