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Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 | Day 2 | 19th June 2018 | Episode 2 | Highlights



Bigg Boss Tamil Day 2

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 | Day 2 Highlights: In day 1, the nomination process was over and the housemates were more invloved and mingled now. And with their day’s experience with others, everyone nominated two people and finally, Anand, Mumtaj, Rythvika and Nithya gets nominated for the first week. But poor housemates doesn’t know that there is no eviction this week.  In today’s first promo, everyone was dancing happily inside the house and teasing each other. In the girl’s bedroom, Yaahsika and Aishwarya were discussing that others have a funny opinion on them and Aishwarya replied that they both will continue in the game till finals.

Bigg Boss Tamil Day 2

Bigg Boss Tamil Day 2

In the second promo, Janani the leader of the house asks Mumtaj, who is the most irritating character inside the house according to her and Mumtaj replied that she could not bare Daniel’s voice. And Nithya was asked who she hates the most and inversely her husband Thadi Balaji was asked whom he loved the most. In the end, Yaashika and Aishwarya on looking the camera says,

“This is where the conflict starts”

In the third promo, Yaashika and Aishwarya were seen talking in the sofa. In which Aishwarya is asking Yaashika why she is sad, for which Yaashika replies saying someone in the home is not maintaining a healthy relationship with her and the camera shows Janani Iyer. So that we could assume there might be a clash between Yaashika and Janani. In the other place of the hall, Janani is having a conversation with Ramya, Nithya and one more, in which she says as a leader it is her responsibility to maintain peace inside the home. She also adds saying that Yaashika is the youngest in the house so everyone should give some leverage to her. And Yaashika say to Aishwarya that Janani is her competition and finally “God’s Plan” in a funny way.

In day 2, Bigg Boss gave a task to the housemates. The task is to answer a simple question honestly and the leader Janani can punish the ones who she feels the answer was not honest. Shariq was asked whom inside the Bigg Boss House would he go dating with and he answered Aiswarya and added that she was cute and chubby. Ponnambalam was asked who is the Thaai Kelavi inside teh house and he said it was Yaashika. Mahat was asked to title Beautiful eyes, Beautiful hair and Beautiful face to three girls inside the house to which he chose Janani as the beautiful eyes, Mumtaj for the beautiful hai and Yashika for the beautiful face. Aishwarya was asked to title a guy handsome and he chose Shariq, and for the best body she chose Mahat and for the best hairstyle, she chose Shariq again to which everyone teased her. Yaashika was asked a question that whom inside the house can she make fall to her for which she answered she cannot make anyone fall for her as love should within, she said. And in another part of the day, Yaashika and Aishwarya were discussing their strategies in Bigg boss house to win the game. They both seem together always dancing and playing fun with others.

We could see the conflicts beginning in the house on the second day itself. To know more about Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 click here.

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