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5 Celebrities who endorse Online Casinos and Fantasy Games

Celebs Online Casinos
Celebs Online Casinos

Celebrity endorsement is not a new concept but has been doing rounds since the broadcast industry’s evolution. Even before that, celebrities used to endorse products in newspapers or magazines, and with the advent of digital spaces, they endorse it almost everywhere. Online casinos haven’t been away from the same as celebrity endorsement is a new way of pooling many punters to the site.

Let’s consider it with one example – You are new to Rummy circle, and then you see the face of your favorite celebrity, you will for sure get motivated to try it once. Influential personalities leave a remarkable impact on people’s lives, and hence, companies pay them to endorse their products.

Besides, there is one more and the most important reason why online casinos choose celebrities to endorse their games – Memory. This article will shed light on celebrities who endorse online casinos and fantasy games and their pros and cons.

Online casinos and fantasy games

Online casinos offer you a real-time experience as if you are seated on the hot seat of your offline casino. A punter doesn’t require to visit the fantastic offline casinos, which are based at a distant location, because the person can try their skills and luck within just the blink of an eye. And finding online casinos in India is no longer difficult because of and many other similar casino websites popping up these days.

The registration process is also straightforward as it requires you two minutes to set up your account. Payment options are nominal as you get various payment methods such as AstroPay, Crypto, Skrill, and others. Great bonuses are also there.

Fantasy games are another popular sensation where players can have an imaginary team and bet over them. Fantasy games like Dream11 allow you to play with your teams and win real money within no time. You have to analyze and understand the betting business more closely.

Celebs Online Casinos

Five Celebs who Endorse Gambling

Many celebrities have supported online casinos and fantasy games, which has increased the customer base for those platforms. Below are 5 top stars which we have analyzed and found to be the best for the online gambling industry:

Neymar Jr

The prime goal of online casinos is to approach more and more people, and Neymar Jr is best known for that. Neymar has a more fan base in social media and generally than any influential personality or Hollywood celebrities.

He endorsed one of the famous online casino sites -Poker Stars. Neymar Jr used to post various things about Poker Stars, especially the new bonuses or up-gradation in the game. He even went to one of the few tournaments and posted selfies along with the dealers or attendees. Unfortunately, the agreement between Poker Stars and Neymar ended in 2017. Precisely, Poker Stars didn’t have to put a lot of effort in getting a deck of customers into the site as the name of Neymar Jr was enough.

Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu is not an actor, but one of the most liked and adored celebrities in the world of online casinos. His names come under one of the most celebrated poker players. Daniel has six World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets and has badged many titles for winning over $40 million in his entire career.

┬áMany poker websites refer to him for endorsement, and he’s also the advocate for legalizing online casinos in various countries, including the US. Hailing from Canada, Daniel remains very clear on his legal grounds as online casinos are not prohibited in the country.

Mike Tyson

Many people relate to him with his ace boxing style and skills, and many adore him from the movie – “Hangover.” He is the man behind the best boxing people we have in the world right now. At the time of writing this, he declared that he would soon hit the industry and mark his comeback against Roy Jones Jr. He would participate in a charity match.

He was a partner with famous casinos like 7 Red, and his boxing skills inspire many online casinos.

Paris Hilton

She has been famous for many decades and still counting. She endorsed the most famous American online casino – BGO, in 2016. The primary aim of Paris Hilton is to attract women to place their bets in online casinos, but she is also focused on other genders too. She is the heiress of Hilton Hotels.

Sunny Leone

In 2014 when the “baby doll” song came into the picture, Sunny Leone bagged a great repo in the Bollywood industry. In 2015, she was the most googled female celebrity in India and its neighboring countries.

Sunny Leone is the brand ambassador of Jeetwin, one of India’s leading casino sites. She has a huge fan base, and that’s the plus point because it helps Jeetwin reach a higher audience. Sunny Leone also shares pictures on her social media account and sometimes comes live on Jeetwin.

Advantages and Disadvantages with celebs endorsing casinos

With more people coming to the online casinos, there are certain disadvantages as well. Below mentioned pros and cons of celebrities endorsement would make you more apparent on the go:


  1. Brand Awareness – More people remain aware of online casinos. For example, very few people knew Dream11 until Dhoni endorsed it.
  2. People remember ads – People tend to remember ads more often as compared to other forms of media.
  3. Superstar Status – When a famous personality endorses an online casino. People start believing and trusting in them, and that’s where the catch lies – it attracts more people to join the casino.


  1. Controversies – There is a saying that with public figures, controversies walk together. Many public figures get into disputes which then rubbishes the image of the brand they’re endorsing.
  2. Too many endorsements – Few of the celebrities endorse many brands, which then creates a bad image in people’s minds. People think that this particular celebrity would endorse anything.
  3. Focal point – Sometimes celebrities overshadow online casinos, and they remain in the eye of the public. The focal point should be on the online casinos, not entirely on the stars.


Celebrity endorsements are the most common practice of marketing for online casinos these days. It brings more people to the platform, a proper research is needed to sign a contract with any of the influencers.

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