Month: March 2017

An Art Strategy Features Stories That Celebrate Body Positivity

Art projects strategy features stories that celebrate body positivity. Last year, visual artist Indu Harikumar’s crowd-sourced projects, 100 Tinder Tales, went viral. She illustrated people’s experiences on the dating app and found it exhausting. It was a bag full of stories funny, painful and shocking. “I was managing with people’s intimate emotions and, in a way, it took a toll on me,” she says. The exhaustion hasn’t motionless Harikumar. In January this year, she floated her next big idea, Body of Stories. With this project, Harikumar is exploring stories that deal with issues of body shaming, body positivity, and...

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GST Inches Closer To July Rollout As Lok Sabha Passes Four Key Legislations

On Wednesday, the Lok Sabha passed the four GST bills after Finance Minister Arun Jaitley allayed fears of a price spike in the new indirect tax regime. He reassured that prices would be slightly lower in the regime. The proposed goods and services tax (GST) moved a step closer to reality on Wednesday with the Lok Sabha approving four bills that will subsume a profusion of central, state indirect taxes and help create a single, unified market. Jaitley earlier said that Aadhaar will be mandatory for filing tax returns on expressing optimism that tax collections would improve the GST...

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‘Hideous’ Cristiano Ronaldo Statue Sparks Social Media Laughs

When the island of Madeira on Wednesday had renamed its airport in honor of its hometown hero Cristiano Ronaldo, all eyes were expected to be on the four-time world player of the year who is adored not only for his soccer skills but also for his model looks. But on grabbing attention instead was a bronze bust of the world player with a toothy grin and bulging eyes that has instantly created a laugh on the social media because of its debatable likeness. Real Madrid player’s girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, and his mother, Maria, both has attended the renaming ceremony...

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Ugadi Festival 2017, Telugu New Year Celebrated By Hindu People

Ugadi Festival 2017, Ugadi is the Telugu New Year celebrated by all Hindu people. The Telugu people are celebrating the Ugadi on 29th April. This year we are engaging the Telugu New Year Hevalambi. The festival is primarily celebrated to encourage the New Year as per Telugu calendar. On the jockey of Ugadi people specially perform pooja to all gods to bless with the joy and courage throughout the entire year. Hindus prepare a detail dish mixing all the six flavors of sweet, sour, acrid, pungent, salty and bitter tastes. Earlier Gudi Padwa was celebrated on 28th March. Ugadi also called as...

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Animal Lover Shalini Agarwal Lives in a Two BedRoom Flat Accomodating 46 Animals

Animal lover, Shalini Agarwal who has dedicated her life to animals by taking care of injured in her city. She lives with 46 animals in her flat and has no plans of stopping anytime soon. Call Bareilly resident Shalini Agarwal at any time of the day, and it’s likely that you will hear dogs barking or birds chirping in the background. If you might even get to listen to her playful foal, one among the 46 animals who live with her these days. Unabashed animal lover, Shalini has turned her apartment into a shelter for animals. “My father was a passionate animal lover, and his love grows in front of me since my childhood. While he is coming across any injured animal on the streets during road trips, he would get it into the home. My job for animals evolved in the form of a habit I developed after observing him for years,” says Shalini Agarwal, unperturbed by the banks and the audible of meows around her. Today, the 36-year-old’s two-bedroom flat is akin to a mini animal kingdom, housing dogs, birds, a foal, cats, and even a monkey. Shalini, who has been working for animal welfare for about 20 years.  After rescuing them, Shill aimed to facilitate rescue operations, file complaints, reach out to vets, To have an organization also helped give her endeavors a more serious approach before the...

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