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2017 may describe PM Narendra Modi’s holdings




NEW DELHI: 2017 may be well the defining year of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s five-year term that began with a sensational national election achievement in May 2014. Most popular and particular attention is focussed on his December 31 address to the nation and the success of ‘remonetisation’ efforts at the beginning of 2017. But reasons the next year may describe the PM’s term run deeper and wider.The next 12 months of the plan will see the economy picks up sharply, or Bharatiya Janata Party has political momentum, or it can choose a head of state, and whether India can negotiate with Donald Trump’s America. ET spoke to some top government officials and senior BJP leaders for this report. They participated on the condition they not be identified.

Assuming that the cash crunch eases early into the New Year. By experts and voters, the PM’s big move on demonetisation will be judged,  By his government’s ability to deliver direct benefits to low and middle-income people and to make a visible difference to growth over the next three years. Officials said that the December 31 address and the February 1 Budget would offer a feel-good message to low and middle-income classes and that the PM will point to these as direct benefits of demonetization. The first crucial step so that the people’s buy-in for these measures.

For the PM and BJP, this buy-in will be critical, senior BJP leaders said, the goodness generated by the Prime Minister’s war on black money will yield political dividends. The PM will need to get his government to pump prime the economy while keeping fiscal constraints in mind. The scope for high-stake political, economic moves like demonetisation is now limited, and therefore the challenge will be to generate brisk economic activity.

Modi's Challenge

Modi’s Challenge

Officials identified the big spends on infrastructure and rural economy as the key policy choice for the challenge. The PM’s image for honesty has glanced. But this image as a pro-growth radical now needs development. By end-2017, we may have a fair idea of the answer. 2017 might see Modi’s political reputation scale heights did not reach even in 2014. It will also give him more elbow room for reforms in the last two years of his term.

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Modi’s choice – Elections for President, Vice-President

The PM Modi gets a President and Vice president of his choice which partially determines as the results of assembly elections. BJP has sufficient votes in the Houses to get a post for a Vice-President, and that would be crucial, but the Vice-President govern over the Rajya Sabha, where BJP will be in minority list in future. If a Modi wins In UP, there are chances of the PM establishes his pick wins the guiding contest will be bright. If UP doesn’t go in BJP’s way, then it will not be lost for the party’s presidential nominee. So the opposition party will get a small chance to undergo. 2017 may determine the PM has the influence to pick the winners for high state offices.

The man America has elected for its highest office may get a tough chance in China next year as In recent times there has been no US president. If Trump makes the great fulcrum on Beijing, 2017 would be a strategic test for Modi who can check whether India will pick up some dividends. As he will if Trump’s Make America Great Again crashes with some US companies to ‘Make in India’ plans.

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1 Comment

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