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Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Online | How to Vote | Elimination Details



Kamal Haasan

Aarav Wins Bigg Boss Season 1 Tamil/Bigg Boss Winner

Aarav Wins Bigg Boss Season 1

Aarav Wins Bigg Boss Season 1

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Bigg Boss Tamil Diwali Celebration: It is sure that Bigg Boss team celebrates Diwali together, So once again the housemates joined gathered to celebrate the lightning festival along with Bigg Boss. This Show is scheduled to be telecast on Vijay TV. All the housemates seem to be very happy to celebrate this Diwali with their new family. Bigg Boss Tamil Family Diwali Party and their Recent Pics that has been going viral on social media.

Bigg Boss Tamil Diwali Celebration

Bigg Boss Tamil Diwali Celebration

Bigg Boss, the popular show aired on Vijay TV has been the talk of the town, even now. “Aarav” won the title and “Snehan” was announced as the runner. “Juliana,” was prominently known for her appearance during Jallikattu Protest in Marina beach entered the Bigg Boss Show with the immense hope to get popularity.

Bigg Boss Julie

Bigg Boss Julie

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote/Bigg Boss Vote: On World Television, Bigg Boss is one of the most-viewed popular show. It was first developed by Endemol in the Netherlands. Within a span of 11 years of the telecast, Bigg Boss has successfully rolled out 10 Seasons and one spin-off version thus establishing itself as one of the most popular reality TV Series in India. Bigg Boss is the Indian version of the international series Big Brother. The Hindi version of the show, which concluded this January, was hosted by Salman Khan. Also, the Telugu version has been taken up by Junior NTR. Now it has stepped into Tamil channel Vijay Television.

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The first season of Vijay Television Bigg Boss Tamil show has been officially launched on 24th of June and will be aired on channel Vijay Television at 9 pm on weekdays and 8.30pm on weekends. The show will have 14 celebrities, who will live in this Bigg Boss House for 100 days, as participants. There are nearly 360 cameras within the Bigg Boss house to record the activities of the participants.

According to Bigg Boss Rules, there will be a nomination process every week from which three Contestants with maximum votes will be selected for the Public voting process. Housemates were allowed to nominate two participants for eviction, and who got the most number of nomination from Bigg Boss housemates will have to go for a public poll. The online poll for Contestants has started, and viewers can choose their vote for favourite Eviction candidate. There is a bigg boss voting online as Bigg boss vote poll for public opinion below.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote: Public Opinion

Aarav Wins Bigg Boss Season 1

Comment Your Opinion Here

(Disclaimer: Above vote poll of Bigg Boss Tamil is conducted by, to know about Common opinion, not official.)

To vote officially for your favourite contestant, check out the steps below.

Step by Step Procedure for Bigg Boss Tamil Vote

There are two methods that viewers can use to vote for eviction participant; one is a Bigg Boss Online Voting and other is by Missed Call Voting. The Contestants who fail in convincing the audience may eliminate from the show. The two methods for voting are,

Bigg Boss Vote Online,

  1. In the Google Search, type the Search term as ‘Bigg Boss Vote‘ or ‘Bigg Boss Voting online‘ or Click Here.
  2. After entering the term, you will see the Eviction nominated Contestants.
  3. To vote, you should Sign in with your Gmail account.
  4. Select your favourite participant from the evicted contestants and split your vote if you wish.
  5. Click Submit to Confirm your Votes to your favorite contestant.
  6. You can vote a maximum of 50 votes per contestant per Google account.

Bigg Boss Vote Tamil Contestants through Missed Call,

Also, the missed call voting can be done with the Missed Call Numbers provided for each contestant. To vote for your favorite contestant in Bigg Boss, just give a missed call to the below mentioned mobile number. A maximum of 10 calls per number is counted for a week and the calls after that will not be considered for voting.

Bigg Boss Vote Contestants Voting Number Details through Missed Call

Finalist of Bigg Boss Season 1/Vote for Your Favorite Contestant

Bigg Boss Vote for Aarav Missed Call Number – 7210122301

Bigg Boss Vote for Harish Kalyan Missed Call Number – 7210122318

Bigg Boss Vote for Ganesh Venkatraman Missed Call Number – 7210122304

Bigg Boss Vote for Snehan Missed Call Number – 7210122313

Evicted contestants of Bigg Boss Season 1

Bigg Boss Vote for Bindhu Madhavi Missed Call Number – 7210122316

Bigg Boss Vote for Suja Varunee Missed Call Number – 7210122319

Bigg Boss Vote for Vaiyapuri Missed Call Number – 7210122314

Bigg Boss Vote for Kajal Missed Call Number – 7210122317

Bigg Boss Vote for Raiza Missed Call Number – 7210122311 – Eliminated

Bigg Boss Vote for Gayathri Missed Call Number – 7210122306 – Eliminated

Bigg Boss Vote for Sakthi Missed Call Number – 7210122315 – Eliminated

Bigg Boss Vote for Oviya Missed Call Number – 7210122310 – Left Out

Bigg Boss Vote for Juliana Missed Call Number – 7210122308 – Eliminated

Bigg Boss Vote for Harathi Missed Call Number – 721022307 – Eliminated

Bigg Boss Vote for Shree Missed Call Number – 7210122312 – Left Out

Bigg Boss Vote for Anuya Bhagvath Missed Call Number – 7210122302 – Eliminated

Bigg Boss Vote for Ganja Karuppu Missed Call Number – 7210122305 – Eliminated

Bigg Boss Vote for Bharani Missed Call Number – 7210122303 – Eliminated

Bigg Boss Vote for Namitha Missed Call Number – 7210122309 – Eliminated

Note: The voting lines will be open only for five days of the week and not on weekends. From Monday 10 PM to Friday 11.59 PM you can cast your vote to our favorite contestant.

Bigg Boss Tamil Eliminated Contestants List and Details

This is the list of Bigg Boss Tamil Contestants who got eliminated and left the Bigg Boss house in this Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 (2017).

Week 1SriLeft Out due to health issues
Week 1AnuyaEliminated by public voting process
Week 2Ganja KaruppuEliminated by public voting process
Week 2BharaniLeft Out due to Rule Break
Week 3HarathiEliminated by public voting process
Week 4NamithaEliminated by public voting process
Week 5-No Eviction
Week 6OviyaLeft Out due to health issues
Week 6JulianaEliminated by public voting process
Week 7ShakthiEliminated by public voting process
Week 8GayathriEliminated by public voting process
Week 9RaizaEliminated by public voting process
Week 10KajalEliminated by public voting process
Week 11-No Eviction
Week 11Suja VaruneeSent to Secret Room
Week 12VaiyapuriEliminated by public voting process
Week 13Suja VaruneeEliminated by public voting process

Winner of Bigg Boss Season 1

Aarav Wins the Bigg Boss Season 1 Title

Mid-Day Evicted Contestant

Eliminated: Bindhu Madavi

Week 13

Eliminated: Suja Varunee | Aarav, Harish, Ganesh, Bindhu Madhavi

On this Sunday Kamal Sir announced that “Suja” has been evicted outside the Bigg Boss House. The result was expected by the people and there was no big suspense. She received the lowest number of votes from the audience and left the Bigg Boss House. She entered as Wildcard contestant, who the viewers have no liking for, was evicted from the show this week. Snehan will be the First finalist of this season. Kamal Sir also announced that there will be one more eviction for this week in the midday before the grand finale which is on 30/09/2017.

Now the real race has started for the housemates Snehan, Aarav, Ganesh, Harish, Bindhu.

Suja Varunee

Suja Varunee

Week 12

Eliminated: Vaiyaburi | Snehan, Aarav, Harish

On Sunday, Kamal goes inside the house to hand over the Golden Ticket to a surprise winner. He announced Snehan deserves the Golden Ticket and later, he announces the name of the evicted contestant, Vaiyaburi. He was the most elder person among the housemates who gave a tough competition for others. He received the lowest number of votes from the audience and left the Bigg Boss House. Vaiyaburi will be missed by both housemates and viewers.



When the Nomination began, Suja was the first person to nominate and she entered the Bigg Boss house through the confession room, leaving everyone shocked. Bigg Boss instructed suja to re-enter the Bigg Boss house after staying in the secret room for a day.

On 78th Episode of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1, Kamal Hassan told that people are not willing to send the nominees out of the house. So he announces that there is no eviction for this week. Later he interacted with the housemates and said Harish and Bindhu are safe. He asks suja to come out of Bigg Boss house and offered her a choice to stay inside the secret room of Bigg Boss house. He also told suja that she can watch the housemates but can’t interact and interfere. As per the housemates, suja gets evicted and she is no more hereafter inside the house. But after a day she will be sent back inside the Bigg Boss house again. Later Kamal told the Aarthi, Julie, and Sakthi to come out of the Bigg Boss house.

Week 11

On Monday the nomination process was held and four persons were nominated by the Bigg Boss housemates. They are Ganesh Venkatraman, Harish Kalyan, Suja Varunee and Snegan. Bigg Boss said Ganesh to use his power to save a contestant this week because it is the last week to use that power. He used that power to save Snegan from nomination. And Bigg Boss asked Snegan to directly nominate a person for eviction process. So he said Bindhu’s name for the eviction process.

New Entry: Trigger Sakthi

In the beginning of the week 11, there was a surprise visit of the evicted contestant Trigger Sakthi. He told Kamal sir that his visit is to trigger Snehan and Vaiyapuri for their mask activity. And Sakthi assured Kamal Hassan that he will change Snehan and Vaiyapuri’s activity and make them show their original face. Sakthi entered into the house with a gang, everyone wearing a mask, and kidnapped Aarav and took him out of the house. Some housemates felt that Aarav got evicted and some felt that it was a prank. But after an hour Aarav entered the Bigg Boss House from the confession room.

His entry is also temporary and is not known by the housemates. Previously Harathi and Julie was made to stay in the house for a week, but it looks like their will extend for one more week to make the show even more interesting.

Week 10

Eliminated: Kajal | Other Nominees – Snehan, Aarav

On Saturday, the voting result of the week was announced by Kamal Hassan and Kajal got the lesser number of votes and left the Bigg Boss house. Snehan and Aarav were once again saved by the people. Kajal’s rude character made her evicted from the Bigg Boss House and contestant felt that she is playing inside the Bigg boss house without interest.

Kaajal Pasupathi

Kaajal Pasupathi

New Entry: Harathi and Julie

In the beginning of the week 10, there was a surprise visit of the evicted contestants Harathi and Julie. But people are quite disinterested on the entry of these contestants as they had voted and opted them out in the previous weeks. Bigg Boss said that they would stay for only a week but this news is not known by the housemates. We can see a few housemates not interested in the entry of the evicted contestants. Let’s see what happens this weekend and what are they going to do inside the Bigg Boss house.

Week 9

Eliminated: Raiza | Other Nominees – Vaiyapuri, Snehan

Raiza Wilson

Raiza Wilson

On this Saturday Kamal Sir announced that “Raiza” has been evicted outside the Bigg Boss House. The result was expected by the people and there was no big suspense. And this time the eviction process has done quite different, that Raiza has been called to confession room by Kamal sir and he told her to come directly to the stage from the confession room without informing to the other housemates. After a conversation with Raiza, Kamal Sir showed her to the housemates that she has been evicted already. Housemates felt shocked and wished her for a great future. Vaiyapuri and Snehan were once again saved by the people.

After Raiza’s eviction, Kamal sir had a surprise discussion with the previously evicted contestants Gayathri, Bharani, Julie, Harathi, and Shakthi. He just asked how was their life after Bigg Boss Tamil and viewers got interesting answers. Kamal Sir once again advised people not to waste their anger on these people as they are one of our family mates rather said people to use their anger on politicians who commit mistakes and mislead the state. You could see such an anger and boldness when Kamal sir made that statement.

Finally, he asked these evicted contestants whether they are willing to enter the Bigg Boss House if a second chance was given. Except for Gayathri and Shakthi, everyone was willing to re-enter the Bigg Boss House. So we could expect a re-entry on Monday and most probably it would be Harathi as her voice is clearly understandable in the promo on the Sunday’s episode. Let’s see how this is going to change the game’s flow.

Week 8

Eliminated: Gayathri | Other Nominees – Raiza

Bigg Boss Vote

Gayathri Raghuram

On Saturday the voting result of the week was announced by Kamal Hassan and Gayathri Raghuram has been eliminated from the show by public voting. Similar to Shakthi, as we all know that the result was expected by the people and even the housemates in Bigg Boss house have not shocked about the eviction. Raiza was once again saved from the public voting. Let us see what happens for this week and who is gonna be in danger zone for the week.

Week 7

Eliminated: Shakthi | Other Nominees – Raiza, Arav, Ganesh, Snehan and Bindhu Madhavi

Bigg Boss Vote

Trigger Shakthi

On this Saturday Kamal Sir announced that “Trigger Shakthi” has been evicted outside the Bigg Boss House. The result was expected by the people and there was no big suspense except for Gayathri who was very worried for Shakthi’s eviction. If Gayathri wasn’t saved by the Bigg Bos on the last day of voting the result would have been different. On a final note, Kamal Sir announced that there would be a surprise entry this week.

Week 6

Eliminated: Juliana | Other Nominees – Oviya, Vaiyapuri 

Bigg Boss Vote


On Saturday the voting result of the week was announced by Kamal Hassan and Juliana got the lesser number of votes and left the Bigg Boss house. Vaiyapuri was once again saved from the people even though he was continuously willing to get out from the house.

Oviya – Left Out

Bigg Boss Vote


Oviya couldn’t handle her stress made by the other contestants especially Arav. She was madly in love with Arav and suddenly Arav started departing away from her which drowned her completely. And her activities and behavior began to change and finally, she fell down in the swimming pool to hurt herself. She was then given counseling and finally left the house. Although she left Bigg Boss House her fan following and love from the audience didn’t lessen a bit.

Week 5

Eliminated: No Eviction | Other Nominees – Oviya, Arav and Julie

In the end of week 4 (July 23rd) Kamal Hassan has said an information that there will be no eviction for the week 5. This is said only to us and not for the contestants and thus they are left as usual for the weekly eviction nomination process. Thus the Oviya, Arav, and Julie got nominated by the housemates. Let us see what happens for this week and who is gonna be in danger zone for the week. And as expected Juliana has got the least number of votes for the week but saved as there is no eviction for the week.

As a surprise for all a new contestant is added into the Bigg Boss House which is actress Bindhu Madhavi. The contestant was carried in a chariot into the Bigg Boss House to amaze the contestants. We have to wait till next week to see how the other contestants are getting along with Bindhu Madhavi.


Eliminated: Namitha | Other Nominees – Oviya, Ganesh Venkatraman

In the week 4 of the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1, Namitha has been eliminated from the show by public voting. Oviya and Ganesh Venkatram were also present in the competition. The voting started on July 16th and ended on July 23rd. As announced by host Kamalahasan, Oviya and Ganesh Venkatram got the higher number of votes when compared to Namitha. Thus Namitha got eliminated from the Bigg Boss.




Eliminated: Harathi | Other Nominees – Juliana, Oviya, Vaiyapuri

In the week 3 of the Bigg Boss Season 1, Harathi has been eliminated from the show by public voting. Oviya, Vaiyapuri, and Juliana were also present in the competition. The voting started on July 10th and ended on July 15th. As announced by host Kamalahasan, Oviya got the higher number of votes as similar to the Week 2 of this season.




Bharani – Left Out

In spite of having huge support from the audience in the week 2 eviction, Bharani couldn’t withstand the hindrance given by the other contestants. Thus he decided to quit the Bigg Boss show and climbed the wall to escape which is completely against the Bigg Boss rules. Thus Bharani got eliminated from the Bigg Boss.



Eliminated: Ganja Karuppu | Other Nominees – Oviya, Bharani

After the elimination of Anuya, Ganja Karuppu got eliminated in week 2 of this season. Oviya got the highest number of votes, followed by Bharani and Ganja Karuppu got the least number of votes in public voting. The reason everyone says is his misbehaviour during the fight with Bharani.

Ganja Karuppu

Ganja Karuppu


Eliminated – Anuya | Other Nominees – Juliana, Shree

Anuya was present in the week 1 eviction and got the lesser number of votes in public voting. As Anuya seemed to mingle very less with the other contestants and her usage of Tamil language is very less, she got lesser votes and got eliminated.

Anuya Bhagvath

Anuya Bhagvath

Sri – Left Out

Sri who seemed to be uncomfortable right from the first day of the show. So he left the Bigg Boss House very soon. He has some medical issues also and so he less interacted with the other contestants, so left the show.





Sri is an Indian Actor who has performed in several Kollywood movies. Started his career in Kana Kaanum Kaalangal serial in Vijay Television and made debut in a movie Vazhakku Enn 18/9. The success of his latest film ‘Maanagaram’ made him one of the leading heroes in Kollywood. Sri is a contestant of Bigg Boss (2017) Tamil first season.

Status: Left Out

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote



Anuya Bhagvath is an Indian Actress and model who has appeared in few Kollywood movies. She made her Tamil debut in Siva Manasula Sakthi with Jeeva and became popular. This second contestant did not know the names of quite a few actors who later entered the house. Anuya is a contestant of Bigg Boss Tamil season.

Status: Eliminated

Anuya Bhagvath

Anuya Bhagvath


Vaiyapuri is a Tamil film actor who mostly plays as a comedian in Kollywood movies. He has acted with Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, Vijay, and Ajith happily entered the house. Vaiyapuri is a contestant of Bigg Boss Tamil season.

Status: Eliminated




Gayathri Raguram is an Indian actress and choreographer of South Indian movies mostly in Tamil. Her father Dance Master Raghuram, who is the legendary choreographer of Kollywood. She has directed a movie ‘Yaathumaagi Nindral’. Gayathri is one among the contestant of Bigg Boss Tamil season.

Status: Eliminated

Gayathri Raghuram

Gayathri Raghuram


Bharani is an Indian actor who performed in supporting roles in Tamil movies. He played as a comedian in many Kollywood movies and has done a lot of supporting roles in films. Also participated in Achcham Thavir game show on the same channel. He is also a contestant on Bigg Boss Tamil First Season.

Status: Left Out




Raiza Wilson is an Indian model and finalist contestant of Miss India and crowned HICC Femina Miss South Beautiful Smile. Young Raiza is totally new to the Tamil audience and let’s wait to see the response of the audience. She is a contestant on Bigg Boss Tamil season.


Raiza Wilson

Raiza Wilson


Snehan is a Tamil lyricist, motivational speaker, Poem writer, and also an actor in Kollywood. He has written more than 200+ songs in Tamil movies. Let us see is there another side to him that will come out in the show? He is one among the contestant of Bigg Boss Tamil season in Vijay Television.

Status: Safe




Oviya, the ‘Kalavani’ fame has appeared in few Tamil language movies, made her debut in Kangaroo in 2007. She is also the contestants of Bigg Boss Tamil Reality show in Vijay Television.

Status: Left Out




Arathi is an Indian movie Actress, Serial Artist, and Host in some shows. She started her profession as a child artist and acted in many television serial and shows. She chose to be in this show only for her father and wants to see her living without him. She is also a contestant on Vijay TV Bigg Boss Tamil season.

Status: Eliminated




Ganja Karuppu also called as Karuppu Raja is a comedian in Tamil cinema who is believed to add Nativity in the show. He has performed in Tamil films like Raam, Paruthiveeran, Subramaniyapuram, Naadodigal, Kalavani and more. He was more than happy to be in the house without cell phones which he said are the one that creates troubles. He is a contestant on Vijay TV Bigg Boss Tamil season.

Status: Eliminated

Ganja Karuppu

Ganja Karuppu


Aarav is an Indian model and has performed in Vijay Antony’s Saithan movie. He has acted in more than 100+ television commercials. This would be a great opportunity for him to make his mark in Kollywood. Now he is also a contestant on Vijay TV Bigg Boss Tamil reality show.

Status: Nominated for this week




Juliana, the Jallikattu protests fame girl was a shocking and interesting choice among the other celebrities in the Bigg Boss house. She was prominently known for her impression during Jallikattu Protest in Marina beach. She made an entry to Vijay television with Bigg Boss reality show.

Status: Eliminated




Ganesh Venkatraman is an Indian Model and actor who has performed in Kollywood and Bollywood movies. Ganesh has shared screen space with Kamal Haasan in Unnaipol Oruvan. He is the winner of Gladrags Mr. India 2003 and represented India in Mr. World 2004. He has also featured in Tamil television as host and now he is a contestant in Bigg Boss Tamil Season.

Status: Nominated for this week

Ganesh Venkatraman

Ganesh Venkatraman


Shakthi is also known as Shakthi Vasudevan, an Indian actor who appears in Tamil movies. He surprised the audience by saying that his real name was Prashanth Vasu and changed his name to Sakthivel before he made his entry into films. The reason for changing his name was very interesting. He got the inspiration from Kamal, who played Sakthivel in Devar Magan. “I am a Kamal Veriyan,” says Sakthi, son of prominent Kollywood Director P. Vasu. He is also the contestant of Vijay TV Bigg Boss Tamil first season.

Status: Eliminated

Shakthi Vasudevan

Shakthi Vasudevan


Namitha is an Indian Actress and Model who has appeared in a lot of South Indian movies. She was a contestant of Miss India 2001 pageant. It looked like even Kamal Haasan wasn’t aware of her entry in the show. The actress, who recently has taken to spirituality, said that the reason she chose to be on the show was to change the image of hers among the public. She is also the contestant of Bigg Boss Tamil Reality Show.

Status: Eliminated




Bindhu Madhavi is a South Indian film actress who made her debut in Telugu film industry. Initially, she started her career doing modelling and acting in television advertisements. Later Sekhar Kammula noted her talent and gave her a chance to act in his film Avakai Biryani. And after that Cheran brought her to Tamil for his film Pokkisham (2009). She has made many notable films in Tamil and that fame has brought her into the Bigg Boss show as a re entry after two years. Let us see how Bindhu is going to utilize this big opportunity.

Status: Nominated for this week




Suja Varunee is an Indian film actress who made her debut in Tamil film industry. She started her career as a child artist and made her debut in 2004 in a Tamil movie. She has featured in a few Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, and Malayalam movies. When she was doing her 8th grade she got an offer as a female lead in a film titled as Plus Two and after a long break, she was requested to do a dance in a successful film Varnajalam. Suja Varunee enters the Bigg Boss House as a wild card contestant on the 53rd day. So that she knows about the tactics of the game and there is more chance for here to win the title. She is the second person to enter as a Bigg Boss Tamil new contestant for this week.

Status: Eliminated

Suja Varunee

Suja Varunee


Harish Kalyan is an Indian film actor who has predominantly appeared in Tamil films. He made his debut in the film Sindhu Samaveli. He played a lead role in Poriyaalan and Vil Ambu produced by director Suseenthiran. He enters the Bigg Boss House on 54th day as the new contestant. He is the third person to enter as a Bigg Boss Tamil new contestant for this week.

Status: Nominated for this week

Harish Kalyan

Harish Kalyan


Kaajal Pasupathi is a supporting actress in Tamil movies. She made her debut in the Tamil film Dishyum, directed by Sasi. She also acted with well-known actors like Surya, Vivek, Jayam Ravi. She has appeared in successful films like SingamSubramaniapuram, and Vellore Maavattam. She enters the Bigg Boss House on 55th day as the new contestant. She is the fourth person to enter as a Bigg Boss Tamil new contestant for this week.

Status: Eliminated

Kaajal Pasupathi

Kaajal Pasupathi


A Complete list of Bigg Boss Tamil rules and regulations is given below. The Vijay TV telecasts this show from Monday to Friday at 9 PM and Saturday and Sunday at 8.30 PM. You can also watch the show online on

  • The total number of 15 participants called as ‘Housemates’ will have to live 100 days in a purposely built house and are restricted from outside world.
  • The contestant will not be allowed to use any devices like Mobile, Television, the Internet, Social media and phone calls. They should not know about the outside happenings.
  • The show will be conducted for 3 Months that is 100 days, and there are 30 cameras fixed in the entire house to monitor the contestant’s activities.
  • Every week, Housemates should nominate two of the other participants for eviction, From that, the housemate who gets the most number of nomination will have to go for the public response by voting.
  • The contestants who got less number of the votes from the public will leave the house.
  • At last, three contestants will be remaining, and the voting poll will be conducted to select the winner.
  • In the Indian version of Bigg Boss, celebrities are chosen as contestants and no general public are involved.

Click here for Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online | How to Vote | Elimination Details



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  7. susan

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    my vote for Snehan he is helping minded

    • Nag

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      Please vote for Aarav ,if he win Oviya will be happy


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    My vote only bindhu

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    Ennaya poll nadathuringa harishku pota ganeshku adhigamaadhu pongayaa summaaa

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    arav is best perfomer vote is arav

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    Vote arav

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    Oviya army. What are u guys doing….. oviya went out coz of stupid Arav…. then y u guys save arav ….. he Is a play boy…..

  15. jayaraman.s

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    Everyone must support to Snehan, why because, he is good and he promises to spend total money for village people for library

    • susan

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      ur right

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    I support arav….

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    Arav deserves the title. He is genuine.

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  22. annetheresexavier

    September 22, 2017 at 12:16 PM

    Biggboss please read this and listen why for all the tasks you gave Ganesh and Suja together. This is very unfair. As Ganesh is like a Torga . Please see this is very unfair.

    • shashi kumar

      September 24, 2017 at 8:25 PM

      real star.. harish Kumar

  23. Padmini

    September 21, 2017 at 10:44 PM

    I find that Ganesh venkatraman have a special respect towards woman especially while playing games he treats equally every player to win the game. He wins by heart rather than by points. You can see clearly how he share his points for suja. Winning the game is easy but not the fame!

    • JN

      September 26, 2017 at 11:26 AM

      Yes. Very correct. Real people very difficult to live with the clever people. Ganesh is amazing personality.

      • Tilagavathi

        September 29, 2017 at 7:50 PM

        Yap I agree

  24. annetheresexavier

    September 21, 2017 at 9:43 PM

    Send Rowdy Suja out. Avavum avada mogarakattayum. Avavukku .

    • sasi

      September 21, 2017 at 9:51 PM

      Hey ammalaoakka, vesamagan pombala na kevalama oai. Suja greatest contestant da

  25. oviya

    September 20, 2017 at 3:45 PM

    oviya come back plzzzzzzzzzzzz…………………………….


    September 20, 2017 at 2:54 PM

    Ur Voting system is Rigged.
    Ur system is not displaying the votes correctly cos Suja’s vote goes from 19.03% – 19.02%
    How can someone’s vote decrease?
    U are manuplating the people.
    It’s mere Eye Wash

    • Harish Kumar Periyasamy

      September 20, 2017 at 4:00 PM

      This voting system works with a total of 100. so if a person’s vote increase, someone else decreases. Count all the percentage, you will get a total of 100. Thank you.

    • Krishna

      September 27, 2017 at 11:03 AM

      Very true bro this blog wants to show arav is winner when we enter voter for snehan it’s getting increased in arav.fake fake

  27. Vasanthraju

    September 19, 2017 at 6:27 AM

    Pls dont vote vor suja .she is acting as innocent

    • Annetherese Xavier

      September 20, 2017 at 10:32 AM

      I agree with you. Should send her out. She is a fighting cock. Gayathri is 100 times better than this woman.


      September 20, 2017 at 2:58 PM

      Speak for urself
      Don’t instigate others.

      • Annetheresexavier

        September 21, 2017 at 9:39 AM

        I think you are a supporter of Suja. The way shout she shouted at Snehan when he was playing balloon game not to touch her. Is it good to go and hug Ganesh all the time and hang on Harish and Aarav?

    • sasi

      September 21, 2017 at 9:46 PM

      Poada potta punda nalla fighter oruthiya veliya anuppa virumbura ammala oakka

  28. Sanaa

    September 18, 2017 at 11:55 PM

    Please bigg boss eliminate snehan is not suitable for the bigg boss home and he is not fair

  29. shahul hameed

    September 15, 2017 at 3:36 PM

    please out from the bigg boss home suja and snehan

  30. Mellita

    September 15, 2017 at 1:41 AM

    In the car game housemates were asked to nominate one person inside the car and everybody nominated she dn gt out of the car.the decision of housemates was not respected and also was not given importance.big boss shud hav askd sujja to move out of the whn housemates supported suja , big boss agreed and declared suja as the winner.when the game was over everybody surrounded suja.nobody spoke to snehan though vaiyapuri and bindu were standing near snehan.when ganesh prepared the food he said suja stood for almost 40hrs in the car and the gave her the food.then wat abt snehan he also stood the same 40hrs.this was very unfair….when suja was talking to snehan in the car , the reasons she gav to win the task is really not acceptable.this message should reach kamal sir pls. Do justice to snehan

    • ajees

      September 20, 2017 at 2:31 AM

      good to say

    • Annetheresexavier

      September 20, 2017 at 10:49 AM

      I agree with you. When Suja was nominated by all housemates she should have got down from the car. . If Snehan rested his leg on the footboard what about she rested her whole body on the car. Ganesh is also supporting Suja from the beginning. Is that fair with Biggboss? When she was evicted also Biggboss saved her by keeping in a room separately. But in the beginning she said she is scared of devil and a person like that. How did she stayed alone. All cunning and bullshit. At least we have given our votes please biggboss send her out. There is another question if she can be saved after eviction by keeping her in separate room why couldn’t they do that for Vaiyapuri?

    • Vijeletchumi S T Kasi

      September 27, 2017 at 10:59 AM

      Mellita you are absolutely right. There was no justice given to Snehan in the car task game. Hope Bigg Boss team will not play cheat and give justice to the real winner who deserves the title. It is SNEHAN,

  31. deena

    August 28, 2017 at 8:43 AM

    Aarthi & julie must not cm again this 2will not change in there life so pls bb dont tell them to cm, bharani can cm

  32. Abi

    August 26, 2017 at 7:31 AM

    Raiza Plz out of the bigg boss home

  33. vellu

    August 25, 2017 at 4:32 PM

    Feel real sad, people can vote 4 .maniac Snehan. What sin did Raiza commit? U all hate her 4 her passion 2 sleep n make-up. OK, happy molesting! Bigg Boss n VJ tv.

  34. prabhu

    August 24, 2017 at 7:37 AM

    bigg boss please come back for oviya please ??????????????

    • vineosha

      September 14, 2017 at 8:02 PM

      Shehan are winning this bigg boss game… I wish snehan all the best

  35. Vijay

    August 23, 2017 at 12:34 PM

    In Bigg Boss, did you see there was a Bigg Base? That was Cow3, that is Gaythree!!

  36. Shiva

    August 22, 2017 at 10:00 PM

    Bigg boss idiot Why are you saving arav and the task u gave its bulshit and not fare for new contestants and how dare u gave arav to choose them n they three came equal n the fish arav chose suja because she supports oviya right u bigg boss u r playing for ur cunt gay3 n trp right play it by following equal rights ok I really hate n stop watching ur programming

  37. Madhu madhu

    August 22, 2017 at 9:29 PM

    Shall I participat this show?


    August 19, 2017 at 1:11 PM

    Res BIGG BOSS,
    Yes we nee to throw gayathri,from bigg boss to home.and vaiyaburi is also similar.bcuz he is over acting in bigg boss home.all the time he told, “i hate this home-pls send pls send pls send’.

  39. haridass

    August 18, 2017 at 9:56 PM

    hi im from Malaysia i think its time to say good bye to gayathri…she is not a person can keep everyone together even its a game plan but the way she move is un-acceptable..she make everyone look stupid..if she stays here need some like saroja akka to teach her lesson

  40. Serena

    August 18, 2017 at 5:50 AM

    Send gaythiri out
    By keeping her in the house Big Boss is going to be loosing more that a thousand people each day.
    A kindly request to bring priya from kalian am mudhal kadhal varai into the big boss house as I am a huge fan of her.

  41. Lakshmi

    August 16, 2017 at 9:50 PM

    Because of Gayathri one by one going mad which is really unfair. I dont understand why housemates use word called ”’Kolandha manasu”, may be they dono the meaning Lollll:-) I think Kamal sir should explain them.

  42. devi

    August 16, 2017 at 11:59 AM

    pls raiza out of the bigg boss home

    • deva

      August 25, 2017 at 1:35 PM


  43. Manju

    August 15, 2017 at 8:47 PM

    Please send Gayathri home. She is big trouble maker. And hot temper. Her attitude is sacks.

  44. Kowsik Rishi

    August 15, 2017 at 4:37 PM

    Miss Oviya was the biggest attraction of Bigg boss show — Ever since Miss Oviya quit the show — I hope vijay TV realised that viewer population of bigg boss show has gone down — We suggest to bring in Oviya and make sure Gaythri exit the show. Needless to say anything about Gaythri exit demand

  45. tamilanban

    August 15, 2017 at 11:46 AM

    we need to throw the gayathiri out of the big boss


    August 15, 2017 at 9:47 AM

    oviya army support raiza

  47. tamil

    August 15, 2017 at 2:29 AM

    Big boss its game take it like a game. But gayatri is Willi must go out

  48. S.T. Selvi

    August 8, 2017 at 2:46 PM

    This big boss is a show and it is being seen by crores of people. The activity of Oviya is not good. She should have come as a participant and left as a participant. No love scenes as lovers should have been done when you say that big boss is a family. Big Boss should have warned it in the first day itself. Many children are watching. The media is the which should teach lessons for the wrong ones. Keeping for Oviya for so long based on vote system shows that how public are changing for boy girls love. Please in future put conditions love should be as a brother and sister not as boy/girl friend leaving in kisses and vulgar huggings.

    • haridass

      August 18, 2017 at 10:08 PM

      i think your statement “keeping for Oviya for so long based on vote system shows that how public are changing for boy girls love. Please in future put conditions love should be as a brother and sister not as boy/girl friend leaving in kisses and vulgar huggings.” you might be can say if its been telecast..and for your concern its a game when you say FAMILY all this scenario will be at all families..if you say the this is the one makes our generations go wrong its un-acceptable

    • Dhamu

      August 18, 2017 at 10:41 PM

      Nice message it ill changing most of persons thinking of life ? it need to reach more persons to spread awarness for love and emotions

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Colors Tamil Channel | List of Programs, Serials, Reality Shows, Timings and More




Colors Tamil

Colors Tamil is an upcoming Indian General Entertainment Channel that primarily broadcasts Tamil entertainment shows. Viacom 18 Media Pvt owned the Colors Tamil channel after 7 languages including Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Bengali, and Odia. As we said earlier, the channel aired across India and other countries in all leading DTH and cable platforms such as Sun Direct, Tata Sky, Airtel, DishTv and Videocon D2h. Significantly, the channel will also be available on Viacom18’s digital platform, Voot. According to Information and Broadcasting Ministry, the NXT channel was renamed as Colors Tamil and ZAP as Colors Tamil HD. The Colors Tamil channel was registered under the non-news category. The event was launched by the Sudhanshu Vats, Group CEO, Ravish Kumar, head – regional entertainment and Anup Chandrasekhar, business head in Chennai. The channel also announced actor Arya as its brand ambassador. Watch Colors Tamil TV Full Shows and Serials Online (HD) on Voot Colors Tamil. Check out below for Colors Tamil Channel | List of Programs, Serials, Reality Shows, Timings and More.

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Like Colors FB page

Colors Tamil

Colors Tamil

List of Programs broadcast by Colors Tamil

Colors Tamil Soap Opera

Serial NameTimings (IST)Original releaseGenre
Mon-Fri @ 18:30 (6:30pm)
20 February 2018
Martial Art
Naagini 2
நாகினி 2
Mon-Fri @ 19:00 (7:00pm)Supernatural
Mon-Fri @ 20:00 (8:00pm)Family
Mon-Fri @ 21:30 (9:30pm)Family
Kaakkum Deivam Kali
காக்கும் தெய்வம் காளி
Sat-Sun @ 19:00 (7:00 pm)
24 February 2018
Spiritual Drama
Chakravarthy ashokar
சக்கரவர்த்தி அசோகர்
Mon-Fri @ 12:30pmMythology
Spiritual Drama

Colors Tamil Reality Shows

Serial NameTimings (IST)Original releaseGenre
Enga Veetu Mapillai
எங்க வீட்டு மாப்பிள்ளை
20 February 2018 – 17 April 2018
Reality Show
Oru Kadhai Padattuma Sir
ஒரு கதை படட்டுமா சார்?
Mon-Fri @ 20:30
18 April 2018
Reality Show
Colors Super Kids
கலர்ஸ் சூப்பர் கிட்ஸ்
Sat-Sun @ 20:30
24 February 2018
Kinds Reality Show
Colors Tamil

Colors Tamil

Colors Tamil Channel Number

Tata Sky
Channel SD: 1555
Channel HD :
Dish TV
Channel: 1808
Airtel Digital TV
Channel: 778
Videocon d2h
Channel: 553
Channel: 647
Arasu Digital
Channel 108
Sun Direct
Channel 128

Colors Tamil Wiki

Owned byViacom 18
Picture format576i (SD), 1080i (HD)
Slogan“Idhu Namma Ooru Coloru”
“இது நம்ம ஊரு கலரு”
Replaced byNXT and ZAP
Brand AmbassadorArya
Launched Date19 February 2018


Velunachi is an inspirational story of a young girl who transforms herself into a strong woman carrying her father’s lineage in Silambattam.


Perazhagi is an uplifting drama that breaks the stereotype around skin color featuring a small girl who overcomes her insecurities to become a celebrity. The shows are about overcoming the hostile environment of the society and emerging triumphant in the end.

Colors Tamil

Colors Tamil


Sivagami is a transforming tale of courage of a single mother tackling conflicts in the society to bring up her daughter as a successful IPS officer.

Naagini 2

Naagini 2 is an Indian supernatural series.

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Kaakkum Deivam Kali

Kaakkum Deivam Kali is a Hindu mythological television show which is based on the story of Goddess Adi Shakti and focusing primarily on Parvati and Mahakali and on her other incarnations and manifestations.

Enga Veetu Mapillai

The show Enga Veetu Maapillai will be the highlight of the channel where actor Arya will hunt for his ideal match. In over 40 episodes, the show will telecast the search for his perfect bride. During the channel’s launch, dignitaries representing Colors Tamil stated around 7000 applications were received for the Mapillai Arya website with a majority of them being doctors.

Colors Tamil

Colors Tamil

Arya revealed he will choose a perfect woman on a genuine basis from the 16 applicants selected and this is now just some other show in his life.

Colors Super Kids

Colors Super Kids is a one of a kind talent show for children, offering them an equal and well-deserved platform to showcase their talents without the concept of competing against each other. The show is hosted by actor Shiva, who was a former radio jockey in Mirchi. Click here to know more about Colors Super Kids

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Chaya Singh Wiki, Biography, Age, Husband, Movies, Images



Chaya Singh is an Indian Actress. She began her acting career in Kannada films and has worked in various films in Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Telugu and Oriya films. She has the reputation of being very selective in her roles. Chaya Made her debut in her film Munnudi, and she went to do more films in Kannada including Haseena, which was directed by Girish Kasaravalli, That, which was a success. Dinesh Babu’s Chitte and Sai Prakash’s Rowdy Aliya. Check out below for Chaya Singh Wiki, Biography, Age, Husband, Movies, Images and More.

Chaya Singh wiki

Chaya Singh Images

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Chaya Singh Profile And Career

Chaya Singh was born on 16 May 1981, and Her parents are Gopal Singh and Chamanlata. She married a Tamil actor as well as top leading television actor Krishna of Deivamagal, in June 2012. Her parents were migrated from Uttar Pradesh to Karnataka before her birth. She belongs to the Rajput Family. She grew up in Bangalore. She has completed her schooling at Lourdes School, Bangalore. After having few chances in the Kannada Industry, she is migrated to the Tamil movies. Chaya Singh has become most famous in the Movie Thiruda Thirudi in Tamil, which gained her popularity for the song Manmadharasa. She acted in various films in different languages.

Chaya Singh wiki

Chaya Singh Images | Chaya Singh Husband

Chaya Singh Biography

NameChaya Singh
Real NameChaya Singh
NicknameChaya Singh
ProfessionIndian film actress
Date of Birth16 May 1981
Father NameGopal Singh
Mother NameChamanlata
Weight58 Kg
Educational QualificationYet to be updated
SchoolYet to be updated
CollegeYet to be updated
HobbiesWatching Tv, Cooking, Traveling
HometownBangalore, Karnataka, India
Husband NameKrishna
Current CityChennai, Tamilnadu, India

Chaya Singh Facebook: Yet to be updated

Chaya Singh Twitter:

Chaya Singh Instagram: Yet to be updated

Chaya Singh Movies list

2000MunnudiUnnisaKannadaNational Film Award for Best Film on Other Social Issues
2002Balagalittu Olage BaaKannada
2003Thiruda ThirudiVijayalakshmi (Viji)Tamil
2003Amma Appa ChellamNandhithaTamil
2003Mullavalliyum ThenmavumRajasreeMalayalam
2004ArulPonniTamilSpecial Appearance in “Marudha Malai Adivaaram” Song
2004Rowdy AliyaKannada
2005ThirupaachiTamilSpecial Appearance in “Kumbudu Pona Deivam” Song
2005Sakha SakhiVijiKannada
2008Vallamai TharayoNandithaTamil
2008Akasha GangeBeenaKannada
2008Simply kailawesomePaatu/Eeke/Venkamma/SuleKannadaShort Film
2010Anandhapurathu VeeduRevathy BalaTamil
2010Solli AdippenTamil
2012Ki Kore Bojhabo …TomakeSapnaBengaliAlso director
2014Idhu Kathirvelan KadhalVineethraTamil
2016Uyire UyireDivyaTamil
2017Power PaandiPremaTamil
2018Iravukku Aayiram KangalTamilFilming

Chaya Singh Television Show

  • Sarojini (Kannada)
  • Prema Kathegalu (Kannada)
  • Kanchana Ganga (Telugu)
  • Nagamma (Tamil)

Chaya Singh Images

Chaya Singh wiki

Chaya Singh Images

Chaya Singh wiki

Chaya Singh Images

Chaya Singh wiki

Chaya Singh Images

Chaya Singh wiki

Chaya Singh Images

Chaya Singh wiki

Chaya Singh Images | Chaya Singh Husband

Chaya Singh wiki

Chaya Singh Images | Chaya Singh Biography

Chaya Singh wiki

Chaya Singh Images | Chaya Singh movies list

Chaya Singh wiki

Chaya Singh Images | Chaya Singh Actress

Chaya Singh wiki

Chaya Singh Images | Chaya Singh Family

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Karthik Singer Wiki, Biography, Age, Wife, Songs List, Images



Karthik Singer wiki

Karthik is an Indian playback singer, who predominantly works in Tamil film industry as well as in other languages. In the beginning, he started his career as a backing vocalist and till now he is working as a playback singer. He has sung songs in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Odia, Bengali and Hindi as well. He made his debut Tamil song is “Adi Nenthikitten” for the movie Star, which is composed by A. R. Rahman and he has sung the song along with Chitra Sivaraman in the year 2001. Later he also has sung songs for various languages. Check out for Karthik Singer Wiki, Biography, Age, Wife, Songs List, Images.

Karthik Singer wiki

Karthik Singer Images

Read other Biographies: Sunidhi Chauhan | Praniti | Shweta Mohan | Benny Dayal | Anuradha Sriram

Karthik Singer Early Life and Career

Karthik Singer was born on 7 November 1980 in Tiruvarur, Tamil Nadu, India. Karthik Singer family is residing in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. His father Kumar and his mother Geetha. He developed his music interest in his early life as well, so he trained in Carnatic music vocalist from his school days. Moreover, he is the part of college band and he used to participate regularly in IIT Madras Fest Saarang. He is the ardent fan of A. R. Rahman and his ambition are to sing for him. Then with the help of singer Srinivas, he met A. R. Rahman with that he recommended his name for a song at the time in need of a fresh voice for backing vocalists for a song from Pukar. Later he spends some years as backing vocalists. In a case, for the background score, A. R. Rahman needed a high-pitched alap and at that time he eventually chose Karthik to sing the alap. Soon after, Rahman asked Karthik to sing the song “Nendhukittaen” from the film Star. Later he has sung numerous songs in different languages and grabbed more awards for his songs as well.

Karthik Singer wiki

Karthik Singer Images

Karthik has also composed music for multilingual Coca-Cola Advertisement and also for the Prince Jewellery advertisements. Moreover, he also appeared as a music director for the movie Aravaan which is directed by Vasanthabalan and the movie Okkadine which is directed by Srinivas Raga in Telugu. He also released some albums called “Music I Like“, which is entirely based on the Carnatic Ragaas. Then he also composed the song  ‘Koova’.

Karthik Singer Biography

Real NameKarthik
ProfessionPlayback Singer
Date of Birth7 November 1980
Zodiac signScorpio
Father NameKumar
Mother NameGeetha
Weight70 Kg
Educational QualificationMCA
SchoolYet to be Updated
CollegeYet to be Updated
HobbiesSinging, Reading, Lyrics writing
HometownTiruvarur, Tamil Nadu, India
Wife NameAmbika
Current CityChennai, Tamilnadu, India

Karthik Singer Facebook:

Karthik Singer Twitter:

Karthik Singer Instagram:

Karthik Singer Movies list

As Composer

2012Aravaan •Eka Veera
Okkadine •
2013Tamilselvanum Thaniyar Anjalum •Courier Boy Kalyan •

Karthik Singer Tamil Songs list

YearFilmSongMusic DirectorCo-Singer(s)
2001Star“Adi Nenthikitten”A. R. RahmanChitra Sivaraman
“Maddy Maddy”
Harris JayarajTippu
Manadhai Thirudivittai“Manja Kaattu Maina”Yuvan Shankar RajaSadhana Sargam
Majunu“Hari Gori”Harris JayarajTippu, Devan Ekambaram, Anuradha Sriram, Febi, Ganga
2002Alli Arjuna“Osaka Moraya”A. R. RahmanVasundhara Das
Azhagi“Oliyile Therivadhu”IlaiyaraajaBhavatharini
Baba“Maaya Maaya”
“Sakthi Kodu”
A.R.RahmanSujatha Mohan
Run“Theradi Veethiyil”VidyasagarManicka Vinayagam
Roja Kootam“Anna Saalaiyil.”BharathwajSolo
Bagavathi“July Malargale”DevaSadhana Sargam
Kadhal Sugamanathu“Adi Sugama Chudithare”Love Today ShivaSolo
University“Nenje Thullipo”Ramesh VinayakamSolo
Mounam Pesiyadhe“Aadatha Aattamellam”Yuvan Shankar RajaSolo
Kadhal Virus“Vaan Nila”A. R. RahmanSrinivas
2003Anbe Sivam“Anbe Sivam”VidyasagarKamal Haasan
Laysa Laysa“Aval Ulaga Azhagiye”Harris JayarajSolo
Parthiban Kanavu“Enna Seyya”
“Buck Buck Buck”
Kaakha Kaakha“Oru Ooril”Harris JayarajSolo
“Ale Ale”
“Break the Rules”
A. R. RahmanTippu, Timmy
Chitra Sivaraman
Kunal Ganjawala, Sunitha Sarathy, Anupama, George Peter
Thirumalai“Thaamthakka Dheemthakka”VidyasagarTippu
Enakku 20 Unakku 18“Yedho Yedho”A. R. RahmanGopika Poornima
“Puyale Puyale”
Harris JayarajSolo
Kangalal Kaidhu Sei“Anaarkali”A. R. RahmanChitra Sivaraman, Kadhir, Murtuza
Sullan“Kavidhai Iravu”VidyasagarK. S. Chitra
Perazhagan“Ambuli Mama”Yuvan Shankar RajaSolo
Aaytha Ezhuthu“Jana Gana Mana”
“Hey Goodbye Nanba”
A. R. RahmanA. R. Rahman
Shankar Mahadevan, Sunitha Sarathy, Lucky Ali
Madurey“Ice Katti”VidyasagarSayanora Philip
7G Rainbow Colony“Kanpesum Varthaigal”Yuvan Shankar RajaSolo
2005Chandramukhi“Annanoda Paattu”VidyasagarKK, Sujatha Mohan
Sachein“Dai Dai Kattikoda”Devi Sri PrasadSunitha Sarathy
Thotti Jaya“Uyire En Uyire”Harris JayarajAnuradha Sriram, Bombay Jayashree
Ghajini“Oru Maalai”Harris JayarajSolo
Sandakozhi“Gumthalakkadi Gaana”
“Mundasu Sooriyane”
Yuvan Shankar RajaRanjith
Palghat Sriram
2006Aadhi“Olli Olli Iduppay”VidyasagarAnuradha Sriram
Unakkum Enakkum“Un Paarvayil”Devi Sri PrasadSumangali
Vathiyar“Yennadi Muniyamma (Remix)”D. ImmanBlaaze
Thiruvilaiyaadal Aarambam“Madura Jilla”
“Ennamma Kannu”
D. ImmanKalpana
Veyil“Kadhal Neruppin”G. V. Prakash KumarChinmayi
2007Pachaikili Muthucharam“Karu Karu Vizhi”Harris JayarajKrish, Naresh Iyer
Mozhi“En Jannalil”VidyasagarSolo
Unnale Unnale“Unnale Unnale”Harris JayarajKrish, Harini
Majaa“Chi Chi Chi”VidyasagarHarini, Shankar Mahadevan, Savitha, Viji
Chennai 600028“Jalsa”Yuvan Shankar RajaRanjith, Tippu, Haricharan, Premgi Amaren
Polladhavan“Minnalgal Koothadum”G. V. Prakash KumarBombay Jayashree
Guru“Paisa Paisa”A. R. RahmanMadhushree
2008Bheema“Siru Paarvayale”Harris JayarajHarini
Yaaradi Nee Mohini“Oru Naalukul”Yuvan Shankar RajaRita
Jayamkondaan“Adaimazhai Kaalam”VidyasagarSolo
Jodhaa Akbar“Idhayam Idam Mariyadhe”A. R. RahmanK. S. Chitra
Kadhalil Vizhunthen“Un Thalaimudi”Vijay AntonyMaya, Nitish Gopalan
Vaaranam Aayiram“Ava Enna Enna”Harris JayarajSolo
2009Padikathavan“Kadavulum Kadhalum”Mani SharmaHarini
Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu“Pada Pada”
“Lesa Parakudhu”
V. SelvaganeshSolo
Yavarum Nalam“Chinna Kuyil Koovum”Shankar-Ehsaan-LoySolo
Ayan“Vizhi Moodi”Harris JayarajSolo
Aadhavan“Hasile Fisile”Harris JayarajHarini, Dr. Burn, Maya
Moscowin Kavery“Gore Gore”S. ThamanSuchitra
2010Aayirathil Oruvan“Oh Eesa”G. V. Prakash KumarAndrea Jeremiah
Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa“Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa”A. R. RahmanSolo
Paiyaa“Suthudhe Suthudhe Boomi”Yuvan Shankar RajaSunitha Sarathy
Sura“Siragadikkum Nilavu”Mani SharmaRita
Mandhira Punnagai“Satta Sada Sada”Vidhya SagarSwetha
Goripalayam“Enna Indha Maatramo”Sabesh-MuraliMadhumitha
Kadhalagi“Rojathottathil”A. R. RahmanBenny Dayal, Prashanthini
Raavanan“Usurae Pogudhey”A. R. RahmanSolo
Baana Kaathadi“Paithiyam Pidikudhu”Yuvan Shankar RajaSolo
Kaadhal Solla Vandhen“Anbulla Sandhya”Yuvan Shankar RajaSolo
Boss Engira Bhaskaran“Thathi Thaavum Paper Naan”Yuvan Shankar RajaSolo
“Sada Sada”
Thoonga Nagaram“Kalyanam Haha Haha(remix)”Sundar C BabuSolo
Kullanari Koottam“Vizhigalile”V. SelvaganeshChinmayi
Engeyum Kadhal“Lolita”
“Dhimu Dhimu”
Harris JayarajPrashanthini
180“Nee Korinal”SharrethSwetha Mohan
Venghai“Kaalangathale”Devi Sri PrasadSolo
Veppam“Kaatril Eeram”Joshua SridharSricharan
Mankatha“Balle Lakka”Yuvan Shankar RajaVijay Yesudas, Anusha Dayanidhi
Vanthaan Vendraan“Kanchana Mala”S. ThamanPriya Himesh
Vedi“Ippadi Mazhai”Vijay AntonySaindhavi
7aam Arivu“Mun Andhi”Harris JayarajMegha
Velayudham“Chillax”Vijay AntonyCharulatha Mani
Thambi Vettothi Sundaram“Kolaikaaraa”VidyasagarKalyani
2012Vettai“Dham Dham”Yuvan Shankar RajaKrish
Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi“Azhaipaya Azhaipaya”S. ThamanHarini
Aravaan“Oruvaan Iruvaan”HimselfSolo
Oru Kal Oru Kannadi“Adada Oru Devadhai”Harris JayarajSolo
Raattinam“Yele Yepulla”Manu RamesanChinmayi
Naan Ee“Veesum Velichathile”M. M. KeeravaniSahithi
Maalai Pozhudhin Mayakathilaey“En Uyire”AchuSolo
Maattrraan“Naani Koni”
“Yaaro Yaaro”
Harris JayarajVijay Prakash, Shreya Ghoshal
Priya Himesh
Thuppakki“Poi Varavaa”Harris JayarajChinmayi
Neethaane En Ponvasantham“Pudikale Maame”
“Kaatrai Konjam”
“Yennodu Vaa Vaa”
IlaiyaraajaSuraj Jagan
2013Alex Pandian“Thaka Thayya”Devi Sri PrasadKarthi, Santhanam
Moondru Per Moondru Kaadhal“Mazhai Mazhai”Yuvan Shankar RajaSwetha Mohan
David“Mannamey”Prashant PillaiSolo
Settai“Arjuna Arjuna”S. ThamanSuchitra
Thillu Mullu“Ragangal Padhinaru”Yuvan Shankar Raja
M. S. Viswanathan
Pattathu Yaanai“Enna Oru Enna Oru”S. ThamanSolo
Ambikapathy“Parakka Seivaai”A. R. RahmanMili Nair
Irandaam Ulagam“Kanimozhiye”Harris JayarajSolo
Arrambam“En Fuse Pochu”Yuvan Shankar RajaRamya NSK
Endrendrum Punnagai“Ennatha Solla”Harris JayarajHaricharan
Pannaiyarum Padminiyum“Kaadhal Vandhaacho”Justin PrabhakaranPrashanthini
2014Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal“Maelae Maelae”Harris JayarajSolo
Pulivaal“Neelangarayil”N. R. RaghunanthanShreya Ghoshal
Jeeva“Ovvundraai Thirudugiraai”D. ImmanBhavya Pandit
Manja Pai“Sattena”N. R. RaghunanthanSolo
Megha“Enna Vendum”IlaiyaraajaPriyadarshini
Bramman“Un Kannai Parthale”Devi Sri PrasadM. M. Manasi
2015Isai“Adho Vaanile Nila”S. J. SuryahChinmayi
Yennai Arindhaal“Mazhai Vara Pogudhe”Harris JayarajEmcee Jesz
O Kadhal Kanmani“Aye Sinamika”A. R. RahmanA. R. Rahman
O Kadhal Kanmani“Parandhu Sella Vaa”A. R. RahmanShashaa Tirupati
Massu Engira Maasilamani“Naan Aval Illai”Yuvan Shankar RajaChinmayi
Inimey Ippadithaan“Inimey Ippadithaan”Santosh Kumar DayanidhiSolo
Baahubali“Pachchai Thee”M. M. KeeravaniDamini
Orange Mittai“Theeraadhae Aasaigal”Justin PrabhakaranSolo
Urumeen“Siru Nadai”Achu RajamaniSolo
2016Gethu“Adiyae Adiyae”Harris JayarajShalini
Kanithan“Modern Ponnathan”SivamaniRuna Sivamani, Blaaze
Bangalore Naatkal“Naan Maati Konden”Gopi SundarSolo
Sethupathi“Hawa Hawa”Nivas K. PrasannaSaindhavi
Oyee“Thendral Varum Vazhiyil”IlaiyaraajaSolo
Gopi SundarSolo
Oru Naal Koothu“Patta Podunga Ji”Justin PrabhakaranPadmalatha & Nelson Venkatesan
Jackson Durai“Yethetho”Siddharth VipinSolo
Adhagappattathu Magajanangalay“Yaenadi”D. ImmanShreya Ghoshal

Karthik Singer Telugu songs list

YearFilmSongMusic Director
2018Malli RaavaChinukuShravan Bharadwaj
2017Ninnu KoriUnnattundi GundeyGopi Sunder
2016Okka Ammayi ThappaDruvam DruvamMickey J Meyer
Drishya kavyamBramhamokkadePranam Kamalakar K
Vennello Hai HaiTholi Choopuke Ne Padipoya
Subhame Sumame
Seethamma Andalu Ramayya SitraluOkko NakshatramGopi Sunder
PremamPrema PuseneGopi Sunder
AbhinetriAakasham Lo RangulanniVishal Mishra
Jo AchyutanandaAakupachanni ChandamamalaKalyan Koduri
JakkannaNijangaDinesh Kanagaratnam
GentlemanGusa Gusa LadeMani Sharma
BrahmotsavamAata PaatalaaduMickey J Meyer
SupremeAnjaneyudu NeevaduSai Karthik
SarrainoduAthiloka SundariS. Thaman
OopiriOka Life
Gopi Sunder
Abbayitho AmmayiMaatallo CheppaleniIlaiyaraaja
Nenu SailajaEm ChepanuDevi Sri Prasad
A AaYellipoke Shyamala
Anasuya Kosam
Mickey J Meyer
2015AkhilPadessavaeAnup Rubens
ShivamShivam ShivamDevi Sri Prasad
2014Power (2014 Telugu film)ChampesindeeS. Thaman
RabhasaHawa HawaS. Thaman
Sikandar (2014 film)Thanu GoranthaYuvan Shankar Raja
Alludu SreenuNeeli Neeli KanulonaDevi Sri Prasad
DrushyamPrathi Roju Pandaga RojeSharreth
Ra Ra KrishnayyaHero HeroAchu Rajamani
Rowdy (2014 film)Nee Meeda OttuSai Karthik
VarnaTholi Merupa
Paalalle(Guest voice)
Harris Jayaraj
PotugaduDevathaAchu Rajamani
Nenem…Chinna Pillana?Kallalo NuvveM. M. Srilekha
YevaduNee JathagaDevi Sri Prasad
2013TadakhaSubhanallahS. Thaman
ActionSwathi Muthyapu JallulaloBappi Lahiri
ParkGunde Sadi
First Time
M. M. Srilekha
Intinta AnnamayyaNarayanaya
Venkatadri Samam
Chandamama Raavo
Telisithe Moksham
MM Keeravani
Sri Jagadguru Aadi SankaraOm NamashivayaNag Srivatsa
Bad BoyThaka ThayyaDevi Sri Prasad
RacePrapanchameVivek Sagar
Mr. PellikodukuO Meri Siri SiriS. A. Rajkumar
3G LoveEe Kala ElaSekhar Chandra
OkkadineSeethakoka Nachave
Hola Hola
Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle ChettuYem Cheddam
Vana Chinukulu
Mickey J Meyer
2012Ko Antey KotiAagipoShaktikanth Karthik
Yamudiki MoguduJhanak JhanakKoti
Yeto Vellipoyindhi ManasuYenthentha Dooram
Nachaledhu Maava
Routine Love StoryVela Talukutaarale
Nee Varasa Neede
Mickey J Meyer
DhamarukamAruna DhavalaDevi Sri Prasad
ThuppakkiMari SelavikaHarris Jayaraj
Bus StopRekkalochina PremaJ.B
LuckyNee Mounam
Sariga Choosthe
Sai Karthik
BrothersRani Nanni
Yevaro Yevaro
Harris Jayaraj
RebelDeepaliRaghava Lawrence
Life Is BeautifulEmundoMickey J Meyer
Ok OkKalala Oka DevatheHarris Jayaraj
Uu Kodathara? Ulikki Padathara?Anuragame HaaratulaayeBobo Shashi
Tuneega TuneegaDhigu Dhigu Jabili
Ahista Ahista
Karthik Raja
Gabbar SinghDilse DilseDevi Sri Prasad
Ninnu Choosthe Love VasthundiLolita
Harris Jayaraj
Mr. NookayyaPista Pista
No Money No Honey
Yuvan Shankar Raja
EkaveeraVeera VeeraKarthik
Poola RangaduNuvve NuvveAnoop Rubens
NippuNena NinnuS. Thaman
Love FailureInthajare InthajareS. Thaman
SMS (Siva Manasulo Sruthi)Idhi NijameyV. Selvaganesh
BodyguardYevvaroS. Thaman
2011PriyuduChaitramaMohan Jona
Oh My FriendOh Oh My FriendRahul Raj
Eppudu Nee Roopamlo
Babu Shankar
7th SenseMutyala DharaniHarris Jayaraj
Pilla ZamindarOopiri AdadhuSelvaganesh
Adara Adara
S. Thaman
Vachadu GelichaduAndala BalaS. Thaman
Nidhure Chedire
Joshua Sridhar
MugguruGilli Gilli
DhadaGodava GodavaDevi Sri Prasad
KandireegaChampakamalaS. Thaman
Naa Peru ShivaManase GuvvaiYuvan Shankar Raja
SegaPadham VidichiJoshua Sridhar
180Nee MaataloSharreth
VeeraChitti Chitti
S. Thaman
Mr. PerfectBadhulu ThochaniDevi Sri Prasad
Vastadu Naa RajuYedho YedhoMani Sharma
Anaganaga O DheeruduChandamamalaMickey J Meyer
MirapakayAdigora Choodu
Gadi Thalapula
S. Thaman
2010RagadaBholo Astalakshmi
Em Pillo Yapillo
S. Thaman
OrangeChilipigaHarris Jayaraj
BrindavanamNijamenaS. Thaman
KhalejaMakathika MayaMani Sharma
Thakita ThakitaManase Ato ItoBobo Shashi
VillainUsure PoyeneA. R. Rahman
AwaraChuttesai BhoomiYuvan Shankar Raja
Maro CharitraPrema Prema
Ye Teega Puvvuno (Theme)
Mickey J Meyer
U & IU & IKarthik.M
Sneha GeethamOka Snehame
Sunil Kashyap
Bheemili Kabaddi JattuPada PadaV. Selvaganesh
Jhummandi NaadamBalamaniM. M. Keeravani
VedamVedamM. M. Keeravani
ChalakiEdo JarigandanteV. Harikrishna
Rama Rama Krishna KrishnaRama Rama Krishna Krishna
Yehe Lera Chanti
M. M. Keeravani
PrasthanamNee RendalloMahesh Shankar
VaruduRelare RelareMani Sharma
Maro CharitraPrema PremaMickey J Meyer
SadhyamAsalemaindheChinni Charan
Ye Maaya ChesaveSwaasye
Namo VenkatesaNon StopDevi Sri Prasad
2009AnjaneyuluOlammyS. Thaman
BindaasEntamma Entamma
Girija Girija
Bobo Shashi
Bendu Apparao R.M.PSukumari ChinnadhiKoti
Ek NiranjanSameeraMani Sharma
GaneshChalo ChaloreS. Thaman
Telupu Rang
S. Thaman
JoshNeetho VunteSandeep Chowta
KickI Don’t Want Love
Gore Gore
S. Thaman
KurraduEmantaveAchu Rajamani
MahatmaEmjaruguthondhiVijay Antony
Malli MalliMagic MagicS. Thaman
OySaradagaYuvan Shankar Raja
ShankamMahalakshmiS. Thaman
Villagelo VinayakuduNeeli MeghamaManikanth Kadri
2008Avakai BiryaniAdigadigoManikanth Kadri
Hare RamLalijo
Sariga Padani
Mickey J Meyer
KantriAmmahaMani Sharma
Kotha Bangaru LokamNijanga NenenaMickey J Meyer
ReadyGet ReadyDevi Sri Prasad
SouryamHello MissMani Sharma
Surya S/O KrishnanAdhi NanneHarris Jayaraj
Ullasamga UtsahamgaNaa PremaG. V. Prakash Kumar
VaanaAkasha Ganga
Yeduta Niluchundhi Choodu
Mano Murthy
2007AataHoynaDevi Sri Prasad
Aadavari Matalaku Arthale VeruleNaa Manasuki
Manasa Maninchamma
Yuvan Shankar Raja
AthidhiKhiladi KoonaMani Sharma
BheemaKanu ChoopulathoHarris Jayaraj
BharaniSayya Sayya SayyareYuvan Shankar Raja
DevaOra Kannultho
Devudu Malichina Illu
Yuvan Shankar Raja
Dubai SeenuOnce Upon A TimeMani Sharma
Happy DaysArey Rey
O My Friend
Mickey J Meyer
LakshyamChekkarakeliMani Sharma
MunnaChammakuroHarris Jayaraj
Neevalle NeevalleNeevalle NeevalleHarris Jayaraj
RaghavanPaccha VeluguHarris Jayaraj
NotebookPuttadibommaMickey J Meyer
VedukaKanulu Palike VelaAnoop Rubens
YogiOrori YogiRamana Gogula
200610th ClassKannulu Rendu
Oohala Pallaki
Mickey J Meyer
AsadhyuduKalisina SamayanaChakri
DevadasuAdigi AdagalekhaChakri
HappyHappyYuvan Shankar Raja
PokiriChoododhantunnaMani Sharma
Pothe PoniCheliya Cheliya
premisthene inthelera
Mickey J Meyer
RarajuYentata YentataMani Sharma
SainikuduOrugalluke PillaHarris Jayaraj
StyleYedhalo Yedho
Mani Sharma
2005AthaduPilichinaMani Sharma
AthanokkadeAmma DevudoMani Sharma
BhadraEmaindhi SiruDevi Sri Prasad
BhageerathaO PremaChakri
BunnyVa Va Vare VaDevi Sri Prasad
VennelaSuper modelMahesh Shankar
ChandramukhiAnnagari MaataVidyasagar
GhajiniOka Maaru KalisinaHarris Jayaraj
Jai ChiranjeevaMaha MudduMani Sharma
Naa AlluduAre SayareDevi Sri Prasad
NarasimhuduMuddoche KopaluMani Sharma
Nuvvostanante NenoddantanaNiluvadhamu Ninu EpudainaDevi Sri Prasad
2004Ammayi BagundiAey SathyaM. M. Srilekha
Gudumba ShankarChilakammaMani Sharma
Lakshmi NarasimhaNathoti Neeku PanundhiMani Sharma
MassVaalu Kalla VayyariDevi Sri Prasad
VenkyAnaganaga KathalaDevi Sri Prasad
NaaniNaani VayaseA. R. Rahman
Adavi RamuduGovindha govindhaMani Sharma
SakhiyaNanochi TakindhiMani Sharma
SambaLuxemburg Lux SundariMani Sharma
VarshamKopama NaapainaDevi Sri Prasad
2003Nee Manasu Naaku TelusuEdho Edho NaaloA. R. Rahman
NaagaOka Konte PillaneVidyasagar
OkkaduHai Re HaiMani Sharma
RaghavendraSarigamapadanisaMani Sharma
BoysGirl Friend
Ale Ale
A. R. Rahman
Okariki okaruNaadir dinaM.M.Keeravani

Karthik Singer Kannada Songs list

YearFilmSongMusic DirectorCo-Singer(s)
2006Ravi Shastry“Bandithe”Rajesh RamanathMalathi
Aishwarya“Dhoni Dhoni”Rajesh RamanathSolo
Odahuttidavalu“En Chandano”R. P. PatnaikSunitha
Dattha“Escapeu Maamu”R. P. PatnaikSolo
Tenali Rama“Hoyo Maana”R. P. PatnaikMano
“O Maina”
2007Hani Hani“Dhinaku Dhina”S.ChinnaSolo
Geleya“Hudugi Malebillu”Mano MurthyPriya Himesh
Orata I Love You“Manasaitu”Shankar GRSolo
Nali Naliyutha“Baanina Chandranu”Rajesh RamanathNanditha
Santha“Dhava Dhava”GurukiranSolo
Pallakki“Goli Maaro”Guru KiranSolo
Manmatha“Hunnime Banna”Bharathi DasSolo
2008Mussanje Maathu“Anuraaga Aralo Samaya”Sridhar V SambhramSolo
Varasadara“Enidu Idu”Rajesh RamanathSolo
Baaba“Kanasaage Barthaane”TrishulDr.Shamitha Malnad
Bindaas“Nalle Nalle”GurukiranMathangi
Anthu Inthu Preethi Banthu“Nee Chumu Chumu”GurukiranChaitra H. G.
Shivani“Kaddu Nodala”James SakaleshpurSolo
Kodagana Koli Nungitha“Ninge Kane”Sadhu KokilaSolo
Gooli“Sum Sumne Yaako”Anoop SeelinNanditha Das
Mast Maja Maadi“Chori Chori”PB BalajiChinmayi
2009Savaari“Ale Ale”Manikanth KadriRita
Devru“Doora Swalpa Doora”Sadhu KokilaShreya Ghoshal
Dubai Babu“Abdullah”Sridhar V SambhramSolo
Abhay“Abhay is Crazy”V. HarikrishnaSolo
Samagama“Ankura Premankura”KiranAnuradha Bhat
Venki“Arere Eno”AM NeelSolo
Circus“Baaro Geleya”EmilEmil
Hrudayadali Idenidu“Baa Baaro”Dharma PrakashSolo
Vayuputra“Bhagavantha Bhagavantha Banda”V. HarikrishnaWith Chorus Singers
Jaaji Mallige“Cheluve Bramhana Bali”Sadhu KokilaShreya Ghoshal
Abhimaani“Chennagide”Dharma TejaNanditha
Raam“Dhum Dol Bajare”V. HarikrishnaNanditha
Kaaranji“Ee Dina Hosadaagide”Veer SamarthSolo
Bhagyada Balegara“Ghallu Ghallenutha”IlayarajaManjari
Salute“Heegene”Sai KarthikDr.K S Chitra
Ullasa Utsaha“Hello Namaste”G. V. Prakash KumarSolo
“O Prema”Solo
Love Guru“Hudugaata Aadi”Joshua SridharSolo
“Yaaru Kooda”Benny Dayal (supporting vocal)
Iniya“Iniya Iniya”Sridhar V SambhramAnuradha Bhat
Chamkaisi Chindi Udaisi“Jaya Ho”Mast PB BalajiKomal Kumar
2010Aptharakshaka“Kabaadi Kabadi”GurukiranDr.Shamitha Malnad
Devdas“Bengaluru”Joshua SridharSolo
“Ko Ko”Shweta Mohan
Mathe Mungaru“Chita Pata”X Paul RajShreya Ghoshal
Huduga Hudugi“Danthada Bombenaa”Joshua SridharKavitha
“Thunta Thunti”Solo
“Huduga Hudugi”Suvi Suresh
Porki“Dheera Dheera”Mani SharmaSowmya Mahadevan
Gubbi“Ee Pari”Arjun JanyaSolo
“Modala Todala”Solo
Nannavanu“Hey Maamu”IlayarajaTippu
Preethi Hangama“Himse Himseno”Raj KiranChaitra
“Moda Modalu”Nanditha
Gaana Bajaana“Hosadondu Hesaridu”Joshua SridharShweta Mohan
“Naanu Eega”Solo
Coffee Shop“Howwa Howwa”S. A. RajkumarRajalakshmi
Mr. Theertha“Hudugi Hudugi”GurukiranChaitra
Nam Areal Ondina“Kaapaadiko”Arjun JanyaDr.Shamitha Malnad
2011Sankranthi“Akasha Kanyena”Sridhar V SambhramSolo
Hare Rama Hare Krishna“Angel Angel”IlayarajaRita
Mallikarjuna“Chanda O Chanda”S. A. RajkumarPriya Himesh
Kanteerava“Cheluve Cheluve”ChakriSolo
Aantharya“Ellargu Ellide”Giridhar DiwanSolo
Achchu Mechchu“Hey Olave”AM NeelAnuradha Bhat
Dhool“Hindilla Mundilla”V. HarikrishnaSolo
Bodyguard“Jhulu Jhulu”Vinay ChandraSolo
“Kempaaithu”Anuradha Bhat
2012Romeo“Thunthuru”Arjun Janya
Narasimha“Dhahana Dhahana”HamsalekhaSuchithra
Preethiya Loka“Ee Preethi”Sai KiranShreya Ghoshal
2013Gang Leader“Cheluvayya Cheluvo”Abhimann RoyM N Anusha
CID Eesha“James Bondigintha”Vijaya BharathiSolo
2015Ranna“Jagadoddarana”V. HarikrishnaVani Harikrishna
Vajrakaya“Kandamma Muddamma”Arjun Janya
Rana Vikrama“Gowri Gowri”V. HarikrishnaPriya Himesh
Endendigu“Endendigu”V. Harikrishna
Buguri“Kannalle”Mickey J MeyerShivani
Arjuna“Sakhiye Sakhiye”Arjun Janya
Luv U Alia“Kanase Kanninda”Jassie GiftShreya Ghoshal
Kendasampige“Nenape Nithya Mallige”V. Harikrishna
2016Game“Hoovinda Hoovige Kavana”
“Ondu Manjina bindu”
IlayarajaAnuradha Bhat
Krishna-Rukku“Saaku Saakinnu”V. SridharAnuradha Bhat
Shivalinga“Bombe”V. HarikrishnaVani Harikrishna
Jwalantham“Maathe Marethoyithu”Vikram Subramanya
Ricky“Malage Malage”Arjun JanyaAnkita Kundu
Doddmane Hudga“Kanasive Nooraru”V. HarikrishnaAnuradha Bhat
Jaguar“Mamaseetha”S. ThamanMegha
Badmaash“Mayavi Kanase”Judah SandhyShreya Ghoshal
Viraat“Mathella Marethe hoythu”V. HarikrishnaAnuradha Bhat
Style King“Nanage Nanage”Arjun JanyaSolo
Lakshmana“Nenne Monne”Arjun JanyaSri Raksha Achar
2017Melkote Manja“Kanmucchi Nenedaga”
Raaga“Manasina”Arjun JanyaAnuradha Bhat
Bangara s/o Bangarada Manushya“Aakasha Modalinda”V. Harikrishna
Srikanta“Onondsari”B. Ajaneesh LoknathShilpa Srikanth
“Thera Haadu”
V. Harikrishna
Kidi“Ondu Manavi”
Satya Harishchandra“Ninna Hinde”Arjun Janya

Karthik Singer Hindi songs list

YearFilmSongMusic DirectorCo-Singer(s)
2002Saathiya“Chori Pe Chori”A.R. RahmanAsha Bhosle, Blaaze
The Legend of Bhagat Singh“Shora So Pahchaniye”A.R. RahmanSukhwinder Singh, Raqueeb
2004Yuva“Dhakka Laga Bukka”
“Khuda Hafiz”
A.R. RahmanA.R. Rahman, Mehboob
Sunitha Sarathy, Lucky Ali
Dil Ne Jise Apna Kahaa“Zindagi Hai Dua”A.R. RahmanMadhushree, Gayatri Iyer
2008Ghajini“Behka”A.R. RahmanSolo
200913B“Bade Se Shehar Mein”Shankar-Ehsaan-LoySolo
Delhi-6“Hey Kaala Bandar”A.R. RahmanNaresh Iyer, Srinivas, Bonnie Chakraborty, Ember
2010Jhootha Hi Sahi“Hello Hello”A.R. RahmanSolo
Raavan“Behene De”A.R. RahmanMohammed Irfan
Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai“I am in Love”PritamSolo. Other version sung by KK
Lahore“Ab Ye Kaafila”M. M. KreemKK, M. M. Kreem
Action Replayy“Tera Mera Pyaar”
“Tera Mera Pyaar (Remix)”
PritamMahalakshmi Iyer, Antara Mitra
Antara Mitra
2011I Am“Aankhein”Vivek PhillipSolo
Force“Chahoon Bhi”Harris JayarajBombay Jayashri
Rockstar“Sheher Mein”A.R. RahmanMohit Chauhan
Angel“Angel”Amjad NadeemShweta Pandit
2012Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu“Aahatein”Amit TrivediShilpa Rao
2014Kochadaiiyaan“Vaada Vaada (Male)”A.R. RahmanSolo

Karthik Singer Awards

Filmfare Awards South

2005Best Male Playback AwardTamilOru MaalaiGhajini
2007Best Male Playback Award (Telugu)TeluguArey ReyHappy Days
2008Best Male Playback AwardTeluguNijanga NenenaKotha Bangaru Lokam
2009Best Male Playback AwardTamilHasili FisiliAadhavan
2010Best Male Playback AwardTamilUsure PogutheyRaavanan
2016Best Male Playback Award (Telugu)TeluguYellipokey ShyamalaA Aa

Other Awards

2003ITFA Best Male Playback AwardOru OorilKaakha Kaakha
2007Nandi Award for Best Male Playback SingerOh..My FriendHappy Days
2008CineMAA Awards – Best Male Playback Singer
2009Tamil Isaiaruvi Music Awards 2010Hasili FisiliAadhavan
2009Vijay Awards 2010
2010Asiavision Awards Best Male Playback Singer (Malayalam)NeelathamaraNeelathaamara
2010Vijay Music Awards – Popular Singer MaleUsure PogutheyRaavanan
2010Tamil Nadu State Film Awards – Tamil Nadu State Film Award for Best Male Playback singer
2010Mirchi Music Awards South – Best Male Playback Singer
2011TSR TV9 National film awards – Best Playback Singer (Male)ChoosthunnaMogudu
2012Amrita Film Awards 2012 – Versatile Singer[7]
2012Ghantasala Puraskar Award – Young Achiever Award 2012
2012Mirchi Music Awards South – Best Male Playback SingerKaatrai KonjamNeethane En Ponvasantham
2012Mirchi Music Awards South – Best Upcoming Music DirectorNila NilaAravaan
2013Globus Style Awards 2013 – Stylish Singer Award

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