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Amazing Facts about Dreams | Dream Facts



Amazing Facts about Dreams

Amazing Facts about Dreams: During our childhood, We would have wondered about Dreaming and as the day passes we get used to it. Early morning when we recollect our Dreams, we tend to remember some and sometimes, we don’t remember anything which we dreamt last night. Mathematician Ramanujam used to tell that God comes in his dream and solves mysterious mathematical equations which he used to write down the next day! Weird Right! Here are a few amazing facts about Dreams which will make you wonder:

Facts about Dreams

While Dreaming you see only those who you know!

This is weird right! You can’t meet a stranger in your sleep. When you are dreaming, you will only see the person whom you already know or the ones who you have seen already. All the faces in your dream are familiar to you. Sometimes, you see a person in your dream whom you have met only once directly.

Amazing Facts about Dreams

Amazing Facts about Dreams

Everyone can dream!

The dream doesn’t depend on your eyes. Even a blind person can dream. The only difference is we see things in our dream and they are gifted to different senses like sound, smell and touch. Every night when you sleep, you will dream. If you don’t remember your dream, then you might have forgotten it.

Amazing Facts about Dreams

Amazing Facts about Dreams

You can master your Dreams!

Sometimes after knowing that you are dreaming, have you ever mastered your dream? Yes, you can master your dreams. You can control what is happening in your dream during the beginning and at the end of your dream. This kind of dreaming is called as “Lucid Dreaming”. We are aware that it is a dream and we do as we wish.

Amazing Facts about Dreams

Amazing Facts about Dreams

Babies dream a bit different!

Have you ever seen your baby laughing in their sleep? It is when they dream. They dream but they don’t bring themselves in their dream until the age of 3 to 4.

Amazing Facts about Dreams

Amazing Facts about Dreams

Ever Dreamt Black & White!

A study revealed that around 12% of the people dream black & white. Rest of the people dream colourful and it doesn’t depend on specific people. Black & White dreams also depend on the age of the person who is dreaming. Young people normally dream colourfully and only a few among those who have crossed 60 years might dream Black & White.

Amazing Facts about Dreams

Amazing Facts about Dreams

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Dreams Turn you on!

There is a higher chance for your dream to turn you on. It doesn’t depend on Male or Female. Both get turned on during their sleep and some might feel eja culated in their dream as well. It is very common among the teenagers.

Amazing Facts about Dreams

Amazing Facts about Dreams

Sleep Paralysis!

This is a syndrome! You will be awake but stuck in your dream. Mentally awake but you feel that your body is paralysed. You can’t move your legs or hands during this stage and this builds fear within you. A weird true fact which is experienced by many these days.

Amazing Facts about Dreams

Amazing Facts about Dreams

Number of Dreams a day!

You may experience up to 7 dreams in a night. The next day you might remember one or two or sometimes you will forget all the dreams which you experienced during the previous night.

Amazing Facts about Dreams

Amazing Facts about Dreams

Dreams make you Creative!

There are people who have said that the painting was seen in his dream and it made him draw it. Dreams make you creative and many inventors have mentioned that as well. If you think about something and sleep, there is a chance of seeing it in your dream and sometimes you get a solution for that as well.

Amazing Facts about Dreams

Amazing Facts about Dreams

Animals dream too!

Have you ever seen your pet dog dreaming? They react like humans as well. All the creatures in this world dream when they sleep. There are plenty of videos out there which shows their pet dog or a cat dreaming while it is sleeping.

Amazing Facts about Dreams

Amazing Facts about Dreams

These are the crazy facts about dreams which we all wanted to know!

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