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10 Ways To Make A Man Totally Obsessed With You



Ways to Make Boyfriend Feel Love

Ever craved a man so much it hurt? Not? Congrats! You’ll discover how to obsess a man. “Totally obsessed” means he’ll want you as his wife/girlfriend/partner (whatever). In this piece, I’ll teach you 10 ways to accomplish this without being overly sexual or weird, such as demonstrating warmth and kindness.

Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Feel Love

Love, of course, needs ongoing care and attention to remain strong. After making a commitment to a relationship, work and consideration are still required.

You need a clear road map to go smoothly with your lover. So, there are plenty of psychic reading sites will give you the clarity needed to move forward and soothe your relationship. You can get an idea about smooth relationships from these websites. Don’t rely solely on easy fixes to maintain your ties.

However, experts believe you’re likely to have a higher chance of working out in the long run as long as you continue to improve your connection and reciprocally share that love. These are 10 ways to make your man obsessed with you.

Ways to Make Boyfriend Feel Love

1. Don’t overthink his behavior

Don’t try to be perfect for getting his attention. Without realizing it, attempting too much can make people feel unattractive (or why). Instead, be appealing without trying.

2. Be Confidence

Try becoming a fish if you like.

Confidence and self-assurance make men obsess over you. he sees who

  • Be open.
  • Meet new folks.
  • Learn new things

3. Make him Feel Love

All humans want affection. Whether we like it or not, everything we do is motivated by the desire to win other people’s love. When you show your partner that you love him when you show him that you approve of him, and when you show him that you appreciate him, a significant gear moves in his heart, and he becomes devoted to you. If he is sad you can cheer him with your great love and care.

Ways to Make Boyfriend Feel Love

4. Be energetic and enjoy activities together, then start new ones.

It’s acceptable if you don’t like the same things as your man. Find something you like and do it together. If he likes bowling, go. If he enjoys hiking, take him. Whatever it is, be sure you’re both enthused about it or even want to do it again.

5. Entice him for a mini vacation instead of dinner and drinks.

You can ask for a romantic getaway, but don’t be hesitant to ask him to spend it with you. If he said no, hook up throughout the week. Take advantage if he says yes. Have fun and avoid awkward or uncomfortable silences to make this holiday romance last.

6. Don’t make a fuss about hunger or PMS around him.

What if I’m very hungry? Shouldn’t he realize my value?

Maybe. He’ll usually offer you snacks and drinks if you’re ravenous when he’s around. Depending on him too much or acting like a damsel in distress could push him off it and make him mistrust your happy relationship.

7. Make being with you an adventure he can’t miss, but don’t fake it. Play!

Show that being together is an experience, but don’t be fake. Play!

Be more yourself. It’s acceptable if he dislikes your new hairstyle or wardrobe. Laugh at how absurd he is if he makes fun of you for dressing something different than everyone else.

Ways to Make Boyfriend Feel Love

8. Don’t drop all that when he calls and accommodate him.

Men find you as attractive as women do. It’s ugly and clinging to abandon everything when he calls, no matter how gorgeous and intriguing he is.

9. Play hard to get if he’s interested

If interested, be elusive. Girls fall for harder-to-get guys more. Be mysterious and amusing, not easy or hard. Not just your beauty and also how you hold yourself makes you desirable as a lady.

10. Learn about his relatives to show you care about what matters to him.

Discover his relatives as It demonstrates you’re engaged in what is important to him, which can assist him in believing you could be “the one”


Finally! You now know these ways to obsess a man. Be confident and transparent instead of overanalyzing his behavior. It will strengthen your relationship and increase love.

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