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Bharadwaj Bird is an amazing terrestrial bird which resembles a mixture of crow and a pheasant. The scientific name of this species is Centropus sinensis. It belongs to the family Cuculidae but it comes under the order Cuculiformes. Bharadwaj Birds are not a part of brood parasite species. This bird is popularly known as Greater Coucal, Crow pheasant or Coucal. The species of coucal are found in the forest, scrub, cultivation, gardens, derelict patches and vicinity of habitation regions of the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia. The fully grown adult bird’s body and head is black-purple in color. The upper wings of the Crow pheasant are in bright chestnut and the lower wings are in black color. Then the tail is in glossy dark green and the strong bill is in black. In adults, the coppery brown and black are clearly visible. Eyes of this species are deep red and the legs & the feet are in dark grey. Both males and females are similar in appearance. It is the large non-parasitic bird of cuckoo family it grows up to 48 cm long and the weight will be around 400 g.

Scientific name: Centropus sinensis
Conservation status: Least Concern (Population stable)
Higher classification: Coucals
Phylum: Chordata
Size: 48 cm
Weight: 400 g
Rank: Species
Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Aves
Order: Cuculiformes
Family: Cuculidae
Genus: Centropus
Species: C. sinensis

Species of Bharadwaj Bird

Bharadwaj Bird is one of the members of the genus Centropus. The genus has nearly 30 species of birds from the cuckoo family. This species has divided into several subspecies and some of them were separated as individual species. Here we listed some subspecies of Bharadwaj Bird.

  • Race parroti: The bird species are mostly found in the range of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa and southwards of Indian peninsular.
  • Race intermedius: In India, this small bird can be seen in Bangladesh, west Cachar, and Myanmar. Apart from India, you can also find them in China, Thailand, Indonesia and in Malaysian peninsula regions.
  • Race bubutus: The wings of these birds are in pale reddish-brown in colour. It lives in southern Malay Peninsula islands of Sumatra, Nias, Mentawai Islands, Java, Bali, Borneo and also in the western Philippines.
  • Race anonymus: The species can be identified by its short and dark wings. It is found in the forest areas of southwestern Philippines.
  • Race kangeangensis: These pale and dark feathered birds are mostly found in Kangean Islands of Indonesia.

Interesting Facts about Greater Coucal

  • Bharadwaj Bird is called as Goog Omens because people think it is a messenger of good fortune.
  • The species has some interesting names in vernacular languages like interwoven myths, and folklore.
  • Crow pheasant has a unique blooming call. It repeatedly sounds coop-coop-coops with different variations. In the morning both males and females perform duet and while duetting the pitch of females is very low. Apart from this sound, it creates sounds like “lotok, lotok”, harsh scolding sound “skaah” and makes a hissing sound for threat call.
  • The Coucal bird has the ability to cure some ailments in our body. It can cure some lung diseases including asthma.
  • The large bird Bharadwaj mostly eats a wide variety of insects, caterpillars, and small vertebrates. Along with this occasion, they also eat bird eggs, nestlings, fruits, and seeds.
  • The species maintain their breeding of about 0.9 to 7.2 ha. It is a monogamous (single pair for entire life) species, the romance of the birds involves chasing each other in the ground and mutual feeding.
  • If the female is ready for mating, it will show its willingness by lowering her tail and hanging down her wings. The nest of the birds are built by the male and it takes three to eight days to complete. They built their nest 6 meters above the ground level.

Bharadwaj Bird Images

Bharadwaj Bird on Ground
Bharadwaj Bird

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