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Not Possible To Give Job For All Of 125 Crore, We Promote Self-employment says Amit Shah

On Friday, Amith Shah, the President of BJP said that the Narendra Modi government is the most absolute and transparent. The country has never seen a single case of corruption against it, and the rules of this state for this last three years has ended the casteism, it has the family of standards and the compromising politics. While greeting the press conference and it is to mark the third anniversary of the Modi government, Mr Shah said that could not achieve for last 70 years that was made by this government within this short period. Read also March Against GMOs – May 27, 2017 By...

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Mark Zuckerberg’s 10 Memorable Quotes at Harvard

Mr. Mark Zuckerberg has returned from Harvard from Thursday, where he launched Facebook, and then he dropped out that he is telling the graduates it is up to you to bring the purpose of the world, you just fight against inequality and strengthen the global community. He like the graduates they were the millennial who started the Facebook in his Harvard dorm room in 2004. At that time he dropped out the, and he again returned on this Thursday to receive his honorary degree. “Change starts locally. Even global changes start small with people like us,” the Facebook CEO said....

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Cop’s Son Kills Mother & Daring his Father with her Blood as “Tired of her, catch and hang me”

The wife of the police inspector was found murdered inside her house in Santacruz East. One of the cops identified as the inspector Gyaneshwar Ganore who is posted at Khar police station and he was once part of his team investigating the Interesting Sheena Bore murder case. In the high profile, Sheena Bora murder case is registered at the Khar police station. Ganore is also one of the investigating officers in this case, and he has also headed the team which arrested the prime accused Indrani Mukerjea. From this crime scenes, they rarely get the details and get more offensive than this. After hitting...

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Is GM Mustard Necessary for India? The Important Decision Pending with Environment Ministry

Is GM Mustard Necessary for India? Newly  GEAC (Genetic Engineering Approval Committee) that is the government has delayed a decision on allowing commercial the cultivation of GM Mustard DMH-11, it is a transgenic crop developed by Centre for Genetic Manipulation of Crop Plants at Delhi University. What is Genetically Modified, Mustard These Hybrids obtained by crossing two genetically diverse plants from the same species. From the 1 st generation offspring resulting from it but it has a higher yield that what either of those parents is individually capable of giving. But the Hybridization has to be done naturally but...

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NDA: PM Narendra Modi Sends Message to Crackdown Black Money

The government of NDA’s first cabinet decision that taken on May 27, 2014. PM Narendra Modi observed and set a special investigation team (SIT), that led by retired Supreme Court judge, and manage the coordinated crackdown of black money, that plan has marked many administrative and the legislative actions since then. The government has been partially successful, with these three amnesty schemes and after the thousands of search and survey done by the income tax department, then the CBI and the Enforcement Directory yielding the disclosures of nearly Rs 1 lakh crore in unaccounted for income. By the Income...

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