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Bambiha Bird Species, Details, Cost, Origin, Facts & More



Bambiha Bird

Bambiha Bird is one of the beautiful creatures of nature. They are mostly seen in the two biggest continents, Asia and Africa. These birds have spike-like hair on top of their head which helps people to identify this as Bambiha bird. Most of this bird’s plumage is dark and white in color. This bird belongs to the Animalia kingdom. The bionomical name of this bird is Clamator jacobinus. These beautiful birds are otherwise known as a Jacobin cuckoo.

These birds are marked as least concern in conservation status. Bambiha does not prefer to live in thick forests and deserts. Caterpillar is one of the favorite foods of this bird. They are classified into three types C. j. serratus, C. j. pica and C. j. jacobinus. C. j. serratus are visible in South Africa and southern Zambia.

Bambiha Bird facts

  • Size: The length of the bird doesn’t go beyond 33 cm and its peak is dark in color.
  • Weight: The maximum weight of this living thing is 72 grams. The weight of this Africa living Jacobins are higher than India’s living Jacobins.
  • Eggs: 10 to 11 days are the incubation period of these birds. Young chicks do not fly for at least 15 days after they come out from the egg. Some of its eggs are glossy white in color and some are greenish-blue.
  • It is alleged that these birds drink only rainwater which directly falls from the sky. But in fact, that is a wrong allegation.
  • The name of these birds are included in ancient Indian poems.
  • Some people believe Banbiha can predict rain before it comes.
  • They love to eat berries.
  • They are very energetic because they can quickly travel between Africa and India.

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Bambiha Bird Images

Bambiha Bird
Bambiha Bird
Bambiha Bird
Bambiha Bird
Bambiha Bird
Bambiha Bird
Bambiha Bird
Bambiha Bird
Bambiha Bird

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