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Arya’s Matrimonial Site | Open Official Statement About His Marriage



Arya’s Matrimonial Site

On Tuesday, Kollywood Actor Arya posted a video on Twitter to announce that he would be now looking for his soulmate and to get married soon. A charming actor has created his own matrimonial site, where the women who are interested in marrying him can share their details with him. He said, a video message shared on his Twitter page, about his marriage is true. He also said that the video is not a joke or a prank and that it’s his “life matter”. In Arya’s Matrimonial Site, he moves on to saying how he would be now looking for his soulmate:

“Normally, people would look for life partners at the workplace, through friends or family, or through matrimonial sites. But, I’m not like that. I do not have any major demands or conditions. If you like me and you think I’d be a good life partner, give me a call.”

Arya’s Matrimonial Site and Official Statement About His Marriage

Arya’s Matrimonial Site and Official Statement About His Marriage

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It is not every day a leading male actor in the South Indian film industry invites applications from the public to select his life-partner. But Actor Arya, who is 36-years-old, is one of the eligible bachelors in the Tamil film industry.

“Last week a video of me discussing my marriage plans was outed by friends. They did it without my knowledge as a prank. But, everything I said in that video is true. Usually, people look for their life partners in their workplace or find them through friends, relatives or matrimonial sites. But, I’m not like that. I don’t have any big demands or conditions. If you like me and think that I’d be a good life-partner to you, please call me at 7330173301. Don’t think it is a prank or a joke. It is my matter of my life. Please call me. I’m waiting for you,”

A message on the site reads:

“ARE WE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER? Hi, I am Arya. I am eagerly looking for my soulmate. If you feel you are the one, fill the form below and include your photo or video of yourself on why you want to be my one! And here’s a tip! Making a video is the best way to show me your personality.”

Not just singles, divorced women can also apply on the website.

The above YouTube video shows the actor, conversing with his gym partner about his plans to get married. Click here for More Entertaining News

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