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Abandoned Bags Nearby Army Cantonment In Pathankot Create A Scare




Two abandoned bags nearby Mamoon Cantonment area in Pakistan-bordering Pathakot designed a scare early on Thursday as security forces went into a tizzy fretting the possibility of bombs inside them. However, the bags did not have explosives but contained mobile tower batteries that were apparently stolen. Earlier, Pakistan’s army ordered out consular admittance to Kulbhushan Jadhav who has been adjudged to death by a military court, days following New Delhi made a convincing case for access to the alleged spy on death row.

“We have carried the bags into custody. It appears that some burglars stole batteries from some mobile tower but left it here fearing they would be caught,” demanded a police officer investigating on the spot. Two unidentified bags have been recovered near Mamun army cantonment in Pathankot early Thursday morning.  However, after checking the bags, the police found that it contained two mobile tower batteries.


Two unidentified bags have been recovered near Mamun army cantonment in Pathankot early Thursday morning.

An Army guard team had spotted the bags near lights chowk (Army post) at around 6.30 am, coming which the area was cordoned off. Metal detectors were used to confirm there were no explosives in the bags. The incident arrives two days after six unidentified persons abandoned an SUV in a border village in Pathankot. Security executives have been on high alert since, trying to trace the individuals who are still at large.

Punjab’s Pathankot district, which is the conference point with Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir, designates the border with Pakistan on the west. Last year in January, six massively armed militants entered through the border and attacked the Indian Air Force base, destroying two security personnel. The gun struggle and the subsequent combing operation lasted about 17 hours over two days and led to a breakdown of India-Pakistan relations.

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A bag comprising some batteries was left at Dalhousie Chowk by a local trader after he had a conflict with someone,” Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Vivek Sheel Soni told. The person who dropped the bags was detained, he said, adding that there was no terror angle behind the incident. Meanwhile, Punjab Police had originated a massive search operation on Wednesday to trace three people who had gone missing after abandoning a stripped SUV at a village in Pathankot.

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