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The Biggest Wins In Casino History




When you think of gambling, what is the first thing that pops into your mind? Is it ‘Become a millionaire!!!’ ? Or is it ‘It’s risky!’? Chances are your mind goes towards the second one. Even if you are a regular punter, it is difficult to just throw your money away, just because you might win the jackpot. That is the natural tendency of humans. But you know what they say, right? Fortune favors the brave.

Sometimes, it is the people who go against the tide anyways, are the ones who come back with the gold (metaphorical, but you know what we mean). There have been instances of some great wins at casinos over the years.

This article talks about the top 5 historical wins that have taken place in the world of gambling. Read on further to know more about them. And if you feel inspired enough, you can try your luck too, at the best online casino provider in Belgium!

1. Gloria Mackenzie Won $540 million

In 2013, an 84-year-old Gloria Mackenzie, from the small city of Zephyrhills, in Canada, won a whopping $540 million, and beat all previous casino victories to become the top win ever! She bought a Powerball ticket to try her luck. For the uninitiated, Powerball is a lottery game organized by the Multi-State Lottery Organization in 45 American states, along with the Virgin Islands, District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

When asked about it, she told the media that she had a feeling that she would win, even before the results were announced. After she won, she did not take the amount. Instead, she just withdrew $371 million, which, after deduction of taxes, amounted to $278 million. As someone passionate about the sector of education, she donated $2 million to repair the roof of a school located in East Millinocket, Maine, which was the institution where she studied at. She also opened the Gloria Mackenzie foundation, which offers to help young, talented individuals with educational opportunities.

2. Archie Karsas Won $40 million

Unlike Gloria Mackenzie, who won the jackpot on a lottery ticket, Archie Kansas actually slowly gambled his way to $40 million. It was a result of a series of wins for him at the pool, poker, and dice-throwing. He left for Las Vegas in December 1992 with $50 in his pockets, and by the beginning of 1995, he had managed to win $40 million. He borrowed $10,000 from an acquaintance and won $30,000 playing poker with that. And he returned $20,000 to his lender and then tried his luck while playing 9-ball pool. After winning $1,200,000 from that, he went back to playing poker and made huge wins, which took his bankroll to around $17 million. Eventually, people stopped challenging him in poker, because his bids were too high. He turned to dice-rolling and even there, his wagers were limited by the casinos. In the end, he was able to amass up to $40 million. This is one of the longest documented winning streaks in gambling, and is commonly referred to as “The Run”.

3. Anonymous Software Engineer Won $39.7 million

So, this 25-year-old anonymous guy was waiting for a basketball game to start and wanted to kill some time. His preferred mode of passing the time? He went to the Excalibur Casino in Las Vegas and decided to play some slot games. He deposited $100 and started playing the Megabucks Jackpot slot game. And very casually, he was able to beat an odds of 1 to 16.7 million to win a smashing jackpot with $39.7 million! He couldn’t withdraw it at one go, so agreed to withdraw $1.5 million every year, for 25 years. Now that is called some productive time passing activity!

4. Cynthia Jay-Brennan Won $34.95 million

Cynthia Jay-Brennan was celebrating her mother-in-law’s birthday back in the year 2000, in Desert Inn, Las Vegas, and decided to try her luck at one of the slot machines. Like the previous instance, this lady too, approached a Megabucks Jackpot slot machine, and just on her 9th try, was able to bag $34.95 million.

But after a few weeks of bliss, she met a devastating accident in which she lost her sister, and was paralyzed below the chest. She used a large part of the sum for various surgeries and therapies, but she will never be able to walk again. With the rest of her money, she distributed 1000 free wheelchairs to those in need. She also funds the MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) foundations. She goes to various schools to share her story and warn children about the risks of drunk driving.

This is probably one of the most tragic stories in the world of casino winnings, and shows how peripeteia works as well in real life as in ancient tragic dramas. But the way Cynthia overcomes the odds, not only in a casino, but in real life as well, is what makes her a truly phenomenal person.

5. Anonymous Lady Won $27.6 million

A retired air hostess, in her late 60s, decided to try her hand at, you guessed it, Megabucks Jackpot. She went to the Palace Station Hotel, located in Las Vegas, and set her budget to $100. But, as it usually happens, she went over her limit, and ended up spending $300. But guess what. She was able to land the jackpot, which amounted to $27.6 million. So, what do we learn from that? The same thing that we have been hearing for ages: perseverance pays off, dude! And sometimes in ways that are completely unexpected!

These are some of the biggest wins. If you wanna know more, you can check them here. So, after reading all this, what are your thoughts? Sounds unbelievable, right? Yes, it is true that in the end, it is always the casino that wins. But that does not mean that punters don’t get lucky from time to time. Try your hands at your favorite casino game, and who knows, Lady Luck might just smile on you today!

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