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10 Ways New Immigrants Can Find Work in Canada



Work for immigrants in Canada

Being an immigrant to Canada can be a rewarding experience. It is, however, extremely difficult to find work in a new area and country.

In a recent survey conducted by Ontario’s Citizenship and Immigration Ministry, the number of immigrants who said they were “satisfied with their job search” was less than half the number of Canadian-born workers.

So, how do new immigrants land their first job in Canada? Here are some ideas.

Prepare for The Canadian Work Culture

Before landing a job, foreign workers must first understand the differences between Canadian and their home country. The environment in Canada is completely different from any other country – it’s a common saying that Canadians are “nice”. This means Canadian employers may be more likely to hire someone who speaks politely and has good manners. Workers should also dress appropriately for the workplace. In some cases, workers from another country have been asked to change into more business-like attire before being interviewed for a position with a Canadian company.

Immigrants Need Proper Resume and Cover Letters

New immigrants must have proper resumes and cover letters prepared before searching for employment in Canada – especially if they have little or no work experience in their field of expertise. A poorly written resume and cover letter can cost a worker an invaluable job opportunity, so foreign workers need to ask for help from Canadian professionals.

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The Job Search Process is Different in Canada

It can be difficult for new immigrants to understand the process of looking for employment in another country like Canada. In addition to providing resumes and cover letters, applicants may need to go through various tests, training, or certification programs before they are even considered for a position with a company. This means it may take longer than expected to find work in Canada, especially if many other applicants are competing against them.

New Immigrants Should “Give Back” by Volunteering

Volunteer experience can sometimes lead to employment opportunities that weren’t previously available because of a previous lack of work experience. This is especially true for new immigrants, who can use volunteer positions to acquire the skills needed to successfully compete in Canada’s workforce.

New Immigrants Should Be Patient and Take Advantage of Opportunities

Many people find it difficult to create opportunities for themselves – whether they’re from Canada or another country. Fortunately, there are plenty of established initiatives available to help foreign workers land their first job in Canada. Many companies have programs designed specifically for new immigrants that can help them avoid discrimination – which is illegal under Canadian law.

Scout Online Postings and Other Local Resources

New immigrants who are on the internet can search online for jobs postings designed especially for newcomers to Canada. These postings often include information about specific requirements, which new immigrants may be able to meet without experience working in Canada. Several websites offer tips and advice specifically for foreign workers looking for their first job in Canada.

These sites are filled with helpful hints on how to create successful resumes, cover letters, and other essential documents – as well as how to find the right job placement agency or community organization that can help them find work in Canada. For example, freelance jobs such as writing, editing, graphic design, or even being supported by a rich person if you find a sugar daddy usually don’t require previous work experience in Canada – which can be beneficial for new immigrants with limited or no Canadian work experience.

Network with Professionals in the Field

Many new immigrants find employment by networking with other Canadian professionals who can offer advice and guidance. For example, some workers have made an effort to connect with those who have similar backgrounds or qualifications to their own – and have been rewarded for this effort by being hired as a result.

In other cases, new immigrants may find it useful to join an organization that deals specifically with those from their home country. These groups can offer networking opportunities as well as the chance for new immigrants to share any unique skills they might possess.

Join LinkedIn, Facebook, and Other Social Networks

Social networking websites can help new immigrants learn more about the industry they’re interested in, as well as discover employment opportunities that might not be available elsewhere. Individuals can join their favorite industry groups or other communities to make connections with Canadian professionals who may already be working for companies that are currently hiring.

Seek Out Employment Agencies and Other Resources

Some new immigrants find employment in Canada through the use of employment agencies and other resources. These organizations can help applicants with things like writing their resumes, providing job counseling, and offering information about which companies are hiring. They may also be able to provide names of Canadian companies that do work abroad – which could be a good option for individuals who want to relocate but don’t want to give up their previous industry experience

Build a Portfolio Website

Some freelancers have been able to find work in Canada by creating a portfolio website that features samples of their previous projects. These websites can be useful for those seeking jobs as web developers, graphic designers, writers, and even virtual assistants – which don’t require a person to visit a client’s location.


New immigrants who are having trouble finding work should consider using the resources outlined above. These options provide them with access to helpful information, employment agencies, and other tools that can be beneficial for individuals trying to find their first job in Canada.